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When Words are Not Enough

The wedding was beautiful. Asbel and Cheria looked so incredibly happy as they said their vows and kissed one another. Hubert was only half paying attention to the actual ceremony with his other half paying very close attention to Pascal. While he had seen Pascal in some very different outfits over the time they traveled together he had never seen her in an actual dress. He thought she looked stunning in the pink dress Cheria picked out for her. He kept glancing over at her and he started to even imagine himself kissing her somewhere alone where he could wrap his arms around her and not care about what others thought.

After a while everyone started dancing. Pascal looked a little lonely as Richard danced with Sophie, Asbel with Cheria, and even Malik was dancing with Lt. Victoria. Hubert finally gathered up the courage to walk over to her and held out his hand. Silently she smiled at him and put her hand in his and he lifted her up to direct her to the dance floor. Slowly he took her up in his arms and swung her around like everyone else. He did not even notice the music, just her small frame between his arms.

"You're beautiful." He blurted out unintentionally and started to blush madly.

"Uh, thanks Hu." Pascal blushed as well. "You look good too."

His glasses slid down his face as he bent his head down to look at her closely. She surprised him when she lifted up her other hand and pushed them back up for him. Hubert swallowed as he felt like his face was getting closer to hers. He never even noticed the song had ended and that they were standing still.

"Um, Hu?" She broke into his thoughts and he pulled his face back away and cleared his throat.


"What did the President say?"

He had received the bird earlier that morning but because of all the commotion had not gotten the time to tell anyone what it has said.

"Oh. Well, he is intrigued by your ideas and would like you to present them to him when you are ready. I'm sure he will agree to them once he sees the benefits it will bring to Stratha. He will also allow you to make a few prototypes for him to inspect when you present them."

"Ah." Pascal was abnormally quite the past week no matter how much he tried to talk to her. Even though they shared a room he sometimes noticed that she would come in late or not at all some nights as she worked on getting the rest of Lhant fully functional in her experiments.

"What's wrong, Pascal? I figured you would be excited to hear such news."

"I… I just don't know where I will stay in Stratha."

That's what is bothering her? Come to think of it, he did not really think about that either.

"I'm sure my brother will think of something, Pascal." Asbel interrupted his thoughts and he automatically let go of Pascal and rubbed one of his arms.

"Y-yeah. Um, well, you could stay with me."

"Really?" Pascal seemed happy again. Cheria giggled behind her hand and he shot her a look.

"I now stay in the Military Apartments and they all have two bedrooms. I don't have a roommate because of my status so it wouldn't be a bother."

Asbel winked at him and pulled on Cheria. "See, I knew he would think of something. We are going to miss you Pascal, but are going to enjoy the new updates you did for our town."

"No problem, bro! It was lots of fun. I'm sure Possion will be down here soon with some other Amarcians to help get the pipe system all set in so you won't have to worry about using up all the water. And besides, you can't get rid of me that easily."

Asbel laughed and dragged his wife away from them and Hubert shook his head. He had not intended to be playing host to Pascal even though the thought was slightly intriguing only in the fact that he would be close to her. If he had not tried to show that his brother was right that he would think of something right there on the spot he was sure that once in Stratha the President would have set her up somewhere nice. He led her back to the tables and sat down next to her, needing his brow with a hand. Keeping up with her is going to be a lot of work. Then he remembered what Malik had told him last year. "Taming a stray cat is going to take a lot of energy. Just hang in there." He smiled at remember those words and looked back to Pascal.

"Hey, are you sure your wife-to-be won't be all upset and stuff with me hanging around at your apartment?"

Hubert sighed. "I told you, I wasn't going to accept the offer and already informed them of my decision."

Pascal tilted her head to the side. "I still don't get it."

He stared her right into her golden eyes to the point where he could see his reflection. "Because of you." His heart thumped in his chest and he wondered if she could hear it.

"Huh, well, it's not like I don't have a good excuse not to get clean quickly anymore."

"You just don't get it do you?" Hubert muttered and stood up abruptly. "I guess you really are just as oblivious as Asbel."

"What?" Pascal asked.

"I'm going to get us some drinks." Hubert walked off with his mind buzzing with confusion. Even after all those months of talking back and forth she still did not get that he had feelings for her. It was going to be a very difficult taming.

