Safe Now

Part One of Two

For Lycan-Fang

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I wrote this on Lunch break as a way to say thank you to my Illustrator who basically hoped on board my Unico:A Fracture in Time fanfic without really even knowing me. Thanks Fang. You're the best. I'll post the rest when I get home. Ran out of time.

Please forgive the lack of editing. I posted this in a rush. This takes place AFTER my Fanfic and is not featured in the story.

The journey back to the Island of Solitude seemed much faster then when he was flying off to save his friend with the North Wind. Back then, even flying as fast as the hardest wind blows wasn't fast enough. His friend was in trouble. He wasn't there. It was Unacceptable. This time, though cradled gently in the embrace of the West Wind (Whom, Beezle mused to himself, was a much better ride what without all the frostbite and such), it seemed they were there in just an hour or two.

The West Wind settled them down on the lush greenery that had developed last time Unico was here and then stood upright in all her beautiful majesty. Beezle offered one of his devilish grins and a slight nod of his horned head in thanks, Unico held safely in his arms sleeping. He noticed at a side glance again the scar the West Wind wore across her face. It shimmered like the rest of her features and was vague, but still there. Who thought a wind spirit could be injured or scared like that. Beezle wondered to himself if maybe she chose to keep it as a reminder of the years past events. As for him, he wanted to just move on.

"The gods should no longer be hunting Unico anymore" said the West Wind as she stood there watching the pair. "I can't imagine they would be so foolish to tempt the fates twice".

"If those old geezers know what's good for 'em, they'll leave both of us alone. I won't make the same mistake again. I want lea….." Beezle couldn't finish the sentence. The thought of what only he would consider betrayal still plagued his spirit. Devil or not, he had been touched by Unico's magick and be it by that reason or something he always had deep inside himself, he knew concern, he knew friendship and loyalty. He knew Love.

The West Wind looked down for a moment of unguarded sorrow before recovering herself. "I know you and Unico will be happy here and safe as he continues to recover. When you feel he is ready, I will come and reunite him with the others". The West Wind leaned down and placed a whispered kiss on his pink mane, right below his battle worn horn. She marveled that it had recovered so much of its previous luster so quickly. He would heal. If love was the key to recover, he had all that and more on this little island with the little blue devil. She offered another kind, yet knowing smile at Beezle and in typical form, vanished in glimmer of sparkles and soft, chiming sounds.

"Boy, I thought she'd never leave!" Beezle said to Unico. Of course there was no answer as the little Unicorn slept peacefully. Beezle was grateful for that. He took a look around his home…their home and then looked back down at the one he nearly gave his life for….again. "Come on ya little runt, let's get inside".