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The King Shackled By the Black Chain of Heaven

Ch1 The Ending That Brought Him Back to the Beginning.

A dark warehouse in the middle of nowhere was now occupied by several men in black surrounding the warehouse on the inside and the outside.

These men showed no hint of what organization they belonged to and only showed their clean cut dress and suits. They wore large black shades and ear pieces.

These men have a two part mission…

Part one is to kidnap their target and bring him to the warehouse.

Part two is to hold him there until their boss comes to pick him up…Oh by the way, the circumstances forced them to bring one more for the ride…The younger sister of the target.

In the middle of the room were two small figures kneeling down and holding onto each other. One was a taller 10 year old boy who held his sister to comfort her and the other was said sister, who was crying on her brother's shoulder.

These two are the Orimura twins…Ichika and Madoka.

They are the youngest of the Orimura family and were raised by their internationally famous Ice Queen herself, Orimura Chifuyu.

They were kidnapped on their way home from school and now were under the mercy of strangers with firearms…in JAPAN!

"Ichi-ni, I'm scared…What's going to happen to us?" the young girl inquired fearfully. She was around ten years old with a small ponytail of dark hair. She wore a simple yellow dress with no fancy decorations…It was a simple dress for what was supposed a simple day with her brother…

"Shhhh…Don't worry Madoka. I'm sure help is on the way." Said the little boy who also looked to be ten years old. He wore a white t-shirt and shorts…He had dark hair like his sister, but his was shorter and messier.

"How do we know that? Chi-Neechan is in the middle of a tournament and Hyuang Oba chan and Gotanda Oba Chan might not realize we've been kidnapped."

Though Ichika had no reply to the fair point his sister brought up, he still smiled down at his sister and stroked her head.

"Don't worry Madoka, Onii-chan is here. If push comes to shove…I'll make sure you 're alright."

Ichika looked around and sighed inwardly…There was no way out…

The men who kidnapped them are numerous and not showing any sign of weakness. They cover all areas inside the building, and from what he saw, they are changing shifts on guarding the outside as well.

He also saw a glimpse of firearms on the undersides of their suits and given how many men he'd seen, that was one too many guns for two ten year olds to go against.

"I am so damn weak…If this was Chifuyu-nee she would have wasted these guys…" thought Ichika, lamenting his failure and weakness.

Suddenly his senses, enhanced by adrenaline, picked up the faint sound of a car coming to a stop.

"Hey! Boss is here! Bring that brat." Ordered one of the leading men in black. One of the brutes grabbed Ichika by the arm and pulled, however Ichika refused to let his sister go.

"Oi! Come on brat!" the man grunted as he pulled so hard Ichika almost thought his arm had been dislocated. The man tossed him to the floor near the entrance.


Ichika rolled on the ground at the sudden pain, but he didn't let out a single noise as his sister came running.


Ichika quickly brought his uninjured arm around Madoka to reassure her. At that moment…The entrance to the warehouse opened. From the opened entrance the glaring light of the sun entered and many footsteps were heard as a large group of women in identical uniforms entered the room and surrounded the children.

The glaring bright light of the sun hit Ichika on the eye and he held his sister to his chest to turn her away from the sudden light and by result he himself was facing the light…and the person casting a large shadow over it.

"Is he here? Is he here!" a woman's voice rang frantically, startling the two children. But Ichika ignored the shutter and looked up to see the person who came in.

Ichika froze when he saw the owner of the voice.

And the speaker froze upon seeing Ichika.

"There you are…My Ichika…." Said the woman as she walked towards him slowly wearing a look of disbelief which only Ichika could see.

The grip holding Madoka loosened for a second, then Ichika held her even tighter.

"I-Ichi-ni?" questioned Madoka, but Ichika said nothing.

Ichika blood had frozen…his young, but very sharp mind which has been matured through his older sister's teaching, his life without any parents, and responsibility as the only male in the family flared as he analyzed the facts given to him…and came up with an answer.

An answer he was hoping was a mistake…Because if he is correct…He doesn't know whether he would hug or kill this person.

"You…Just who are you? Why…Why do you look like that?" asked Ichika as he forced himself to not break eye contact. He can't falter now. This person…This person is dangerous.

