Growing Up Nakkia


The Man Who Knew My Mother

The Shuriken Ki

Secrets Of The Ninja

The Blind Lady

First Blood


Black Mamba and her Deadly Venom Squad

War of Assassins


Face To Face



My New Master

The Man From Okinawa


The Fury Of Two Women Scorned


Elle Driver

BB and The Blind Lady

Master Vs Apprentice

If You Ever Need A Thing

BB (Only daughter of Bill and Beatrix Sword-Fighter, Kung-Fu Master, Only other person who knows the Five point palm exploding heart technique)

Nakki Green (Daughter of Dr. Jonathan and Janny Bell/Adopted member of the Shoan Li Ninja Clan, 6th level ninja assassin)

Ozin Soki (Grand Master of Shoan Li Ninja clan)

Hattori Hanzo (Samarai/Sword Master-Forger)

The Five Blades (The highest ranking ninjas of the Shuriken Ki clan second only to Grand Master Soki)

The Blind Lady (AKA Elle Driver, AKA California Mountain snake)

Satel AKA Black Widow
June AKA Poison Ivy
Kyle AKA Yellow Jack


growing up nakkia

Do you know the true meaning of hate? I do, my name is Nikkia Bell and I just witnessed a white woman kill my mother with a knife she threw at her. I watched her eyes as they bore into mine and then they were lifeless. I am getting ahead of myself, I had a great day at school and I drew my mother a picture. I was four years old and now I am older so I don't remember what the picture was.

So I arrive home and my mother is standing in the middle of the room with one hand behind her back. She is not alone an aforementioned white woman is standing beside her with her hand behind her back as well. I don't know where parents get the idea that their children are stupid… I mean if you are an adult and you have children treat them like people. For God's sake you're not raising sheep and sheep are the dummest things on the planet. Children are smaller versions of adults they have everything you have and more. Some of it is developing, but its there and they need guidance not lies and tricks to spare their feelings.
Anyway my mother lies to me and blames the condition of the living room on barney our dog, as if a small breed dog could smash a glass table with his paws and pull down the brass shelf. My mother's mouth was bleeding and she had one hand behind her back. I finally notice the white woman standing next to her, she is bleeding as well and holding her hand behind her back, both of them are very sweety. Dog? Yeah right, my mother and this white woman had been in a fight. Beatrix Kiddo I will never forget that name as long as live. She is the one who set me on the path I must walk and the eternal cause of my grief, sorrow, bitterness, rage and hatred.
My mother orders me to my room and I slowly walk to my room eying that white she devil as I walk away. I sit down on my bed and my mind starts to race. After a few minutes I get up and start walking towards the kitchen and as I approach the kitchen I hear voices. Especially my mother's voice, "That's funny bitch! That's pretty fucking funny…" I have never heard my mother use that kind of language even in anger, but those five seven letter words were made by her voice. Bang! I have watched cartoons who hasn't, the looney toons Elmer Fud is always shooting his gun. I have never heard the sound a gun before in real life, but it is pretty loud. As I walk into the kitchen I see the knife leave Beatrix's hand and flies across the kitchen and into my mother. She looks at me as she slides down the wall and to the floor.
I see the life leave her eyes and in the last few minutes of her life I see I love you baby in her eyes. The bitch, that evil motherfucking bitch, I hate her as she walks up to my mother and pulls the knife from her body. She stands up and finally notices me. My heart skips a beat as she finally looks at me wiping the blood off her knife… "I'm a dead girl…" actually that is the last thought that comes to my mind. My first thought is what in the world could my mother have done to deserve a knife to her chest. I am numb all over… I HATE YOU!... The words don't come out my mouth but they screamed just as loud in my head. She says something to me that sticks with me for the rest of my life. "It was not my intention to do this in front of you… for that I apologize… but believe me when I say that your mother had it coming… She looks at me and I return her stare as she says… "When you grow up and you still feel raw about it… Come and find me I'll be waiting…"
She walks out and leaves me standing there, I return my attention to my dead mother. I can't move or least I'm rooted in the spot until I hear my father come home. He walks into the kitchen and I will never forget the agonizing howl as he rushes to my mother's side. He asks me what happened but I refuse to speak even as he shakes and hugs me. The police arrive and to my surprise the FBI, I hear some of the things they say but I'm still rooted in the same spot. When they take my mothers body away I follow, but they don't let me ride with her. My father scoops me up and we go to my grandparent's house. As we are driving he begs me to say something to tell him what I saw, but I say nothing.

