By Hotaru Hope Maxwell

I decided to hold off working on the continuation of An Unknown Destiny due to finals and the fact that I am officially hooked on WK. Don't worry, however, I promise the first chapters are on their way…just they got lost during my sisters rampage through our computer and I had to redo them. I apologize again.

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Prologue: Where scents of life grow

Hotaru Tomoe, a girl just turning 16, walked down the road along a street from her school. It was just coming to the start of summer and the young Senshi was happily preparing for another restful vacation. School itself had just released for the last day. It had been almost 4 years since a powerful enemy had fought against the warriors, although the occasional youma did appear here and there. The senshi now, were almost a complete dream, and a forgotten one at that. Since the attacks had dwindled to about nothing, Hotaru found herself drifting from the group. It seemed to her that the entire group was slowly pulling apart from one another. Ami, Sailor Mercury, was now a doctor-in-training in Germany. Makoto, Sailor Jupiter, held up a bakery that also sold floral beauties deep in the middle of Juuban after she had come back from a trip of education for a year's time in Paris. Raye, Sailor Mars now was fully responsible for her grandfather's temple while also studying to become head priestess of the Tokyo district in which she lived. Setsuna, the mysterious Pluto senshi had disappeared again and was rarely seen. Minako, Sailor Venus, became an actress, well sort of. Minako was a singer and entertained people up in a small party central area not too far from Makoto's own restaurant. When the former famous blonde warrior wasn't working at her favorite job she was either dating her many boyfriends (who constantly found out about each other) or working for Makoto as a waitress. Haruka and Michiru lived comfortably in their old mansion still painting, still racing and still very much in love. As for her prince and princess, Usagi and Mamoru, they were engaged and happy. Mamoru worked in the Tokyo hospital as a key doctor ranging in the medical staff for young children and teens. Usagi was actually working as a preschool teacher and had matured a great deal and although she was kept busy with her job, she was also drawing for manga companies under the name, L.M.R. (Little Moon Rabbit). Finally, there was Hotaru herself, the infamous and feared Senshi of silence, the violet-eyed freak of healing, the lonely scout had found her true calling. Away from all the prejudice and disregard for her, Hotaru discovered a unique profession, a veterinarian. To tell you the truth, she was only one on the few weekend brakes after her collage courses were through. She was just finishing her 1st year as a student under zoology. Amazingly, the history of the subject and animals themselves seemed to fascinate Hotaru to the extent that she turned from a nursing major to a veterinarian one. Even though she was young, Hotaru had shot through her other courses with amazing speed and was learning on the same average as the other senshi, with the exception of Ami, Setsuna and the other outers.

But now, the raven-haired teen was walking down the long road to her friend's business, a couple of books tightly locked within her hands. "Oh! Did you hear! All four of them are hear today!" A girlish squeal came from behind her. Hotaru stopped, seeing a couple blurs pass her. She hadn't the time to see another, as she began walking again, and was knocked over. Her books tumbled across the concrete sidewalk, under the numerous girls' feet. Pushing back a lock of black hair, the violet-eyed ex-warrior began to shove her way past them trying to reach her desired readings and homework for the summer. "Excuse me…" She cried, gripping her novel from her A.P. English class tightly in her hands (A/n: That's my best subject! But we read way to many novels! Belch!) She had just reached her anatomy of animal's book when her zoology level 2 caught her eyes. The tattered and used book was her favorite and most important if she wanted to become a vet. She stretched her arm out for it, but a girl with brown hair kicked in into the open door and past her sight as more came to block the entrance of the doorway to a building.

By now Hotaru was ticked. Her violet orbs a flame with a rekindled fire as she stood upwards. Slowly and painfully, she struggled past the squealing and gushing girls to get to her last book. "Hey watch it!" A rude blonde pushed her back. Sighing, she felt a yell subdue in the back of her throat. "Please excuse me…" She tiredly spoke in a gentle voice holding back the anger and aggressions that were already mounting. Finally, the raven-haired teen was able to enter the store. She broke free of the group and tumbled somewhat uneasily into the shop.

