Pairing: Bruce Banner/Tony Stark

Warnings: There will be SLASH-rated for future content in next chapter.

Summary: Tony reminisces about his pains and about his failed attempt at seducing Bruce before Bruce makes some repairs on Tony's Arc Reactor.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I love Marvel and Joss Whedon.

This is part one of two.


Tony looks at Bruce from across the lab in Stark tower. Bruce is hunched over looking at a tablet. Bruce's eyes squint at something before the back of his throat lets out a disgruntled noise.

Tony couldn't decide whether the scientist was ignoring him because of what happened last night or if Banner had general concerns with formula he was working on. Tony guessed the former but was hoping for the latter.

Tony could rationalize the discomfort that the other man was more than likely experiencing. Because truth be told, Tony wasn't entirely drunk or out of his head when he was coming onto Bruce nearly twelve hours earlier.

It wasn't even because Pepper had left with Happy a week before. Tony had always thought Banner was intriguing. That's why he always kept him around. Sure, Tony had felt like his electromagnet had failed and sent the Shrapnel straight into his already imperfect heart-the night Pepper left in tears. Tony's life was too dangerous—too unpredictable and it showed no signs of slowing down and making room for a crib.

Bruce was there though it all, through the drinking and the drinking and the public indecency. It was Bruce and his comforting, worried, mellow-fuckable voice that helped Tony come out of his melodrama even when everyone else was too freaked out to deal with the normally cocky Ironman turned embarrassing and weak.

Tony had been completely coherent— or about as coherent as someone who was somewhat drunk could be— when he pulled Bruce away from the distracting party that was being thrown in Stark Tower. Seriously, Bruce was just sitting on the couch drinking a coke. Not even a rum and coke. The troubled scientist looked like a lost puppy with the biggest big brown eyes.


Tony stands from his seat and walks over to where Bruce is sitting. Bruce doesn't acknowledge Tony's presence behind him. Tony fiddles with the large touch screen and tries not to look at Bruce.

Tony didn't feel guilty for dry humping Bruce in an empty closet the night before. Tony regretted that both of them had been wearing clothes and that Bruce who had been at one moment seemingly into the vertical friction but then the next second completely confused and scared. Tony regretted that he allowed Bruce to push himself away with a mumbled apology, leaving Tony with a hard on, alone in a closet.

Tony finally breaks the silence.

"Hey you wanna help me with some repairs, Doc," Tony asks while still toying with the screen.

"Um. Sure, repairs on what exactly?"

Bruce's hands come together while his eyes look toward the tiled floor.

"Me," Tony says as he turns around to look at Bruce's back.

Bruce turns his head slightly and looks at Tony over his shoulder.

"Oh—Tony, I don't know if that would be a good idea. I'm not really a suitable engineer—

"Nonsense you'll be fine. You're a fast learner. It's just like that game Operation—except I'm alive and much more entertaining. I'll even get naked if it will help."

Tony walks away from and screen and stands in front of Bruce with a smirk.

"I don't know, Tony. I don't trust myself—

"I trust you. You'll be great. Please, Bruce. There's no one else I would feel comfortable asking."

Bruce sighs and nods his head before looking up at Tony and giving the man a half smile.

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