I decided to write an Epilogue that will lead me to write another fanfic I will call the Wrath of Sophie Fatal…If you like or don't like let me know please review.


Payre, France:
My name is Sophie Fatal and I live Payre, France in private home overlooking the village and the lake. I am half French, half Japanese. And I want my vengeance, yeah Beatrix Kiddo is dead so what. I will take my pound of flesh from BB Wesley and her new family. The sins of the mother must be paid by the daughter. For my arm I will kill her husband Jonathan Wesley. I will wrap my hand around the necks of her children Bill and Beatrix and strangle them both.
It is six am and I am having my favorite breakfast of beignets, bacon, eggs benedict . I live in the lap of luxury thanks to Bill who gave me a generous sum before he died. Then there is all the money Orin had that transferred to an account under the name Vanessa Lavere. I miss my beloved Orin…she died before her time. The door opens and my personal bodyguard and right hand Dallas. Bill's last student before he died, she had her own Hanzo sword, but she preferred fighting with her Sais.
She bows in the tradition of the Japanese, but addresses me in French, "Master…Director Berro came through…I have the file on the Five Deaths…They operate out of Paris France…"
I wipe my mouth, "Get my team ready we are going to Paris…I will lead them personally…" As Dallas leaves I look across the dining room at Orin's sword on the mantle with her picture. My right arm is a changeable prosthetic. The other arms are actually weapons I can use on my enemies. This is the beginning of the end for the daughter of Black Mamba…