Chapter 12 - A Gift in Disguise

It was truely shocking when Lucy had performed the blood-bending technique on Reicheru. She fell to the ground, her hair fluttering in the wind like a dieing bird who was shot and falling to the gournd.
"Oh god," she thought "is this the end? Will I now die? will my baby die?" her head hit the stage ground and everyone could hear the gentle thud.

"HA," Lucy screamed and point at her, "take that! You thought you could talk shit to me and get away with it, but you shouldn't playw ith fire if you can't handle it." She smirked.

"Someone needs to take her home!" Inuyasha screamed!

"I will." Denmark stepped up and held her in his arm. "I'm taking her home with me, where she belongs. Even though she's YOUR baby." he glared at Inuyasha.

"Dick." he sneered.

As he walked her home he could see how beautiful she was; her hair covering her cute, petite face, her turquoise highlight over her eyes, that slight smile upon her rosey red lipses, the way her school uniform hugged the curves on her body, and how her head bobbled up and down: it was magical to him.
He rememberd how much he loved her and what he has been missing this whole time. It didn't matter anymore that Inuyasha savaged her and plumped her up- it was the same girl he had known and loved this hole time, so he let it all go.
"I love you Reicheru." he spoke softly, like a quiet murmer that wasn't meant to be heard.

Like maic, she opened her eyes and smiled! "I love you too, Denny-Kun."

He cried and held her tigher, "I'm so happy things are back to exactlly the way they were! I missed those days."

"I did too." she smiled.

They were at home and Reicheru was laying in bed. Korra walked in through the door and shat down next to her with a giftbox.

"Konnichiwa Rei-cha-"

"STOP IT! STOP ACTIN GLIKE MY FRIEND!" Reicheru bitchslapped Korra on the face. "I know that you are with Sesshomaru, trying to destroy us, and having tons of fun with him!"

"Reicheru..." Korra's face turned down as she begun to cry. There was a deep pain in her heart where her feelings were hurt. "'t understand. I can't control myself."

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN"T CONTROL YOURSELF? You killed someone and you've been lieing to us this whole time!" Reicheru slapped down on her food tray and it went flying into Korra's face.

"Hey- watch out!" she brushed the rice out of her poneytail. "I've got something to tell you, it's really important."

"Fine, what is it?" Reicheru crossed her arms like a mad little boy with his parents. her eyes burned with fire and anger, the sun beamed in them.

"I'm...well...I..." Korra stopped and breatehd, "I'm part demon, too. I'm like you, Reicheru. And I'm like Yuki. I'm part angel and I'm part demon. When my demon side comes out I forget who I am and I do thinks I wouldn't do."

"So you mean that when your with Sesshomaru you don't remember and that your bad side is controlling you?"

"That's right." Korra smiled. "Thank god you understand."

"it's not a matter of understand, it's a matter of loyalty."

"I understand." Korra nodded. "When I'm an angle I'm really good, but when Im a demon Im really bad. So bad it hurts. I wake up and I'm angryw ith myself."

"I wish I could help you, Korra." Reicheru hesitated.

"You can, Reicheru. do what you were born to do...destroy Sesshomaru and all even. Hey i'm really sorry about the confusion. I'm going to take you out for dinner sometime, kay? We owns a traditional mexican restaraunt."

Reicheru laughed. "My dad hates mexicans. He never took me to mexican restaurants."

"He sounds like a dick."

"Yeah, he'd probably kill you if he had the chance." Reicheru smiled and shrugged. "sounds great, I'll come and eat with you at your restaurant sometime soon. Bye."

"Goodbyeee~!" Korra smiled and gave Rei a big hug.