The unexpected Avengers?

The Avengers sat at the hellicarrier's meeting table.

Nick Fury walked in with his usual all-business expression; he held 6 folders and threw them on the table.

"What's this?" said a very skeptical Captain America/Steve Rogers.

"New reading material." He replied dryly.

Bruce Banner tentatively opened the folder revealing 6 pictures. They were of children varying between the ages 7 to 15. Only 2 were girls.

The oldest two were twins who looked tall, tan, and athletic. One was female and the other was male.

The second oldest was 13-years-old male and was really pale and had jet-black hair and had bony features.

The next one 10-years-old had muscles and was very tall. He had red hair and bright green eyes.

The second youngest was 8-years-old and very small. He had blonde hair and brown eyes.

Finally the youngest was a mere 6-years-old. She had dark hair and brown mistrusting eyes. And she seemed eerily familiar.

Bruce blinked; beside each picture was their missing person poster.

"Okay, but what does this have to do with us?" Ironman/Tony Stark asked.

"These children have been admitted to the hospital from a rouge government program involving genetics. Each of these kids has been given a superpower." Fury said.

A collective gasp went through the group.

"These kids were kidnapped from orphanages. Apparently somebody thought no one would care if a random 6 kids went missing." He added.

"What are we going to do about it?" Hawkeye finally spoke.

"Right now they're in the hospital, but when they recover we'll offer proper training and the opportunity to join the Avengers."

Nobody was for this plan but they realized it's that or an orphanage again.



The said man turned around to Nick Fury.

"What?" Tony asked.

"The doctors are doing blood testing on the children and they have reason to believe the youngest is your daughter."

Ironman's eyes grew large as the words sunk in. It wasn't totally unreasonable. But still a surprise.

"They're doing more testing but apparently her mother sent her to an orphanage almost immediately after she was born." Fury added.