By Hotaru Hope Maxwell

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Omi's breath halted in a moment and he could hear the others with the exception of Aya gasp tightly at the words. They kept a dark ring going about in his ears.

Princess! She was Princess Saturn! Sailor Saturn of all people was killing humans! This went far beyond anything the group had ever thought possible. What had driven a hero of the world to become a murderer like him? Pure hands were stained with blood. Was this what his sister had felt when Ayuka died? His heart was chocked up with pain and pity. He watched as the female warrior who'd recently become their spy leapt from the crushing blow backwards two times.

"Holy cow..." Yohji muttered as Ken cursed lightly. Aya's violet orbs darkened a shade as his glare penetrated the battle. The fog moved about in a circular form as Pluto launched an all out assault.

"Pluto Illusion Keeper!" Hotaru froze as she heard the voice ring out. It was Setsuna's and a man's mixed together! Suddenly the images came flying into her mind. Sailor Saturn/Lynx became lost in the chaos and the girl stood solid and frozen in front of a glowing staff where Pluto's mind attack had begun. The staff glowed brightly in pulsating movements as the Saturn Princess heard the Pluto Warrior chant a vicious spell.

(((Hotaru's mind)))

A small childish version of Saturn ran through the palace. "Bombay! Bombay! Where'd you go, Kitty?" The tiny child cried, tears streaming from her eyes. "Princess Saturn?" Came a voice. The wide eyes of the pale, black-haired princess turned to see a pretty blue-haired girl servant and her red-haired brother. Hotaru heard herself say a pair of names but couldn't remember them neither could she place the images of the duo.

"Your highness, what seems to be the problem?" The girl asked cheerfully. The girl had braided long blue-tinted hair that went to her shoulders in dark caresses. It was almost black it was so midnight colored. Her eyes were a deep passionate blue that radiated with gentle possibilities. The boy standing next to the girls seemed to be in a guarding mode. His right hand carefully placed on a kanta at his hip. He had sharp red hair in a long braid behind his back ((A/N; I know Aya doesn't have it in the WK series but in Eternal saga, he does! It looks neat! I like it long! )) His violet eyes were more accustom and like that of Saturn's normal people as was his pale skin.

"I can't find Bombay." Hotaru sniffled lightly, the childish girl rubbing her eyes. "Don't worry Princess. I will help you find her!" Came another cry from behind Hotaru, in the lights brightness of the doorway stood three boyish figures. Hotaru blinked as she heard screams and the earth ((ground)) beneath the group began to shake))

(((Outside mind))

Omi cried out as Pluto suddenly left Lynx frozen there staring and unmoving and made move to attack the four Weiss members. Aya had caught the youngest about the upper shirt and moved him quickly out of the way, pulling him backwards as Yohji and Ken jumped upwards.

"Lynx!" He struggle to rush forward as a scream erupted from the girl.

"Quit trying Bombay; Omi Tsukiono!" Pluto's snarl charted out as she charged quickly at the pair, staff now lifted and glowing brightly.

"How the hell do you know who we are?" Yohji gritted out, removing his wire. "It doesn't matter. Those who help to taint Senshi must die, Yohji Kudo!" With that the green haired woman moved to him, a beam of red-black light headed his way. "Yohji!" Ken yelled as the male was sent hurtling into the brick wall. Pluto snickered lightly before she pointed a hand at Lynx, sending that girl flinging off of the buildings edge with a wave of energy. "Die Saturn!"

"NO! LYNX!" Omi shouted, running towards the barreling to death girl.

((Hotaru's Mind Again)))

Admits the blood and chaos a 7 year old Hotaru stood. Her face and hands and entire self were clothed in blood and the rusty scent mixed with it. Her violet eyes, once alight were filled with nothing but death. They'd died. All the children about her, the immortal guardians of Death were gone! They were the angels of death, those children! Her minions!

"Why! Why do you always leave me alone?" Hotaru shouted to the sky, begging for an answer, any solution to the problem.

"Why must I live and others die!" the teenage princess of Saturn crashed her knees into the sharp staining of the soiled earth of Saturn. The once glorious and orange-clouded sky was dark with rain. Instantly she was before a grave. Not a single grave but a mass one. There before her Saturn's people lay in burial of the gods. Tears of blood streamed down from her eyes.

"No...onegai....not again...." Saturn mumbled.


Omi's arms rung about her as his eyes darted this way and that. His body caught to the cloaked girl's, hugging her tight and trying with all his might to find a way to save the other Wiess member. That's when his eyes caught hold of the flag pole closing fast. Grasping her with one arm, his hand reached forward, catching hold of the pole. He flinched as the wrist of his right arm took in the weight of both their bodies with the pole. There he and Lynx hung, 4 stories above the ground with the battle of a Senshi and Wiess members 2 floors above.

"No....onegai....not again...." Came the mumble from the female trapped within Omi's arms. He blinked, looking down upon the black cloaked girl with wide blue-violet eyes. The pole groaned against the pain of their weight and Omi's eyes darted between the female and the metal flag holder keeping them from death. "Onegai..." her voice sounded so distant and hurt.

"Saturn! Lynx! Princess of Saturn! Please wake up!" Omi struggled, trying to find a ledge which to place the petite warrior. He froze as his face came close to her glassed eyes. They were covered and her eyes, he could tell were wide and unblinking. The blood colored shades did nothing to hide the frame of her face. "Saturn..." he mumbled gently, leaning forward to press his forehead against hers. "Please wake up."

