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Chapter 1

Nick Fury walked down the cobblestone path of Godric's Hollow to find a young man he knew. He really shouldn't call him a young man since the last time he saw him was sixteen years ago. Harry Potter was only seventeen when they first met, now he should be thirty-three or thirty-four years old. Fury just hoped that Potter was willing to help in his matter.

Fury stopped at a nice, moderately sized, two-story house. He walked up the driveway, where a five-passenger car was parked, and up the sidewalk to the door.

"Wait by the gate," he ordered the two agents that were following him.

They nodded stiffly and turned around without a word. Fury breathed through his nose as he grabbed the lion shaped doorknocker and knocked three times. He didn't have to wait long until a boy about eight years old opened the door. The boy had messy black hair, almond shaped green eyes, and pair of round glasses was perched on his nose.

"Hi, is your dad home," he asked.

The boy looked uncertain as he took in the older man's appearance. Fury was wearing all black with a black leather long trench coat and an eye patch over his left eye. The boy looked at him for another minute before he turned his head back into the house.

"Dad," he called, "There's a man at the door."

"Al I told you not to open the door unless you ask who it is," an older voice said from somewhere inside. "Let him in, I'll be out in a minute."

The boy, Al, moved to the side and Fury entered the household. The foyer was filled with moving pictures of the Potter and Weasley family, but he paid them no heed when the people in the pictures looked at him. He needed to talk to Potter, this is a matter of international security. The sound of someone descending the staircase made Fury look up. There at the bottom of the stairs was an older version of Al except he had a faint lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Harry narrowed his eyes as he walked up to Fury and shook his hand.


"Mr. Potter"

"What can I do for you?"

"I need to talk to you in private, Potter." Fury looked at Al as he spoke. Harry nodded as he looked down at his son.

"Al go wake up Teddy it's almost noon." Al nodded and started up the stairs, but stopped. He turned around with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Can I use the decoy detonator?"

Harry bit his lip as he thought for a moment. "As long as you don't get James or Lily involved." Al pumped his fist and started up the stairs again.

Harry let out a tired sigh and motioned for Fury to follow him. They walked to the second door on the right and motioned for Fury to enter first. He saw a desk with a couple folders and papers laid on it, and an apple computer sat on the desk. There was also a filing cabinet next to the desk. On the wall opposite the desk was a fireplace with a flat screen TV over the mantelpiece. In front of the fireplace was a mahogany coffee table and a couch shaped like an L. Behind the desk was a bookcase filled with spell books, photo albums, board games, clay figurines, and framed photos.

"For a wizard, there is a sure amount of technology," Fury commented as they entered the office.

"Yeah well," Harry began as he shut the door and waved his hand to silently cast a silencing charm, "every ministry in the world has voted to reveal our kind to the mudane world. But first things first, wizards have to get used to the idea of using technology since we lived like we were in medieval times." Harry crossed his arms and looked at Fury suspiciously. "What are you doing here Fury, because I doubt that this a social visit."

Fury stared at the man before him. It was just like yesterday that he was talking to a tired and battered seventeen-year-old teenager about joining the Avenger Initiative. He remembered how the young man declined his offer after looking at the people he considers family.

Fury heaved a sigh. "I need your help." He held out a file and a hard drive. Harry took the items and went to sit behind his desk. He plugged the hard drive into the computer and opened the file. Inside were papers about a cube with 'TOP SECRET' stamped in the right hand corner.

"What is this?"

"It's called the Tesseract, it holds unlimited power. We were testing it to see if we can open a portal to another world. But it went haywire and a man called Loki stepped out of a portal the cube created" Fury took a deep breath. "Loki destroyed the entire research lab, took the Tesseract and two of my sharpest men. While the portal Loki arrived in collapsed on itself and destroyed the entire research lab in a matter of seconds."

Harry took a moment to let the information sink in. "And now you want me to go look for the cube." Harry closed the file and gave it back to Fury. "You know my answer Fury. I will not leave my family to search for a madman and a cube with no lead. Besides this seems like a big job for one man."

"You faced madmen before Potter, I see no difference."
"Except that this is a super powered villain from another world."

"And I know you, Potter," Fury continued as if uninterrupted. "You're not the type of person to sit back and watch everyone around you do something. You're the type that wants to help and make a difference, but you don't force your opinions on others." Fury smirked. "Besides I already took this matter to your minister and he thought that this was a great way to show that 'wizards exist and that we're here to help.'"

Harry groaned as he ran a hand over his face. "I swear I'm going to murder Kingsley one of these days," he muttered.

He sighed as he bit his lip in thought. After a moment, he spoke up again. "It still seems like a big job for one man."

"Who said that you have to do this alone." Fury nodded at the hard drive and harry took the hint. He tapped the monitor and a second later four videos popped up. One video was in black and white with a man in a Star-Spangled Banner suit, a helmet with an 'A' and little wings on it, and a striped shield which he used to fight the opponents he was up against. Another showed a giant green monster destroying an entire military arsenal. Another showed a man in a suit of metal armor fighting a giant metal monster in the streets of L.A. the last video showed a giant man with dirty blonde hair fighting another giant metal monster.

Harry stared wide-eyed at the four men on his monitor. He composed himself and faced the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. He nodded.

"Let me get my family to Potter manor and let me put my second-in-command in charge of my aurors. Just give me until tomorrow so I can sort all this out."

Fury nodded. "Alright, but I need you to hurry, my people are bringing in most of these individuals to the base and I need every man power there is."

Harry snapped his head up. "Most of the individuals?"

"He," Fury pointed at the video with the tall, blonde man, "is currently on another world and we have no means to communicate with him."

Harry was only paying half attention to Fury as he read the blonde man's history. He learned that the blonde man's name was Thor and that he was from a place called Asgard where the people are basically gods. Before he came to Earth, the Asgardian was everything Severus Snape, Harry's old potions professor, said his father was except being a prankster. When he demolished the metal giant called 'The Destroyer,' Thor returned to Asgard to stop his brother, Loki, from destroying the frost giant's home planet.

Harry stood up from his chair and looked Fury straight in the eye. "Let me get everything I need before I can join you." He held out his hand to Fury. "It was a pleasure to see you again Fury."

Fury took his hand and shook it. "You as well Potter, glad to have you on board." With a final nod, Fury left the office and harry heard the front door open, a muffled conversation, and the door close. Harry sank back into his chair as he let out a frustrated sigh. He let Fury play his interest and now he was brought into a team with the minister's permission. If he gets out of this aliveā€¦ he's going to kill Kingsley.

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