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This is a chapter during the school-life of Reicheru.

Chapter 10 - School of the Demen's Rain

It was bright out and there were clouds in the sky at Akuma No Uta Highschool, the day almost seemed perfect to anyone inexperienced. But Reicheru knew better. It was really akward back at school with Denmark. Reicheru, Inuyasha, and the others had failed to find Sesshomaru's secret cave. So she had to go back to school as normal.
Tooday there was a singing contest and everyone was nervous. A lot of people would join and a lot of people would lose. Reicheru, Yuki, and Minna were shitting at the lunch table, eating their lunches.

"Hey Rei-chan," Minna exclaimed, "I hear you're going out with Denmark but that you cheated on him with Inuyasha."

"Yeah, I kind of want to avoid them both at school today." Rei said sturring her mashed potatoes. "Inuyasha can visit his baby after I've had it."

Yuki put her hand on Rei's shoulder, "it'll be okay, Rei-Kun. Denmark will come to his senses and realize he loves you even though you may bare the child of Inuyasha."

" Yeah, I hope he learns to understand me. I want things to go back to the way they were before Inuyasha ruined it." Rei felt a darkness loom in her heart, she knew that she couldnt' keep on this happy face.

"Hey Rei-chan, you should go for the singing contest. You have a beautifurl voice. You know? I can see you winning!" Minna held her finger up and said happily.

"I couldnt' do that..." Rei turned away as she began to silently cry tears of saddness over her whole situation.

"Don't be modest! You have the voice of an angle!" Minna cheered.

"Yeah, that's right- you have a better voice than me and I'M an angle." Yuki smiled.

Rei rested her hand on her belly: she could feel the baby move. Some girl was walking by when she tripped and her tray and food landed all over Reicheru.
Through the spaghetti and mashed potatoes Rei could see who it was. It was Lucy.

"Hey!" Reicheru screamed, "whach where your going you red haired bimbo."

"To be honest I'm not very sorry." Lucy graciously picked up her tray. "You don't want to mess with me, Rei. I'm a blood bender too, and a better one than you. And I can use my horns to ram you like a bull if I want."

"Yeah but you lost your powers." Reicheru smirked. "You cant use your fancy invisible hands anymore not after what I did to you."

Lucy threw her tray down "I don't want to talk about that! SO SHUT UP!" Lucy ran away crying, her red hair flowing in the wind like silky blood.

"Whoa Rei, what did you do to her." Minna looked surprised.

"She bit her and turned her into a vampire, after seducing her of course." Yuki continued, "now that she's undead she can't use her four arm soles to kill people. Life really sucks for her now."

"No way! Rei is this true?" Minna gasped.

"Yeah..." Reicheru pulled the spaghetti off her pregnant belly. "She had it comming to her. Everyone wants her dead anyway."

The bell rang and it was time to go to class. The teacher was waiting at the chalk bored as the students flooded in like a pool of blood. They all sat down and waited.

"Good morning class" the teacher said, "I see we have a full room today. No one is sick." he chuckled and smiled. He couldn't happen to help but to notice Rei, Yuki, and Minna in their tight school uniforms.
He was mainly focused on Reicheru's nice curvy body. Her cute little cat ears perked up when he spoke to her. "Alright, Rei tell me what 45(x-90)/3 is? In your head!"

Reicheru thought for a mere 5 seconds, "-1335x, sir."

He smiled, "well talent and looks, I'm glad to have someone like you in my class Rei-chan."

She blushed, "o-oh thank you sensei."

"Have you though of joining the singing contest. I couldn't help but hear your singing in the girl's bathroom on the way to the class room and it sounded beautiful."

"Oh no, I don't think I'll be doing that." Rei tried to hide her face in her collar.

"You don't have a choice, Rei." Minna smiled.


She took out a pencil and cutely nibbled on it,"Cause I signed you up!"