A/N: I wrote this after watching Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde on Max. I love this classic so much. I've read the condensed version of it & I'm still lovin' it. Jekyll X Hyde implied. Rated 'T' for the fun part. :P I have a feeling some of you might disagree with this story and so I suggest you safe your flames and exit this page immediately. Don't say I didn't warn you! :P

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I can't take it anymore. Hyde is killing me inside. This devil is slowly penetrating my mind, my thoughts and he is slowly taking over me, draining my power, leaving me weaker by the moment.

I cannot retain myself from creating that drug to transform myself into him, Hyde. That devil made me do a lot of things that are immoral and harmful to myself and to the society.

I seem to succumb to the evil of my creation and I feel like a slave to my own stupidity, my odd fantasy and to the devil himself.

A part of me wants to quit this and repent but another part of me wants to engage in Hyde's dangerous and self-consuming activities.

It is an addiction I must say. The chemicals I created are my success and catastrophe at the same time.

I have killed my manservant, Ned. I brutally murdered him out of my will, due to my surrender to Hyde, the diabolical part of me.

I don't doubt the existence of evil in everyone but I was just too curious about my strange desire to experiment something new that could actually benefit the future generations ahead. However, it seems to eat me up alive, turning me into a monster that I can never imagine. How could I be so vulnerable to Edward Hyde? How could I be so weak to allow the devil to empower my body, mind and soul?

There are too many sinful things I had done under Hyde's control. I enjoy watching fights and hurting others with my own hands and this lead to their deaths, eventually. I frequently visit prostitutes to satisfy my hunger for lust.

The worst part of all is that I had touched the girl whom I love and left her impure, which loosen my bond between her and her father. How could I be such a fool? Hyde is responsible for this madness but the root of this madness is me. I created this concoction and Hyde was born. Who is truly to be blamed? That person is me and I am guilty of all the things that I have done.

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time but it's impossible.

All of a sudden, I feel as if this might be God's punishment for me challenging his creations by modifying them. I shouldn't have done this. If only I could turn back time and never thought of this….