Paul Edgecombe had been honest while sharing his story with fellow resident Elaine Connelly at the nursing home. Every word he said was true and through all the years he had remembered every detail clearly since John had given him his final gift.

He had told her most every important detail and written it all down carefully. He didn't consider it lying if he left out the small personal relationship he had gained with the gentle giant.

He didn't see the need to share the fact that sometimes he would slip his hands through the bars for a moment before he turned the lights out to hold one of those large hands.

He didn't see the need to mention the fact that sometimes john would shyly give him a hug and later kisses when he escorted him to the bathroom.

He didn't tell anyone that the hour before the end he had been left alone with john and had been held and loved tenderly before they walked down that green mile together.

AN/ well I read the book and watched the movie which were both amazing and made me cry when I realized I would need to write a fan fic to feel better. When john healed paul and had that moment when paul described it again later when he gifted him I thought it was a really sweet and sad moment, but also a little slashy. Well hopefully someone will like this and I enjoyed writing it. Theirs also that tension between bill and percy. Hmmm… maybe I'll write something. No promises. Review.