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Chapter 3

After quickly explaining to Ron that he'll be in charge of the aurors and to have them on stand by, Harry canceled the floo and strode out of his office to pack a duffle bag. Ron was confused with Harry's request until the dark-haired man mentioned Nick Fury. Harry didn't just tell his wife about his first impression of the director of SHIELD, he told his entire surrogate family of the dark skinned man.

Harry headed upstairs and peeked into each of his kid's rooms. In the first room on the left was his eldest son, James, and as usual it was a complete mess. He could see his son throwing some of his clothes and some prank items into a bag. Harry rolled his eyes and shook his head; he knew he shouldn't of let George influence his son especially with who his name stakes were. In the second room was his second oldest son, Albus, and his room was a bit neater than his brother's. His son was packing some clothes, books, and a chess set into his bag. In the room across from Al's was his darling little angel, Lily, who had a bright pink room with bunny and owl plushies everywhere. His wife was helping his baby girl pack clothes and some Barbie toys into a magically expanded backpack. In the next room on the right was his godson's room. After Andromeda got too old to take care of Teddy, Harry and Ginny were happy to take the little nine year old, now sixteen year old. Harry could see Teddy pack some clothes, his laptop, and some of his textbooks.

"Teddy didn't you already finish your homework." Teddy jumped and spun around as his hair changed to yellow.

"Harry, you scared me," Teddy whined as his hair changed back to turquoise.

Harry snorted at his godson's antics, but turned serious as he crossed his arms. "I thought you finished your homework a month ago Teddy."

"Well," Teddy said bashfully as his hair changed bright pink.

Harry sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. He could have sworn that his godson had picked up on his and Ron's old study habits… wait till the last minute or, in Ron's case, get Hermione to do it. He hoped that Teddy didn't use his puppy dog eyes on her since no one could resist his eyes.

"Just get your homework done while at the manor." Harry turned around to leave until Teddy spoke up.

"Are we leaving because of what that Fury guy said?" Harry stopped to look at his teenage godson. He sighed when he figured that the teenager most likely eavesdropped on his conversation with the Director of SHIELD.

"I don't want to know how you got past the silencing wards, but you should not have eavesdropped on that conversation," Harry said sternly as he rounded on his godson, who seemed unaffected from the look his godfather sent him.

Teddy shrugged unconcernedly. "So?"

Harry was upset that his godson was not concerned with the fact that he overheard a crucial government secret that could possibly get him killed if he told anyone. His features softened a bit after a moment. He couldn't stay mad at the son of one of his father's best friends. Of course his godson was supposed to have some of that Marauder mischief.

Harry sighed. "Teddy if you tell anyone this information, you could be in serious trouble. You do realize that don't you?"

"Of course I do Harry, but you know I always need to know what is going on around me."

"I think that is a trait I can only blame myself on." Harry sighed again as he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. At least this conversation was a lot easier to handle than 'the talk' was. "Just keep this to yourself, and don't tell anyone about my assignment especially your brothers and sister.

"Even the house elves?"

"Especially the house elves."

Teddy shrugged unconcernedly again as he shifted his weight from foot to foot. "Alright I wont say anything." Then the teen walked over to his desk only to trip over his own feet and land on his face.

Harry shook his head fondly with a slight smile on his face as he heard his godson curse into the carpet. The elder man turned away from the room to pack himself. Something was off about his godson; he was acting a bit too casually for his head auror's taste. His godson was up to something, but at the moment Harry's mind was currently on his new teammates.

What in the world was Fury thinking? The men he saw in those videos looked like they had nothing in common. A World War II super soldier, a billionaire genius with a technologically advanced suit, a Norse god, and a man with serious anger management issue. That is just spelling disaster on a worldwide proportion.

Harry sat heavily on his bed as he ran a hand over his face and wandlessly summoned a duffle bag with the same undetectable extension charm. And now the Director of SHIELD added him to the equation. This should be fun.

"Daddy please come with us, please," Lily cried from where she was hugging Harry's leg. Harry just stared down sadly at his daughter as she continued to cry. Lily figured out that her father wasn't coming along with the rest of her family to Potter Manor. Teddy, James, and Albus already went through the floo connection and were waiting for their mother and sister to step through.

Harry bent down to pick up his little girl and hugged her close. He smiled softly as he felt her little arms wrap around his neck. "I know you don't want me to go honey, but an old friend of mine asked me to help track down a bad guy." The part of Fury being his friend is a total lie. Friendship is if you trust that person to nave your back, but he truly doesn't trust Fury. Fury is more along the lines of acquaintance.

