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Chapter 11 - A Beautiful Voice Lost in the Rain

Sensei laughed really hard, "good going Minna. You should join the contest, too. Do any of you ever sing in the shower?"

They all looked at each other and said, "yeah sometimes. We do. Even with each other!" Reicheru laughed jokenly.

"Hahhaha, that's cute." He smiled. "Alright then class, Reicheru has to go to practice singing while we finnish the rest off our math class. Good luck, Rei-Kun."

"Thank you, sensei-sama." she left the room excited. 'I hope I can do this!' she thought to herself. 'I cant belive that Minna-chan signed me up! That crazy ho."
She chuckled to herself because she wasn't being serious.

"Your not going to win that contest, Reicheru. I can blood bend and I will force you to singing something shitty." It was Lucy again.

"Oh back off you tough-ass bitch." Reicheru starred her down like two cowboys in the old west getting ready to fight each other to the death.

"You still got speghetti on your pregnant parts." Lucy pointed to Reicheru's belly. "You're such a whore and everyone KNOWS it."

"Your wrong and blind. You dont' see things like other people do because you can't get a grip on your own reality because you're so cruel to everyone. People love me.
You're the one they hate, you're the on ethat everyone wants to stay away from. and you know wha? You're the whore. I know about all the people you've slept with.
Don't think that when I see Germany and Bolin I don't see you ontop of them wallering like a walrus in heat. It's sick."

"That hurts!" Tears of pain and shame poured from the inside of her body through her eyes. She didn't want to remember her bad past. "You stupid bitch."
She walked away, defeated. She was no match for Reicheru and her strong words of passion and truth.

"You can't beat me, I have a heart stronger than anyone's will to eat."

Reicheru was sitting at the library reading a book and practicing singing. She could feel the baby inside of her growing stronger and getting bigger. "Daddy," she said to herself, "why are you so cruel to me? Alls I ever did was love you and want to be your daughter and then when my cat demon killed mom you didn't love me anymore.
I never did anything wrong! Now I live every day bloody and ashamed of my parts that can't control themselves. The parts that need to come out and live. My she wolf. The things that live deep inside of me.
WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME DADDY! WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?" it was like the world fell on its head and she was transported back into time. There she was sitting there with her fatter as a little girl.

"You stupid asshole," he wa shitting her intensly onto the floor. Blood was on her face and she couldn't get up,

"NO, I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER!" she cried.

It was the singing contest and everyone was sitting and waiting for the performers to perform. Students and teatchers were sitting in the crows waiting for the contest to begin.
It began. A bunch of students sang songs like Firework, Stupid Boy, and maybe even some Little Wayne from the guys at school who liked to wrap alot. None of them were anything too special though.
"The next peformer is: Reicheru Ketsuekineko-oni." the announcer said.

Reicheru shyly got up onto the stage and held the mic, "hey everyone. I wasn't delebrately trying to sing today, but my friend put me into the contest so here I am." People laughed.
"I just wanted to say- I...uh..." her eyes went off into the distance and she saw her father hitting her around like a plastic ball that children play with again. "I..."
The crowds of people looked worried and scared for her they didn't know what to do. "No daddy! No, no! Stop! I didn't mean to kill her! Daddy!-da"

Suddenly. A song from her heart came out through her lungs in a melodic tone. She sang Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri.
Everyone gazted at her intensly. She was so beautiful and in a trance, her voice of that of an angle singing in the heavens. Tears still came out of her eyes but she kept singing. It was so beautiful and heartbreaking.
The song finnished and everybody clapped and gave her a standing obvation. "Thank you." She blushed.

"I think we know who the ewienner is, Reicheru Ketsue-" SPLASH. Blood oozed out of Reicheru because Lucy blood bended her.

"So goodbye to your baby, Reicheru. I just gave you an aborition with my mind!" Lucy smirked.

Blood covered Reicheru's hands as she tried to wipe it away off of her uniform. "You bitch! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"