Bad News.

I do have to discontinue this until further notice. Possibly an extended hiatus. My notebook, which contained all my pre-written chapters and my plot-plans all the way to the end of the story, has disappeared.
I've debated on trying to continue it without my plot-book in hand but that would create a subpar story in general and I really hate to do that.

I'm up to do some brainstorming with someone if anyone would like, just shoot me a PM. But for the time being, I just can't produce chapters that are subpar and that do not follow the plot I had so well thought out. I've loved writing this story and been quite proud so, fingers crossed that I once again find my writing notebook. I'm sure I will! We still have a few boxes to unpack in my house, and I'm setting up for the baby (I'm due in one week exactly- on US Mother's Day... and still no signs he'll show up!) So maybe, just maybe I'll find it soon. Wish me luck!

If anyone wants to keep in touch, have a chat, brainstorm, or roleplay, my Gaia is Extispication and my Tumblr is dontloseyourvoice.

Thanks so much for the support and I will, one day, continue this... it's just a matter of that damn notebook, or finding the plot back on track.

I am so, so sorry!