Two weeks later a funeral is held, people say all kinds of nice things about my mother, but did they really know her. I am taken out of school for the rest of the semester. We stay by my grandparents for the next six months, during which time my father takes up drinking and falls into depression. He neglects his practice and why should he work. There is a life insurance policy on my mother worth five hundred thousand dollars. Someone paid for the funeral anonymously and my mother left me over twenty million dollars. The lawyer said the money came from some investments my mother made over the years, but for some reason I don't believe that.
A year later my father dies in a car accident, driving while under the influence, he dies at the hospital. Can my life get any worse? My grandparents send me back to school and on my first day some snot nosed little white girl gets in my face and wants to be my friend. All I see is her face, all I hear is her voice, Beatrix Kiddo. It is not a good day to be a white girl for Kathy, who gets busted in the nose. Her lip, nose, and eyes are really fucked up before the teacher can pull me off her. My grandparents pull me out of private school and send me to public school. I stab the white teacher in the leg with a number two led pencil. They really need to stop putting me around white girls.
"You are not lashing out against white females… You are lashing out against the woman who killed your mother… And unless you find an outlet for all this rage and hatred people who don't deserve your wrath unnecessarily will get hurt.
"Fuck you…"
I didn't say that aloud but still all the same, "FUCK YOU!" Okay she makes sense my shrink I need to focus all my rage at the woman who killed my mother. I start taking karate at the age of seven and apparently I'm very good at it. I study karate for the next four years, I'm a black belt by age eleven. I take up Taekwondo and Ju Jitsu studying that for the next five years. I keep up with my grades and on the side I spend my time in at the library learning about the human anatomy. The quickest way to kill someone and I read all there is to know about guns. At my sweet sixteen my grandparents put this great party together for me, but I don't show up. I spend my birthday trying to get into bars to pick a fight. After flirting with this guy he lets me in and I pick a fight with a group on a double date. The two guys outweigh me by a hundred pounds.
All hell breaks out as I break the guy's knee, the other guy's arm and the women, well lets just say not even Quasi Motto wouldn't want a date with them. I am taken to juvenile detention breaking my grandparent's heart. The judge gives me community service and shit, then I start learning to use knives and study mixed martial arts. I get a job because I want to be emancipated when I turn eighteen and to my surprise I get what I want and I am awarded my full inheritance of twenty-five million dollars, the bulk of which came from my mother.
I want to know how good I am in martial arts so I enter a full contact martial arts contest. It cost me seven hundred thousand dollars to get what I want from some pretty low life individuals. I win the tournament and the pot of one hundred thousand dollars. I am good shot, I can use all types of handguns and I can throw a knife and hit my target moving or stationary within a distance of ten feet. Is it enough against her, my first sexual experience finally happens I was scared to do it at prom and kicked his ass when he wouldn't get off me. My first time was with a guy who worked in the FBI, he was a computer geek. It was alright I got better at it and put up with his fumbling ass because he gave me information. I didn't love him he was just a tool to find Beatrix, there was nothing on her. Or there was a file but it was above Leon's pay grade, way above. I hire some top notch hackers who used Leon's access code from a library terminal, I made sure the library cameras were disabled.
"Holy shit!" Is what I said, freelance assassin for the CIA, Russian intelligence, MI6, and French Intelligence. I also saw a peek at my mother's file before we were kicked out of the system. Poor Leon was arrested, they probably looked for me but I never left any evidence of me in Leon's apartment and I always made sure I used these latex gloves that resembled skin, so I never left any finger prints. I also gave him a fake name, God I will miss the massages, he gave the best massages.
I'm twenty-three now and it is time to see if I have the guts to kill someone in cold blood. I am living in New York now best place to get lost in a large city no one knows me or is looking for me I hope. "Dam I need to fake my death…" I will do it after I kill someone. I find a homeless guy a drug addict and I stab him with my knife. I dump his body in the river and burn the car I stole, no cops, no one is looking for me. I throw up once and I shake all over, the guy was drug dealer, I need to be strong especially if I am going to face her. I hang out in the park this time making myself a target for a mugger, rapist, or murderer. Good a rapist tries to force me under the bridge the third night I go to the park. I break his leg, I put out his eyes and I snap his neck like a twig with my bare hands. This time there is no nausea, I am a cold blooded killer now. Am I ready for her an international assassin? I start taking up kick boxing, the dangerous kind, Mui Ti they call it, but first I fake my death, it costs me five million cash to set it all up. They find a burnt body with matching dental records and everything. All my money is gone out of the banks, I pay a shady lawyer to tell my grandparents I spent all my money up looking for the white woman who killed my mother. I was at my own funeral, its funny the people who show up at your funeral and the things that are said. Am I ready for her?