Omi, Aya and Ken all sighed together. Another day, another mass of squealing teenagers watching and drooling. It wasn't as if there was nothing going on, in fact the group had just finished yet another difficult mission. Omi's blue eyes scanned sadly over the windows, seeing the girl's ruining his roses and squashing their eyes closer to the glasses just to get good looks at he and his friends. Youji himself was enjoying the attention and constantly flirted with some of the girls. As for he and Ken, they found themselves amused by caring for the plants and watch Aya scream at some annoying teens. He turned away from them and began to water the yellow carnations next to him. Something hit his foot and he glanced down to see a green covered book. Bending over and turning off the hose, he picked it up. Flipping it over so he could read the title properly, he was surprised to see it was zoology one. A top the cover was a dog and cat and bird, all pictured together and under them the words, "Zoology, Level 2. Tomoe." "Oh thank goodness…" A soft bells like voice whispered from next to him. He turned and found himself staring into bright purple oval shaped eyes.

The owner of the eyes was female with raven hair the reached just above her shoulders. The hair was so black it looked as though it glowed with a dark purple. Her skin was pale and that was amplified by the fact that she wore such a dark colored uniform. The uniform consisted of a dark gray skirt stripped in white and black, a white button up shirt and a small black bow around the collared neck. She seemed to be about his age, but her eyes held a little more intense look of wisdom and inner stregnth to them. Her figure was slim, showing she was somewhat underweight, but still went in and out in the perfect areas. The last pieces to her, her long slender legs, were covered with black shoes and black stockings. Her feature made her look like a goddess in his opinion. "Yours?" She nodded at his single question, sticking her slim hand out to take it. He handed it to her with a shaky smile. "I'm Omi. Welcome to our flower shop." He grinned. "Nice to meet you." "Thanks for getting this. My professor would kill me if anything happened to it." She sighed. "Oh, by the way, my name's Hotaru. Hotaru Tomoe." She gave a shy smile. "Hello there. I'm Youji…Nice to meet you." A young male around his mid twenties appeared and put an arm on Omi's shoulder. "Youji…I thought you didn't like high school girls…" A voice next to Omi stated as Ken came out of no where. "Hi. I'm Ken. That's Aya." Ken pointed to Aya.

Hotaru blinked surprised. Most of the clerks here were male and pretty cute at that. Omi was her age she guessed. He had startling bright blue eyes that were the color of the sky mixed with the ocean and brown hair that reached her lower chin. He looked somewhat girlish with the hat he wore, but still dreamy and innocent eyed. Youji was another story. A guy, who should have been working as a model and star, the blonde had hair that reached his high neck and glistened with waves and curls. Slight glasses covered his eyes, but the tight blue orbs still peered down at her. Ken was different. He had deep teal like eyes and seemed about 18 or so. His hair was a moose color that was kept short. He and Youji stood full heads over young Hotaru and Omi. Aya, the last male had to be one of the oldest. He had straight red hair that had been cut high, but still had two strands racing down his neck. His eyes were different. They were shinning pools of glorious violet blue. A gorgeous shade that was mixed with a terrible feeling of pain and aggression. In fact, when Hotaru looked at each of the men's soul's through their eyes, she felt nothing but the pain, sadness and aggressions they had. 'How strange…' She thought to herself before thinking nothing of it. "Oh…Nice to meet you…" She bowed, a shy and polite smile upon her features.

Omi was slightly surprised by the young beauties elegant polite stature. For some strange reason, he felt yet another pull towards the girl. "That seems like a pretty advanced book for someone so lovely and young as yourself little missy." The girl blushed under Youji's complements. "Youji…" Ken sighed lightly, rolling his teal brown colored orbs around in annoyance. "Can we get you anything, Miss Hotaru?" Omi questioned. Hotaru smiled softly before thinking aloud, "You wouldn't happen to sell some violets here, would you?" She questioned, her soft voice ringing like bells in Omi's ears. Aya came over, the violets in his hands. "Here you are. That will be 12.50." He stated in his cool and sharp tone. "Aya! Don't be rude! She's actually a customer!" Youji glared at Aya. Hotaru giggled somewhat, her hand covering her mouth in an attempt to slightly hide her pleasure at the fight. After paying, the dark haired warrior turned away and began a path down the street. Omi watched her go with a wave before turning to the suspicious glares of a few girls and his teammates. "What?" He cried, looking slightly nervous. "Oh Omi! Don't tell me you like that girl!" One of the female's before him cried. "She's polite and nice, unlike you girls." Ken told them. "She's a customer, and we have to be nice to all of them. Right Aya?" Omi grinned, seeing Aya's back flinch ever so lightly. Ken, Omi and Youji broke out laughing as they prepared to end the hard days labor.