A/N: Just a smutty little story about Katara missing a certain someone. Rated M for lemony deliciousness!

Oh that childlike excitement. Once very captivating, motivating and sweet, now just seemed to grind on my nerves. I loved Aang, I did. It just wasn't the same anymore. Or really…everything was the same. It was similar to being married to a perpetual 11-year-old. And it had been like this for…five years now. I was getting antsy.

And Aang was ready to have children. He was my husband, and that was my job…to give him children. I just…didn't want to.

I turned to Aang with a smile plastered on. "What?" And he launched into a tale of something Momo had just done to catch a moth. A moth? I glanced outside, seeing the sun sinking into the horizon. How had I not noticed it was getting dark? I yawned. "Well, Aang, I'm going to head to bed. I know, it's early but I… I'm not feeling to well, alright?" Another faked smile, a hug and a quick peck on the lips.

I really didn't understand my aversion to him lately. I just…didn't feel it. Because of, you know, saving the world, our relationship was almost rushed. Like we were expected to fall in love. So, we did. But we were young… and I guess I grew out of it.

I sat, thinking, as sleep came and claimed me for another night.

"Katara.." Where was I? A forest, it seemed.

"Wh…Zuko?" I turned towards the Fire Nation ruler, standing against the trees. It had been years since I'd seen him last. His hair was long, and a dark brown, pulled up customarily. It contrasted greatly against his molten gold eyes, and severe red scar. His robes were shimmery and red, the color of the sunset, the color of blood, shifting and changing as he moved with a grace he did not previously have.

"Hi, Katara. Long time." Always so awkward, even being a ruler now. A small smile quirked at his lips.

"Yeah, it has been. Three years." I said. I looked down at myself, wearing Fire Nation clothing. A gold-trimmed red lightweight skirt, hugging my hips and falling loosely down to my ankles, a slit on the right that came all the way up, nearly severing the garment, and a matching bandeau. Fire Nation clothing always contrasted with my skin, my hair, my eyes. It made me feel…unique.

There was an awkward pause, in which I took a deep breath and bolted towards Zuko, knocking his breath out as I engulfed him in a fierce hug. He had gotten taller and leaner, I could feel the toned muscles underneath his robes. He stiffened, and hugged me back, albeit awkwardly.

"How have things been?"

And the conversation began. Zuko had yet to marry; I was still married. Neither of us had children. Zuko often saw Toph; I often saw absolutely no one. We compared lives and spoke for what felt like years. It was relieving, it was fun.

"Let's go on a walk?" I suggested. Zuko shrugged, and we began walking through the forest. It was comfortable, and before long, we came to a lake, the water clear and glassy. The sun was getting low in the sky, the sunset painting the world in orange and pink.

"Would you like a challenge?" I asked, wiggling my eyebrows with a determined grin. Zuko lifted his good eyebrow, and nodded.

We were a bending match. Fire and Water, swirling around. Sizzling, slurping and striking, soaking one and singing the other. I twirled slowly and gracefully, bringing a spiral of water to surround myself as Zuko shot a series of small fireballs. I struck, thrusting one arm out, and the spiral of water shot towards Zuko, covering him in water and effectively ruining his bending for the moment. He growled, clenching his fists and steam rose from them- he was drying himself. He stepped close to me, and I tried to run. A wall of flame stopped me short, and Zuko grabbed my chin, his eyes hard. I squeaked. His hands were warm.

"Little Waterbender, you've eluded me for too long." Zuko hissed, his tone changing. I blinked in confusion, but didn't speak. "This attitude, this fierceness, I can't find it anywhere. You've been gone. But now that I have you…" He sucked in a breath and suddenly, his lips were against mine. I gasped, and melted into his grasp.

I wrapped my arms around him, nails digging into his back through his robes. He kissed me, and I kissed him back, our mouths molded together fiercely. His tongue danced over my lower lip and I whimpered, digging my nails into his back again. He arched towards me, our bodies so close. I could feel that hard muscle. I wanted more.

Before I knew it, we were on the ground, his robes being removed, to reveal firm muscles. My skirt was gone, bandeau being snatched at. As soon as his skin was exposed, I was exploring every inch of the pale, lightly scarred skin. Following feathery touches with soft kisses, light nips, before he stopped me and flipped me onto the ground. I glared and went to get up, and felt heat around my wrists.

"You pinned my WRISTS using FIRE?" I hissed. Zuko smirked.

"I did, and you'll remain here until I see fit."


"We're going to find out exactly how much you want me." Was the last thing he said before his lips brushed over mine, just barely, leaving me straining for him. He kissed my cheek, and then down my neck, lingering at the junction on my neck and shoulder, right above the collarbone. He bit down and I gasped, shifting, a breathy moan leaving my throat. He moved, tracing his tongue across my collarbone, and following every few inches with a nip or a bite, until he reached my breasts.

He licked across my nipples, and I arched upwards, heat pooling between my legs. I rubbed my thighs together, desperate for friction, and he stopped. "Oh, no. You do that, I will stop." I groaned and tried to remain still as he took a nipple into his mouth, sucking and rolling his tongue over it, while he pinched the other between two fingers, softly. I was whimpering in the back of my throat, I could feel the wetness on my thighs.

"Please!" I burst out desperately, the word coming out a breathy whine.

"Please what?" He asked, his breath ghosting over my breath. My eyes rolled back.

"Touch me. Please Zuko for the love of the Gods touch me!" I demanded, and excruciatingly slowly he pulled away from me, moving down my body, not touching, no sensation but his warm breath against my skin until he wrapped his fingers around my hips, digging the nails in. I jerked my hips forward and in that moment he licked the junction between my legs, causing me to cry out.

"You like that, Katara?" He hissed.

"Yes, oh Gods yes don't stop…" I breathed, shifting my hips. His tongue found my clit, teasing it, side to side, sucking it. My eyes were rolled back, I was struggling against my restraints as the pleasure built up, his name falling from my lips. I was begging him to let me come, to have my release, but every time I got close enough, he stopped.

"Please Zuko… Gods, please, please…" I begged weakly, chest heaving. I couldn't take this.

"Please what?" He asked again. I glared.

"You know exactly what."

"Say it."

"Make me orgasm." I ground the ever-so-awkward words out, and he smirked, bringing his face back down, licking between the lips, tongue plunging into me. He brought one finger up to play with my clit, and the other hand snaked up my belly, fingers ghosting over my nipple. I could feel the muscles in my body tightening, and I moaned, loud.

"Come for me, Katara." He murmured against me. And I did. My entire body seemed to explode and unravel, the moan that left my throat was closer to a scream. The flame cuffs disappeared and I sat, dazed for a few moments before I growled and pounced, shoving Zuko to the ground.

"Fuck me, now." I demanded, my body already hungry for more. I positioned myself over him,lowering my body onto his. His cock was…incredible, it filled me, stretched me out. His body stiffened and he bucked his hips, finding a rhythm as I rode him. It didn't take long until he cried out, his movements becoming erratic, and he spilled his seed in me.

"Next time…you know exactly where your mouth goes." He teased.

"I'd love for a next time." I said with a smirk, leaning down to kiss him sweetly…

I jerked out of my dream, sweating.


"I heard you say Zuko's name in your sleep…are you okay?"