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Chapter 13 - Shower of Rain

"Reicheru, why are you getting dressed?" Denmark asked. he just came out of the shower and was wearing a white backrobe. He looked at her real hard and smiled.

"I'm going out with a friend a girls night out type of thing, you know. ONLY for girls." she smirked at him. "I know what your thinking. You think that when girls have sleepovers or go out for dinner they end of making out."

He giggled, "sometimes. I can't help it, it's a fantasy! A guy thing."

"Yeah, whatever. I know all about your 'guy thing'." she laughed as she put on her black silk kimono. She has her hair tied up in a red ribbon, like she does for the Yakuza. A red obi with neon butterflies on it.
"I'll be at Korra's mexican restaurant, okay? If you need me I'll be there."

"Dont eat anything to spicy, Rei. You don't want to burn the baby!" He laughed at his own joke, it was kind of stupid. But that's what she loved about him.

"Uhh, okay baby. I love you." She kissed him very pessionately. "And I always will. Byeeee~" She walked out the door with the end parts of the bow on her obi flowing in the wind. She was stunning.

She arrived at the mexican restuarant it was called Les Tacos (AKA: them Tacos, a very hip and vibe place.) Korra was standing at the door bowing.
"Come on in Reicheru!" she rushed ove rand hugged her. "Man, I missed ya. I'm glad to see you out of bed and healing well."

"Yeah, me too." She smiled. It was a fake smile. She still beared terrible thoughts thoughts that wanted to consume her and make her cry. But it was time for mexican food, so she couldn't think about that.

"Kay ladies, sit over here. Here's your menus." The waitress said. They set down at a booth Twinkle Magic was playing on the radio.

"Thanks, Aya." Korra said. "It's nice not to be the one serving for once." she smiled a bight and beaming smile like the shun.
"It's really hard being mexican". Korra sighed. "there's a lot of racist people around and I get very tired of it. Sometimes I just want to punch them." she giggled and smiled.

"Don't worry," Reicheru stuck a nacho into her mouth, "I'll beat the shit out of anyone that messes with you."

"Aha!" Korra took Rei's hands, "you shouldn't be doing that you have a baby on board your tummy."

"Agh fuck the baby. I forgot about that. I suppose that means I shouldn't have any fancy drinks tonight."

"No silly." Korra smiled and shook her head.

"Shut up you mexican." one of the guys from the both next to them said.

"Shut up dickface or I'll stuff your sorry ass full of nachos." Reicheru's eyes turned red and her cat demon nearly came out.

"That's enough Rei-Chan!" Korra sweated. "Sir, mind your own business."

"YOU mind YOURS, bitch." he growled.

"YOU-" Reicheru stood up but Korra made her sit down.

"Just ignore him, Reiche." Korra spoke softly like a breeze.

They sat at the table waiting for their order. Korra got a coke and Reicheru had her first bubble tea.

"WOW, what's in this? Whenever I suck on it I get these squishy balls in my throat. I nearly chocked!"

"That's tapioca, Reiche. Squishy tapioca balls. Aren't they good?" She smiled. "You know, it's funny. I'm half angel and half demon. You're half demon and Yuki's half angel. Do you think we're related?"

Reicheru stopped sucking. "I don't know Ko-chan. That's a weird thing to think hehe."

"Yeah," she blushed, "your right!"

Suddenly, Reicheru felt a terrible peng in her stomach. "Oh god!" she said, "it really hurts. God, what's happening?"

"I'm using my angelic powers, I can sense you're giving birth!"

"WHAT! HERE?" Reicheru screamed.

"Someonehelp us!" Korra cried.

"Shut up, mexican." A rude man said.

Korra was flustered "Fuck, we're in this on our own! Get read and spread your legs, Rei...

...I'm doing this!"