Chapter 30 - Sunshine and Rain

The last night was very stimulating from conversation about Reicheru's sister growing within Mew. It was not morning.

Elaine came out of her room rubbing her eyes. "What's up mama?" She groggily spoke.

"Don't worry about it Baby." Reicheru said as Elaine hopped up onto her lap. Breakfast was laid out.

"Gimme fork please. nyu" Elaine instructed to Amirru. He gave her the fork and she shuffled a mouthfull of salad into Reicheru's mouth. "Good mama?"

"Mmmmm yes. Very good. THank you sweetie." Reicheru and Elaine smiled. "Your like a mommy...BUT DON"T be one because its very hard to be young and have babbies. But every hardship is worth every moment with you, Baby."

Off on the other side of the table Mew stirred her Captain cruch tragically, "What will I do..." Mew said.

"We'll help you raise your baby. I'll have a little sister and Tenshikuzu will have an aunt."

"Yeah you're right..." Mew said. "This could be good for everyone!"

Reicheru had the tiniest bit of a smile on her face and turned her head towards Mew, "I wish times were better. I'm sure my daddy will be back for Tenshikuzu. There is no normal family right now...But we will be one once all this is done."
Mew left and Reicheru nuzzled her hair against Elaine's ear and spoke very softly into it like a babbling brook, "We're going to go shooping for Mew's new baby! It'll make her feel more at ease and ready for her new life!"

Elaine put her hands on her big full cheeks and squeed, "SOUNDS FUN!" she said and was immediately hushed by a smiling Reicheru.

Amirru wiped off Elaine and Reicheru's dirty ass faces and spoke, "Will you need assistance mam?"

"oh thanks Ami! But no there are times when Tenshikuzu or Yuki can allow me to look through their eyes. Elaine will be up for it today. You need keep Mew-chan calm."
Elaine and Reicheru left, holding hands. "Nya~ON!"

The mall was full and loud with the heat of a woman very fat and angry. You could smell the cinnamon rolls, and that's all Reicheru knew was there until Elaine let her look through her eyes.
As the light came into her mind's eyes she gently squeezed Elaines hand...It had been the first she's seen since she was at the island with Yuki when Elaine was kidnapped.

"What do we get mama?" Elaine walked her mom through the many shelves.

"Well she will need baby clothes and a few how to baby books, and some baby chewable food..." BUMP! Elaine was so short and without noticing she ran Reicheru right into someone.

"HEY! WATCH IT!" Came a very demanding and manly feminine voice from giant pudding lips. "Do you just let your daughter lead you around like that? You knew I was standing here!"

Elaine looked up at the girl so Reicheru could see her, "Oh sorry," Reicheru sweated "I cant see too good and my daughter is helping me out..." Reicheru furry cat ears flatted in embarrassment. The girl had on a purple and black bikini with black short pants and had pink eyes with pink hair that was light blue at the tips almost like sharp cotton candy. "Baby we should go look in the clothes section..."

The girl thought about something hard and then stepped in front of Reicheru, "Eh!" She said stepping in front of Elaine, "you guys seem like you need help with taht. I'm Shartara Akainiku. you can call me Shart-San or Sha-San if your lazy," she shookhands with Reicheru.

"Oh hi..." Reicheru nervously shook her hand which was painted with pale blue nail polish. "I'm Reicheru and this is my daughter Elaine."

"NYU!" Elaine squeeked.

Shartara looked very unamused at the child and rolled her eyes to the other side of the store, but petted Elaine on the head and faked a "What a cute little girl."

As they were picking out clothes and other things Shartara stayed behind them not saying much but texting a lot. "Ugh," she sighed, "this is kinda boring. I think your a bit late anyway your daughter isn't a baby."

"These things aren't for me their for a friend who will have a baby soon." Reicheru said as Elaine put a bib in the shopping basket. "She's really scared and she needs some help preparing. It's gonna be my little sister!"

"AND MY AUNT!" Elaine said excidedly holding toilet paper.

Shartara looks confused "Um...Okay." She grinned about something and then bent down to talk to Elaine, "Hey you know what sounds liek fun?"

Elaine's eyes bugged in mystery and wonder like two red bubbles, "What Shart-San?"

"If we got...Cinnamon rolles!" she got Elaine very excited!

"Mama can we get some? PLEEEASE?" She tugged at Reicheru's pink dress.

"Uh...Welll..." Reicheru was put on the spot, "Sha-San we really need to finish shopping for Mew and then we can get cinnamon rolls."

Shartara took Elaine by the hand and started walking them to the food court, "live a little bit you guys," she said, "This is gonna be tons more fun then shopping for baby stuff!"
They sat at a round table in the middle of the food court and stuffed gargantuous fluffy cinnamon rolls into their moths. Sweet cream cheese icing drooled from the corners of their lips and Shartara and Elaine looked very happy.
"Now this is my kinda," thing Shartara said. "Isn't it Elaine?"

Reicheru stood up and grabbed Elaine's sticky frosting hand, "Sha-San it was fun having you tag along and all..."

"Oh yeah I didn't bring any money..." Shartara quickly threw her napkins down and backed away from the table "Your right Reicheru it was very fun. I'll see you guys around." She ran off texting.

"What the hell..." Reicheru was angrier than the bull "What a load of crap and that was weird. Id like to smack her!"

"Shart-San is sugoi!" Elaine beamed with a glowing look on her face. Reicheru sighed.

"Sweetie I need to go to the bathroom. Could you take me there?" Reicheru asked. They walked thorough the mall until they found the bathrooms. "Okay Baby just wait on the benches in the hall. I can feel my way around in the bathroom door."
Elaine did what she was told and sat on the benches which were in a different hallway next to the bathrooms.

As Reicheru was washing her hands and feeling her way to the door, she could hear something very strange. SCREEEETCH...CLUNK! Reicheru leaned her ear against the door. The noise was stop. Through Elaine's eyes she could see a smiling figure walking towards her from the bathroom hallway.
It was Shartara. She was all happy and saying SOMETHING to Elaine but Reicheru could not hear what.

Shartara got on one knee and told Elaine, "Hey you want to go do something fun?" She grabbed her hand.

"But mama needs me to wait for her!" Elaine pouted.

"Don't worry kid women take a long time in the bathroom you know? You wouldn't understand it's lady business." Shartara pulled Elaine off the bench.

Frantically Reicheru jerked the bathroom door handle but the door wouldn't budge. She could see Shartara quickly lead Elaine away. "Elaine!" Reicheru screamed. "Don't do it come back! Come back! Don't trust her!"
She threw her body against the door over and over again. She kicked the door and felt around for something big, but nothing seemed hard enough to break the door. "Help!" bloody tears of fear and pain dripped from her orange crush colored glass eyes.
It was like watching a horrible silent movie. She saw them looking at toys and having fudge fingers. Two figures walked up to them. One of them was Mew!
"Oh thank Kami..." Reicheru cried. "I can't believe it!" Another figure stood with Mew.

It was...