(((Hotaru's mind))

"Saturn..." A voice resounded in the shivering girl's ear. All before the princess was death. Nothing would stop, nothing could stop it. "Please....up..." She heard that voice, knew it too. The princess bit her lower lip, fear covering her blood-drenched face. "Who? Who's calling me?" She muttered.

"Hotaru....Hotaru-chan..." An image, masculine yet softer than a man's came to mind. It wasn't really a man's full frame, more like a boy's. It was shadowed, dark and light at once. The figure was small, but greatly taller than Hotaru. Her tears disappeared and she could see one of the boys from before, from Saturn. His arms were stretch wide and welcoming. "Hotaru...." He whispered, soothing and compassionate and everything the girl needed.

"...." Hotaru mouthed a name, but couldn't say it, it wouldn't reach her ears. Then there was nothing but warmth and the screams of the dead died away.


Lynx flinched, body compacting in a sudden thrust into life as she gasped in great amounts of air. She panted for a moment, her cloak swinging forward to hide her frame admits the tight hold someone had over it. Blinking, the girl looked straight into Omi's piercing gaze of curiosity and loyalty. A bright flush filled her face as the boy spoke out.

"Are you alright, Lynx?" He questioned, suddenly feeling a little bashful as well. Lynx's body was pressed next to his, swinging casually on his solid firm grip. Sometimes her legs would lightly hit his own. Just as she was nodding, a cry from above brought the pair back into reality. Their head's shot up to see the frame of Ken fall from the roof to a patio just above them. "Ken!" Omi shouted, not noticing Lynx flinch.

Hotaru bit her lower lip as she removed her remote and the glider wings shot from her back-pack beneath her cloak. It was a small engine styled glider that had quick easily used fuel to project it. Suddenly, Omi and Hotaru took off into the air, landing uneasily on the roof top. The machine closing with a snap. Growling, Hotaru ran toward Pluto and tackled the taller with all her strength.

Violet energy in the form of a force-field shook the rooftop and brought the beaten warriors from their lowered gazes. Holding tight to Sailor Pluto's staff, a torn caped figure of Lynx was fighting for their lives. Omi had just helped Ken up when Yohji bit out with his remarks.

"Why are they fighting over me?" The blonde male snapped and was lightly hit over the head by Aya who removed then had to kneel on the ground.

Pluto glared down at the huge frames of blood red glasses. "How dare you." Snarled out Hotaru as she stared back at her motherly figure, "How dare you show me that!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. "Saturn was my kingdom, my home! How dare you treat it as a weapon!" The girl screamed, pushing with all her force.

Omi's eyes widened as the blood-glasses glowed and Lynx took on a new form. It took a second for the group to realize that she'd transformed, purple energy swirling. Sailor Saturn stood in Lynx's place, but the blood red frames remained. "I will never forgive you! Never!" The energy of the girl sent the woman flying back. Yohji whistled as Sailor Pluto hit the wall with enough force to create a crater.

Ken flinched as he leaned heavily on Omi's shoulders to stand. Aya growled low as a silver bladed, long purple glaive appeared in Lynx/Saturn's hands. "Pluto! You assault me! Hurt me and my allies! Now you dare use my people!" Tears were streaming down the girl's eyes, barely visible through her shades as they leaked from under them. Just as Saturn was about to strike down, killing the woman a flash streaked by, scooping up the woman. Saturn growled, turning towards the moon where kept within the arms of a male's form was Setsuna Meioh transformed into her traitorous mother, Sailor Pluto.

The wind blew and flower petals seemed to take to the sky from a wilting Sakura tree in the distance. They ran across the roofs and about the warriors of both sides. The male had long red hair and a maniac grin plastered on his face. Sailor Saturn could hardly believe her eyes as the man's gaze turned from soft to agitated as they shifted from the beaten Pluto toward her.

"We shall meet again, little Titan..." Hotaru froze at the nickname, knowing that not many knew it. Grunting, she kneeled as the man disappeared in a fierce blow of wind and petals. Omi set Ken down and approached the goddess turned mortal. She growled, her cloak running over her features in an instant of de-transformation.

Lynx growled, wishing things had been different, could be separate from this path. Softly muttering to herself about being foolish, Hotaru removed the tears on her cheeks and fled the scene, leaving Wiess's members to tend to their injuries and her to her own. Omi's hand reached out after her but he stopped, knowing it was useless. "Saturn..." He mumbled, remembering how weak she'd looked in that second.

How could it be that the girl with such a hate for life could have looked so much like his firefly back at the flower shop after being hurt by life and living through it? How could Lynx and Hotaru be so different and yet, the same? His eyes widened. Since when did Omi of Wiess consider Hotaru and Lynx to be the same. They were two separate girls, of this he was sure. Hotaru was weak and gentle and light, sweet and soft all in one. Lynx was hard and cruel, a killer and hero. There could be no way, could there? He shook his head and looked to the stars.

The flowers and leaves that had landed on the roof began to shift. "When the wind blows petals away, I shall see you another day...." Omi recited from an old American poetry book his class had read. The wind blew the petals into the night's sky, leaving nothing but blood on the roof top, icky and staining and lost...


Well, there you have it. This has got to be my longest chapter yet. Sorry if the others didn't seem to play a big part in this chapter, but I really wanted to give light to Hotaru and Omi's relationship. ((plus, whenever I listen to jazz and type, it comes out all romantic)) Sorry that it took so long to come out, but I've been in college and getting free time is hard enough! Thanks to my loyal readers who I emailed for help on something! You all can probably tell who it is that Setsuna's with as of now! Good for you.

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