Hubert pushed the paper in front of him off to the side and took off his glasses to rub his face. His desk looked the same as he had left it and the work did not seem like it had gotten any less over the past three weeks since he had returned to Stratha. The only difference now was Pascal was staying with him and his office was less hot because of her inventions. The President had agreed to let Pascal put in a few of her devices in different parts of the capital to see how well they did. The temperature control units were easy to place in and now a few offices and a few of the Military apartments were outfitted with them. The water unites where a bit more difficult because piping had to be laid out before they were completely installed. Pascal had requested that his apartment be the first of course so that she could bathe at regular intervals. She still missed a few when she got completely lost in her work and did not come back for the evening. Sometimes she had such a bad habit of it that Hubert would go find her and drag her back to the apartment so that she would sleep.

Finally he was done with his daily work and headed back to his apartment. Hopefully Pascal would come back at a reasonable hour so that she would eat and go to sleep. He opened the door to find her hunched over a few diagrams and layouts of the city as she munched on a banana. Hubert sighed and rolled his eyes.

"You can't keep eating just bananas, Pascal. They won't sustain you forever."

Her mouth was full when she tried to speak. "Oo, aom aan Ew."

He rolled his eyes again and headed to the little kitchenette behind the couch she was sitting on. "I'll make you some banana pancakes if you like."

"Pancakes for diner?" Pascal managed to swallow her food without incident and sounded surprised. She flipped around and rested her chin on the back of the couch.

"If it will get you to eat."

"Yippee!" she cheered and leapt off the couch and bounced into him. This caused him to stumble against her weight and his glasses nearly flew off his face.

"C-careful, Pascal." He warned and readjusted them back into place.

"Sorry." She let go of him and for a brief moment he was upset that their slight contact had ended. "Can I help?"

Pascal never cooked and this worried him. But at the same time he longed for her company. "Sure, as long as you let me do the actually cooking, we don't need to burn down the whole building."

"Yokay!" She exclaimed cheerfully.

Despite the mess they left afterwards, mostly because Pascal had a habit of spilling things easily, Hubert enjoyed having her help him cook dinner; even when it was breakfast. They ate and cleaned up their mess. It made Hubert happy that Pascal actually ate a good amount of food and was sprawled out against the couch looking like she was in slight bliss.

"Ooo, so much food!" Hubert gently pushed her legs aside and joined her on the couch to look at her work. "Thanks for dinner, Hu."

"I'm just glad that you actually ate something. I swear, you would forget to eat just as you forget to bathe if someone didn't remind you all the time."

Pascal became silent again. It was something that was starting to worry Hubert since it had not stopped since they met back in Lhant.

"Hu?" She finally broke the silence.


"I've been wondering about this for a while, but why don't you like me calling you lil' bro?"

Hubert dropped the diagram he had been looking at and looked over at her. His heart started to beat faster and his breath shortened. And he was pretty sure he was blushing. "Because I… I don't want you to see me like a brother."

"Oh, well why?"


She was looking at him like she had back when he first tried to tell him about his feelings. There seemed to be no amount of words that he could say that would make her understand how he felt. He sighed and did the only thing he could think of at the moment. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, slidding his other arm around her waist and pressed her body against his. Without a second thought he bent his face down to hers. Pascal barely let out a tiny squeak as he pressed his lips on hers and kissed her. His heart leapt out of his chest as he felt her soft lips against his. Her body slowly un-tensed and went limp in his arms. He watch her close her golden eyes and shiver under his touch. Time seemed to stop as the kiss turned into one long burst of happiness for him. He had finally done it. Now he hoped that she would understand all those words he had tried to tell her.

He was unsure how long they sat there with their lips stuck together but it is quite evident that she was kissing him back after a while. This caught Hubert off guard as he did not expect anything other than a kiss to show her what he meant. What was he supposed to do? Continue to kiss her, stupid! He pressed his lips harder and pulled her even closer until his entire body felt like it was crushing hers. Only when he realized he was not breathing anymore did he break off the kiss. She looked just as out of breath as he did and was holding onto his waist. Suddenly his face felt hotter than if he had a fever and he turned his face away from her.

"I… I, uh… need to be up early in the morning." He blurted out and let go of her as he stood up from the couch. "Don't forget to sleep, Pascal." Without another word he bolted for his room, leaving a very confused Amarcian on his living room couch.

