Chapter Three - The Rain Falls

She woke up all alone in a room she'd never seen before. It was pitch black and maniacal laugher could be heard from a distance. She could taste blood in her mouth; and she liked it. Her cat demon must have came out and attacked someone, she was scared and alone. "Denny-Kun," she called out, "where are you? Are you here?"
She walked out of the room and down a long, narrow hallway. A feeling of guilt and cowardness overcame her. What had just happened? Did she really eat somebody? These were things she didn't want to think about. Her main focus was on finding a way out.

"I have captured you, Rei. There is no escape."

"Who are you?" She was angry. "Are you my father?"

"No..." said the voice mysteriously, "I am Sesshomaru. Inuyasha's brother. The vampire lord."

Reicheru gasped in terror. Sesshomaru had died- she could have sworn that he died! It was a long, long time ago. Inuyasha had gotten in a fight with Sesshomaru over the death of their mother and Inuyasha had stabbed him in the heart. That moment, he died and tumbled off the cliff into the abyss of the ocean. The only way he could come back is if he was a vampire, who had been bitten by someone. But who?

"Reicheru," he said, "I don't know why you protected my brother," his firey eyes flashed, "but you can't stand between me and him anymore. I must kill him. I have to kill him- for the sake of our mother!"

"He LOVED your mother! He couldn't help what happened! He was only a baby, why are you holding onto a grudge that you don't need to?"

"She always loved him. Father didn't care about me...he just didn't care. That doesn't matter! Anyway, it's time for you to be rid of!"

Then, out of nowhere, Inuyasha and Kagome flew out of the shadows and picked Reicheru up.

"Hey," she shouted, "I can take care of myself! I don't need you to help me."

"Yes, you do," Inuyasha looked at her, "I'm here to protect you..."

Her cheeks turned red and as she looked away she saw Kagome try to slash Sesshomaru in half.

"Damn," Kagome screamed, "he's too hard to defeat! What should I do?" Her skirt flew in the air.

Inuyasha joined the battle and all three of them went at it like rabbid dogs. Blood sprayed the room crimson. Reicheru licked the wall like a hungry devil, slurping up the mixture of their blood. Sesshomaru threw his arm out and slammed Kagome against the wall, knocking her out. He flew away with her into the night, and they weren't seen after that.

"Oh my god, Kagome!" Inuyasha cried into the night. He howled in sorrow and remorse.

"It's okay Inu-Sama," Reicheru comforted him, "I'm sure she'll be fine."

"No, Rei, you don't understand. He is a lord of vampires- she's one of them now." He gently put his hand up to his teary eyes.

Their golden eyes met, "one of them? Like a vampire?"

"Yes, Rei."

Reicheru and Inuyasha went back to the village. Denmark was standing by himself at the market, eating a Danish. Reicheru departed from Inuyasha, wishing him luck, and then going to Denmark.

"Things aren't looking good, Denny-Kun." She sighed and fell into his arms.

"I missed you, so much, baby. I'm glad to see you back in one piece. When I woke up and found you gone, I was scared. I thought that your dad had gotten to you."

"No, no." Her eyes sparkled as she looked up at him. "We have bigger problems on our hands, now. Sesshomaru the Vampire Lord is black. He wants to kill me for protecting Inuyasha."

"I don't want to protecting him," his golden hair blew in the wind, "I love you, Rei-Kun, but you spend too much time with your tutor. Please, I beg of you, forget about Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, find someone new to teach you how to fight. Infact, I know the perfect tutor."