"But you're always going after bad guys," Lily hiccupped as she lifted her head from her father's shoulder. He could see tears trailing down her face as her sobs quieted down. He raised a thumb to her face and gently wiped her tears away as he smiled softly at her.

"This guy is just a little tough, but I promise that I will be back in a few days. Okay Lily bud?"

Lily's sobs subsided but she continued to sniff. She nodded her head in acceptance and pulled a red, turquoise, gold, and silver rope bracelet out of her pocket and wrapped it around her dad's wrist. "So you don't forget about us."

Harry looked affronted for a moment before understanding crossed his features. "I won't forget sweetie, and you can always call me on the two-way mirror." He kissed her forehead softly and held her close. "I want you to behave for your mother, okay?"

"Okay daddy, I love you."

"I love you, too." Harry handed his daughter off to his wife and kissed her gently. "Gin I'm begging you, if I end up calling Ron to bring reinforcements, don't follow them. I don't want the kids to be parentless."

Ginny smiled reproachfully. "Don't worry Harry, I'm not that same girl sixteen years ago." Her smile turned into a frown as she became serious. "Please be careful and think before you do something rash. And Merlin's beard you better call when you have a chance. Alright?"

Harry brought her into an embrace, being mindful of Lily in her arms. "I will love, I'll see around, okay?"

"Okay Harry, be careful?" With that Ginny turned towards the fireplace and threw a green powder into the flames. "Potter Manor!" She stepped into the flames and disappeared with Lily waving over her shoulder.

Now Harry stood alone in his sitting room with a look of anguish on his face. They are the reason why he is helping Fury find Loki. The reason to fight this guy and make the Earth safe for not only his family, but other families all over the world. With that thought in mind, he exited the room and went to the door that led to the potions lab in the basement. After Harry decided to study abroad for his NEWTS, he found out that he was quite good at potions.

Harry grabbed one of the cauldrons in the lab and a potion kit filled with different ingredients. He went over to the potion cabinet and grabbed a few vials filled with calming draught, another few with pepper up potion, a few with wit-sharpening potion, a couple of headache potion, a tub of bruise removal paste, a couple of blood replenishing potion, some dittany, and a few empty vials.

Harry placed an unbreakable charm on the vials and potions, and put them into a pouch. He placed the pouch into the cauldron along with the potion kit and Bunsen burner, and left the basement. Once he was in the hallway, he quickly summoned his duffle bag and placed it in the bag near the bottom. After zipping up the bag, he checked his watch to see it was 7:30 and if his math was right it should be 2:30 in the afternoon where Fury is. It was a good thing he placed a tracking charm on the Director; that man didn't even tell him where to meet up with him. Fury probably expected him to use one of his many magical ways to transport himself to the base, and Harry won't disappoint as always.

Harry waved his hand over the duffle bag and it shrunk down to the size of Hermione's old beaded bag. After stuffing the bag into his robes, he exited his house through the backdoor to cast the spells he needed to do. Just because his leaders say it's okay for him to use magic in front of muggles, doesn't mean that he won't really get in trouble. He flicked his right wrist and hid trusty holly wand appeared in his hand. He waved his wand in intricate patterns and muttered foreign words under his breath until a light blue dome appeared around his home and disappeared. This particular ward would alert him if any hostile tried to break in and if there was a hazardous object anywhere in the enclosed area.

With a satisfied nod, Harry placed his wand back in the holster on his right arm and took a few steps back. He turned until he faced the fence that separated his home from the forest. He took a deep breath and ran straight at the fence. When he was halfway across the yard, he jumped into the air and morphed into his animagus form. Harry turned into a large black phoenix with gold flecks along his plumage and a gray lightening bolt shaped scar over his right eye.

Harry flapped his wings and flew over the fence and deep into the forest. When the head auror felt that he was far enough away from the village, he shot up straight through the branches until he broke the tree line. Harry glided for a moment to enjoy the wind against his face, the freedom he felt while in the air. The sky was his domain, the only place in the world where he could be at peace. He wished he could stay up here forever, but if he doesn't show up at the base Fury is at then there will be hell to pay. Harry flew a little higher until flames appeared around his plumage and was completely engulfed in the fire. With a loud cry, he disappeared in a flash of flames.

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