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Chapter 14 - Born an Agle

"Korra-chan, it hurts its really hurts!" Reicheru closed her eyes tightly. It seemed like it would take an eternity. She had been dialating for a good 2 hours and her whole body felt like giving up.

"Hey Rei-chan! I can see it! It's beautiful! Dont give up now!" Korra screamed and held onto the baby.

"Believe me Korra-chan, I can't not now." she cried and her eyes bleed out. The pain throbbed through her temples and to her legs.

Screams and pain could be heard throughout the entire restaurant. People had stopped eating and was watching intently. Some people threw up.
Reicheru pushed as hard as she could and Korra encouraged her through the whole thing. The baby's head came out first and then Korra pulled her out.

"Reicheru" Korra said, "its a-" A BRIGHT CRIMSON LIGHT SHONE FROM THE BABY AND THE LIGHTS WENT OUT. Floating in the air was a young naked girl with long green hair.
She had kind face and a beautiful smile. Her cheeks were rosey and her eyes twinkled. She had brown furry ears comming out of her head and two wigs on her back.

"Oka-San," spoke the little girl "I am Elaine your daughter, this is my true form. Thank you for carrying me all this time. A part of me lie kidden in you and in Inuyasha. When you two came together you made me. For thousands of years I have lied dormant within people waiting for the perfect match to find each other."

"Does that mean I should marry Inuyasha?" Reicheru said. Her golden eyes sparkled and a tear fell off her face.

"Oka-San, I can't tell you anymore about your life. You need to figure things out for yourself. I have created you and in return you created me. Before I leave, I shall grant you one withs."

"I dont' know what to wish for! Who are you?" her eyes burned.

"I am god. You are the mother of god. I will give you one peice of ever lasting happiness."

She looked to the ground like as if starring at something intensly trying to make up her mind. She could be selfish and ask her father dead or ask where Sesshomaru was hiding.
"Show me where Sesshomaru the Vampire Lord is." her voice rang out into the stars.

"As you wish Oka-San." Between Elaine's (AKA Tenshikuzu) hands there was a vision of the path to Sesshomaru's secret lair. "The perfect time would be to go ashita."

"Tomorrow, I see." Recheru nodded. "Sayounara, Tenshikuzu."

"Sayounara, Oka-San." Elaine disappeared into the light.

Korra and a bunch of the other people regained conciousness. "Whoa! What happend?" she was scarred and pannicking.

"It's okay." Reicheru reassured. "Hey, I think I'll order the duck."