Chapter 1. The Man Who Knew My Mother

In a few months I turn twenty-two, happy birthday to me and I am going by the name Brianna Dale. I always liked that name Brianna, if I ever had a daughter I would name her Brianna. I am working out with Lawrence Spacey, a professional kick boxing master. I pay him big money for private lessons and I have been with him now for the past six months strengthening my legs and arms. I can now smash cinder blocks in one punch and kick a pillar with minimal pain. I am trying to build up my tolerance for pain.

This is the day he shows up…


"May I help you sir?" The woman at the desk asks.
"Perhaps… I'm looking for a young woman by the name of Brianna Dale…"
"I'm sorry she is in a private session with my husband… They just started…" The man was dressed in a black trench-coat and he wore dark sunglasses like he is an agent or someone booted from the matrix. He ignores the woman and goes up stairs, "Hey you can't go up there!"

I call my teacher Law and he has me in a one two three combo interchanging my feet and fists in my strikes on the wooden dummy that I placed a picture of a blonde woman on when a man dressed like Neo from the Matrix walks in with Jessie chasing behind him.
"Babe I'm sorry but he just walked by…" She says.
Mr. Matrix gives Law a bow, "Konnichiwa…" Did he just speak Japanese? "Apologies for the interruption… but I need to speak with the young lady…"
Law takes a fighting stance, "Get the fuck out of my gym…"
The man smiles mischievously, he is six feet tall medium build and from his facial features not a pure blood Asian. Law likes to test people, he throws a punch, but Mr. Matrix catches his fist and I hear a cracking sound, Law goes to his knees as he grunts trying to pull his fist from the man's hand. Jessie pulls out a gun and orders the man to release her husband. It happened so fast I thought I was watching a scene from a movie. He takes the gun apart with one hand in four seconds and kicks Jessie in the stomach down on the floor she goes.
"Hey let him go! I will talk with you…" I yell.
He releases Law and smiles, "I will be in the diner two blocks down…"
I bend down to help Law, "Just get the fuck out…" He grunts cradling his hand.