Something Madoka couldn't see, so she didn't know what made her brother so tense.

"Why?...Well I always looked like this…Just as why you look like yourself and that girl in your arm looks like her….I am me…" answered the woman that only Ichika could see. She smiled down at the child who was so tensed…so desperate to protect his sister…Ah…He is everything she imagined him to be…

"While I am glad to you are very sharp…I'd appreciate it if you let go of that reject."

The sound was so soft and warm that it was unexpected in this scenario.

However Ichika tensed at her words…Because he knew why she looks like that…Why her voice seems to stir his him so…That is because he must have heard her voice before…A long, long time ago.

"I refuse!"


The woman, her image still shrouded by light, turned to face the men in black. She looked around the warehouse and saw the state the kids were in and frowned.

"…Who is in charge here?"

"Ma'am!" one of the men in black stepped up to her smartly, when suddenly the woman pulled out a silver pistol and aimed between his startled eyes.

Ichika instantly pulled his sister's face into his chest, covering her eyes, and holding her tight.



The warehouse was silent.

"I told you to bring him back to me unharmed…But it is clear my words were not taken seriously."

She turned back to the boy, ignoring his sister.

"Why did you bring us here?" Ichika inquired.

"Not 'us' my dear…Only you."

"Then what do you want from me?"

The woman smiled so charmingly Ichika felt his resolve falter.

"…You and all that you represent…and for you to go even beyond that." Suddenly, she moved faster than he could react and grabbed his arm. She then pushed aside his sister and pulled him towards her. From behind her one of her blond, more useful subordinates walked towards Madoka to restrain her.

Madoka let out a startled cry upon being separated from her brother. She tried to get back up and run to Ichika, but she was stopped by the blond-haired underling.

"If you know what is good for you girl, you will stand still."

Madoka stared back at her with defiant eyes, but the blond woman didn't even bat an eye. She pushed Madoka onto her stomach and held her head down, turning her face away from her brother and the one currently in charge.

"Oh don't be silly Squall, I don't need the little girl…Kill her." She might have been talking about the weather given how little care her voice held.

"Yes milady." The newly identified Squall replied, leveling her gun at Madoka's head.

Before she could pull the trigger a shout rang out across the room.

"Touch my sister and I'll bite off my tongue!"

All the women in the room stared at the boy he shouted out as tensed up…ready to bit his tongue off.

"Your goal is me right? Well I am not going to go with strangers so easily! If you want me then take a corpse!" The boy's brown eyes contained fear, anger, and panic, but they were serious…He is willing to commit suicide if his sister is murdered.

However, the leader suddenly crossed the distance between them, knelt down, and stuffed her fingers in his mouth to prevent him from following through with his threat.

"Brave my dear, very brave. That man would have done the same for me if I was powerless…which I never am."

Ichika glared and bit down hard, but the woman didn't show any signs of pain…She simply stared into his eyes….Those eyes…It's those eyes. Those eyes and her face…Her scent, and her sheer presence…So grand, so powerful, so beautiful. So much like…No perhaps even greater than…Chifuyu-Nee's

She narrowed her eyes at Madoka who was sobbing and struggling against Squall's grip. Her dress is now a real mess and her face was covered with dirt and scratches.

"Why does she warrant such passion…Such love…She and the older failure…"

She turned back to the boy.

"Why Ichika?"

Ichika stared at the woman and slowly lost his strength. The woman's sheer presence is weakening his resolve…Threats are useless…But he still needs to secure Madoka's safety…This is his responsibility as her brother.

He slowly pulled his head back and removed the woman's fingers out of his mouth. He tasted her blood on his tongue, and was suddenly filled with shame. Why? This woman hurt them and kidnapped them…So why did he felt bad for hurting her?

Why…Why is this person back…After all these years…Why is she back?

He wanted to know why…Why?...

"She is my sister…"

"Does that warrant you killing yourself? Your life for her? She is a reject that has no potential Ichika…The two of you may have born together, but clearly you are the jewel and she is the mud."

"No one asked you!" Ichika's eyes flared back to life for a second, but it stopped and recede back to cold and glazed look.

