The BIG Lewboski X Dragon Ball z: THE NEW TEAMMEMBER

AN: Thisi s just a oneshot featurin to of my favorit charact ers from the movie i like an i wanted to kno if people like this and if they do i will write morebut its just a oneshot right now

"hey dude are u going to finish your drink" walter form the movie the big lewboski asked denny

"ok u can have it its ok"

thedude walked into the bowling alley with another person this person was tall wore a orange karate ki and he had big tall aspiky hair and his muscles were big and he had a blue karate belt

"hey guys i found a teammember to replace donny" donny from the movie got shot an died an so they threw his dust everywher but they need a new membe for their team

"oh cool whats his name' wlater said with his gun

'my name is goku and i am a super sayan" goku the super sayan from dragon ball z said

"ru gonn be on our team we have to face jeses"a

jesus was the bad guy from the movie the big lebowksi qnd he was thebowling champ

"i will fight jeus for you" said goku

walter got up and soht his gun into the air and said "ok"

the dude went over and got a brewksi and then took a big tdrink and the guy from ghodst rider said "isee ugot a new teammember" said the guy

"thats right man we he is really good"

the game begins

"ok man take it nice and easy man" the big lebowski said with sitting in his chair with his beer

"goku went up to the lane and he picked up the bowling ball and he threw it down the lane with his strangth" oh cool it hit the pins said goku

goku was happy because he hit the pins

he hit 6 pins

"thats not good enough man you need to strep it up !" walter and the dude said simaltaneusly

so goku turned super sayan and he thre wthe ball down the lane but then he used his hadoken blast to fire at the pins

"hey man nobody messes with jesus" (thats not what he sauys in the movie but i dont want to swear on here my mom might read it!-an)

jesus was a big man and he had a beard and tall spiky hair an darmor he was a bowler champ

"oh man its the jesus" the dude said with his beer and his smokes

then the jesus pitched the ball and he strcuk out with the pins and the pins went down

"haah i guess ur not so super sayan" and so goku got real mad and then it was walter sturn and he threw the ball and got a stirke

'awright i am finally everythings coming up walter!"

and then the dude played

and so then it was goku's turn again

"this time i will show them all" said goku as he turned super sayan 2 and he threw the ball but this time he got 8 pins

"look guys i got 8 pins" goku said

"ok" said donny

so then goku went up to play bowling and he said "nows my chance to really be a hero"

goky turned into super sayan 3 but he could only hold that form for 30 secons or so because it really is powerfuldraining and he doesnt have enough power in earth realm to use it

"kamehameha!" said goku

and the pins went down all of them all 10 pins


walterand thedude jumped up and down and celebrarted "good job goku u did it we won the championchip!"

and so jesus went home to his house and went into his house and was sad but hes not the protaggonis so we don care!

gwalter and the dude and denny and the guy from ghost rider was caryying goku on their shoulders and goku was back to normal form the one right below kayoh ken not kayoken though he was back to humen

"i guess u just got to believe in urself and u will achieve!" sayd goku as he flew off


I hope u enjoyed it reading it as much as I did writing it and now you'll read it