A few minutes later I am ordering a medium pizza, "So start talking… who the fuck are you?"
"My name is Ozin Toki and you are Nikkia Bell daughter of Doctor Jonathan and Janny Bell…" As I gasped he smiled in pleasure at the look on my face.
I lean in close, "How in the hell do you know who I am… Who the hell are you?"
"As I said my name is Ozin Toki…" He has an accent, "And I have been watching you from the day you took your first Karate lesson…"
Okay he has my attention, but I ask, "Why what do you want…"
He surprises me with his next statement, "I knew your mother Vernita Green…"
I sneer, "My mother's name was Janney Bell…"
He smiles, should I trust this guy or try to kick his ass, no not after what I saw him do to Law and Jessie. Maybe I could pay him off, but maybe he knows. "That was the name your mother went by after she retired…"
"How do you know my mother…" I demanded.
"I knew of your mother… I was more acquainted with her boss Bill…" He pulls out a brief case and removes a yellow envelope from it, "Bill was like a brother to me…" Who the fuck is Bill? I reach for the envelope, but he holds on to it. "The woman who killed your mother worked for Bill as well… Oh and nice trick with the FBI… I had to intervene though to keep them off your back…" How did he know that? "Vernita and Beatrix worked for Bill in a group called the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad… They were the best and most feared assassins in the world… Your mother's code name was copperhead… She was a knife and gun expert… She was also good with explosives and hand to hand combat…Bill trained them all…" When is he going to get to the part about why Beatrix killed my mother? Finally, "…Now the reason Beatrix killed your mother is because on Bill's orders she and the rest of the Vipers walked into the Twin Pines Wedding Chapel and killed eight people… Then they beat the hell out of Beatrix and Bill shot her in the head…" I heard every word he said, but I was in complete shock especially when he said. "…Beatrix was pregnant when Bill shot her in the head… She wanted out… Bill and Beatrix were lovers… She was in a coma for four years… This all the information on Vipers…"
He finally hands me the envelope and I slowly open it, Bill's file is on top so I scan over it. Dam, Assassin, martial arts master in Kung Fu, trained by Pi Mei. ("Who in the hell is Pi Mei?") Ketana sword master trained by Hattorri Hanzo, weapons expert, guns, explosives, chemicals. I shake my head and read Beatrix's file, she was just as bad. "What in the hell is the five point palm exploding heart technique?" I ask looking from the file.
"That is something she learned from her Kung Fu Master Pi Mei… Bill convinced Pi Mei to teach most of the Vipers the secrets of Kung Fu... It is an ancient technique where you hit your opponent in five pressure points on the chest cavity… After you take five steps your heart bursts… She is one of only two people who know the technique…"
I lean back in my seat, "Holy Shit! Is that even possible?"
He smiles at me, "Its how she killed… Bill…"
What the hell am I up against, I sigh in hope trying not to let my fear show, "Where can I find this Pi Mei?" I need to learn from this guy.
"He is dead… Poisoned by Beatrix Kiddo…"
"Do you know the technique?"
I would pay him good money if he had known the technique, "Well who is the other person who knows it…"
"BB… Beatrix's daughter… She killed a college student with it who tried to rape her… And since you plan on killing her mother I don't think it would be a good idea to ask her to teach you…"
I grunt and return to reading Beatrix's file, over seventy known hits across the world and another two unconfirmed. Then I run across a part of her file that reads the house of blue leaves. Holy Shit, blood and the limbs of the crazy eighty-eight litter the house of blue leaves. Oren Ishii found dead on the balcony of the blue leaves. The top portion of her head is missing, as she lies in the snow face down. I look at Ozin who just stares at me and I read on. I turn the page and read my mother's file. Vernita Green… AKA Copperhead, over thirty confirmed hits. Do I want to read the rest, do I want to know the assassin Vernita Green. Run away orphan, street fighter, former lover of a pimp known as Tommy "Licks" Staton, she killed him because he tried to force her into prostitution. Recruited and trained at the age of seventeen by Bill AKA the Snake Charmer. I take a deep breath, as I read my mother's file. A tear slides down my face and my thoughts are interrupted by Ozin.
"I can help you find and kill Breatrix, but you need training…"
I hear him, but I ignore his statement and return my attention to the files. Budd AKA sidewinder is Bill's brother and he was found in his trailer poisoned by a black mamba snake. That is fucked up, this bitch Beatrix is sick, I look up from the folder at Ozin… He wants something and its time I find out what.
"So do you know where Beatrix Kiddo is…"
"No, but I can flush her out… but I need your help… And you need training…" Here it comes, "…Return with me to Japan and I shall teach you the secrets of Ninjitsu… I am a grandmaster of the Shuriken Ki Ninja clan…" I need more training that is a fact and Ozin says he can help me get to Beatrix.
"When do we leve?"

I have the eleven million dollars of what is left of my money transferred to an offshore account and change my name to Alice like Alice of Resident Evil. A black girl named Alice that is funny, two days later Ozin picks me from my apartment and we drive to the airport in a limousine, the driver is Japanese as well. "Your going to have to teach me Japanese…" I say looking at Ozin.
"You will learn many things under my tutelage… From now on I am your sensai, your teacher, your master…" Should I be offended being a black woman and this guy refers to himself as my master.