"…I'll make a deal. Let my sister go back to my older sister unharmed…And I'll come with you willingly."



Madoka's eyes watered at the harsh yelling from her brother who never before yelled at her….Heck, he'd never even gotten mad at her before!

Ichika looked at the woman-no...His…His…

He stepped closer to the woman and whispered into her ear…So quiet that Madoka didn't hear him.

"Oka…Oka-sama…" he pleaded with the most respectable tone and wording he could muster. He pleaded with his head low…defeated.

The woman smiled. Oh, how she dreamed of hearing that word…mother…Oh, how she was deprived of it when her wretched eldest took her treasures away. Her baby boy…That person's son…

She smiled gently with the glow of a mother and knelt down to her son.

"…Well, while I don't like a reminder of my failure walking in this world, I have been known to kill on whims and show mercy on whims as well….Very well." She hugged her son.

"She will live. But you will come back to me…Right where you belong."

"…Why did you leave us?" He whispered into her ear, a silent trail of tears running down his face. The shame of his weakness killing him inside.

"I never left you…I never wanted to…No…You were taken from me…But now I have you back." She released her son from her embrace.

"Squall…where is my first failure?"

"She will reach us in 15 minutes." Squall replied as she held down Madoka and kept her mouth firmly closed.

The leader of Phantom Task nodded with ease and turned to her son.

"Let us leave."

But before they could Madoka removed Squall's hand on her mouth.


As Madoka cried her eyes out Ichika felt his heart break into million pieces, but their mother…No, the woman who only viewed him as her child was not about to stay any longer….He was running out of time.


The girl looked up at him.

"I'm sorry…But…But it doesn't matter what happens. I am your brother. It's…It's my duty to make sure you're okay….Listen to Chifuyu-nee…Study hard…Make more trustworthy friends and don't get into fights with Rin or Ran-chan. Always brush your teeth before bed and eat healthily. And most importantly…"

The trembling boy turned to his sister.


Madoka felt ice grip her heart. Instinctively knowing something horrifying was about to happen, she screamed.


She was knocked out cold with a swift blow to the neck by Squall.

Ichika was about to run to his sister's fallen form, but stopped himself.

"Are you ready to go?" asked his mother.


The three individuals and many men in black swiftly disappeared from the scene…And not even ten minutes later a white IS crashed into the warehouse…To find only one of her siblings there.

"OH GOD! Madoka!" Chifuyu quickly brought her sister into her arms.

"Madoka! Madoka! What happened! Where is Ichika?"

There was no reply…But Chifuyu know…There is no one there…But the two of them.

"No….no….NO! ICHIKA!" she screamed out loud…but her brother was nowhere in sight.

In a secret location…A single boy entered a large office. He was now wearing some proper, clean clothes.

He had black hair that was spiky and yet calm on the side. He has deep brown eyes that look deep into your soul and now standing straight in front of someone that can kill him with a simple wave of her hand.

This woman took him away from his family and home…Cruelly separated him from his life and forced him to trade his freedom for his sister's safety…

This person is…The one who gave birth to him.

His mother…

"Are you satisfied with the facility? I hope no one was rude or inappropriate to you?" his newly discovered mother inquired of him from her position.

"No…Nothing is wrong…" The boy's voice was hollow, the recent revelation having torn apart his heart.

"Very well Ichika. I am Orimura Reiha…The 26th head of the Orimura clan and the leader of Phantom Task." She stood up from her seat. She was tall, wore a pink and blue Kimono of very high quality and had a long pony tail just like her oldest daughter, only her hair was much longer and reached down to her legs.

Her beauty was immeasurable and her grace unquestionable…it is clear where Chifuyu and Madoka got their looks from.

"I am your mother. And you Ichika are now my heir and the future 27th successor to Orimura family…and the Phantom Task's next leader. Welcome home…My little crown prince." She intoned, her voice filled with such joy…such pride…

Ichika could do nothing more than stare…and clench his fists in fear and awe.

This is the beginning…The beginning of a mad dance of drama, love, war, greed, passion, ambition…and sheer madness.

This is the tragedy…of the Orimura clan.