Only in the evening was it cool enough to leave windows and door open in Stratha. There was even a light breeze this evening and Hubert laid in bed unable to sleep. He could not believe that he had kissed Pascal and then just left her sitting there without an explanation. Like you would even be able to give one that she would understand. He laid there in his light sleep clothing replaying every moment back in his head. He wondered if he should have done something differently, if he should have continued kissing her regardless of his slight embarrassment. It was not like she pushed him away; she was kissing him back even. He was just no good at these things. A sliding noise told him Pascal had opened her door to the balcony over the water. It was followed by some footsteps that told him that she was not sleeping either. Hubert sighed and picked up his glasses and walked out to meet her. If anything he should apologize so they both could get some sleep.

"Can't sleep either?" he called out to her as he peaked out his door.

"Eek! Oh, hey Hu." She squeaked momentarily at his sudden appearance.

"I just wanted to…" He placed his glasses on and realized she was wearing something he had never seen her in before. It took him a few moments and his eyes adjusted to the moonlight before he was finally able to figure out what it is. "P-Pascal… are you wearing my uniform jacket?"

She turned to look up at him, her hair shined silver in the moonlight. Her smaller frame looked even tinier in his jacket as it hung loosely over her body. She was small enough that the front closed up all the way which made him less concerned. The last thing he needed was a half-naked Pascal on his balcony. She scratched at her head as she answered him.

"Yeah, well, after you… went to your room I took a bath and after I got out I realized I didn't have any clean cloths so I just grabbed the first clean thing I came across."

"Take it…" Hubert started to tell her to take off his jacket when he realized that she might not be wearing anything underneath it. The buttons on the collar were not hooked and it fell off to the side a little as Pascal tried to keep the jacket fully closed. "You know what. It's ok. But please put some clothes on."

"But I don't have anything else. They are all dirty."

She started to protest. Without thinking, Hubert pulled his shirt off and handed it to her. It should be big enough to cover her to her knees and hopefully she had something on that covered her bottom already. Never once had Pascal really shown any signs about caring about her clothes being dirty and he was not going to discourage it now. He always made sure that his clothing was cleaned so perhaps he should tell the maid to make sure Pascal's was cleaned as well. He turned away respectfully as she took off his jacket and pulled the shirt over her head. She poked him with her hand holding his jacket and he smiled at her. He put it on so he did not feel so naked in front of her and looked down at her standing in his shirt and some sort of loosely fitted shorts that hopefully were not his too.


"Yes, Pascal?" He could not help but continue to smile at her.

"D-did you mean what you said and what you…" It did not take a genius to tell what she was talking about. She stepped closer to him and he could see a few water droplets in her hair. Even in the light of the moon he could tell she was blushing just as hard as he had not long before.

"I did." Was all he said before he picked her up in his arms once again and kissed her deeply.

This time he did not pull away completely when he ran out of breath. They stood there on the balcony locked in an embrace under the night's stars and the water from the oasis swirling in the background. Pascal ran her fingers through his blue hair as he tried to not let the shirt ride up too far. Finally, after they had nearly succeeded in knocking off his glasses, they broke their kiss but not their embrace. For a while the only breathed and looked at each other.

"I'm sorry it took me so long to admit my feeling too." Pascal whispered into his ear making his heart jump.

"W-wait, how long…?"

"Since I first saw you."

Hubert blinked but smiled at her. "It's ok. Ever since you saved me back in Zavheart I couldn't stop thinking about you."

Pascal returned his smile with one of her own. She pressed her body against his even more than it already was and clung to him.

"Hu, let me sleep with you tonight."

Hubert opened his mouth in shock. "Pascal! It is improper for two unm-"

She cut him off with a kiss. "Just sleep silly, nothing more. Besides, I think Asbel and Cheria would be furious if they missed anything… important."

He sighed. Once again she was pointing out the obvious. They did not have to do anything together in bed but sleep. "You're right. We can talk about it in the morning." He all but picked her up to take her into his room to lay down and cuddle next to her.

"I thought you said you had work early in the morning."

"I lied."

Pascal only got off a small smile before he was pressing his lips against her again for just a moment and pulled her body up into his arms before letting sleep over take them both.

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