Chapter 4 - The Avatar of the Yakuza

"Huuuu-haa!" her black hair wiped around like a black wip. There was a feirce look of constetration on her face as fire and air came out of her hands.
Denmark took Reicheru over to her, "Rei-kun" he said, "meet Korra, your new tutor in learning the dark arts of air and fire bending."
"Konnichiwa! Watashinonamaeha Reicheru Ketsueki, sore wa anata ni aete ureshidesu!" Rei bowed, formally, her brown hair falling over like a silky waterfall.
"No, Rei-Kun, she CAN speak English."
"Oh, gomen-nasa- I mean- I'm sorry." Rei bowed again, "How are you, Korra?"
"I'm faaaaan-tastic!" She wizzed up in the air and shot flames out of her hands. "I am ready to make you the most lethal assassin! Besides me, of course."
'hmh' Rei thought to herself, I'm already lethal...
Korra touched Demark on the cheeck, "you know, maybe you should join, too...we need some sexy men around here."
"No, I think he's fine at home!" Reicheru snaped.
Anyway," Korra blinked her beautiful eyes, "I need to start training you! We could be best friends."
'hell no' Reicheru thought.

Catch, Reicheru!" Korra threw fire at her. Reicheru held out her hands and caught it, instantly freezing it with ice. "My, you are strong. Can you bend fire, too?"
"Of course I can!" Reicheru lit a candle in her hands. "You see, my farther was a demon. My mother was part cat. I have the demon blood in me, I can start fires."
"THAT'S SO AMAZING! You could be the next avatar." She cupped Rei's hands. "I can feel it within you."
"The power?" Reicheru looked puzzled and confused like a lost boy in the woods.
"No, but, nevermind that. It's tea-time!" Korra pranced off to fetch a tray of tea. 'What did she mean?' Reicheru thought.

In the tea room Korra spoke about herself. "You know" she said drinking some mint bubble-tea, "I have a secret, too."
"Oh, and what's that?" Reicheru looked at her curiously like a cat. Her ears twicthed.
"I'm part angel, really, I am. No one believes me, though." Korra sucked down a ball.
"You are? But you don't even have wings."
"Oh, but I do! I just keep them hidden so no one hunts me down and tries to rip them off. I can fly and I have the power to control light. I can't blood bend, though. Only demons can do that."
"I'm sure I can blood bend, then." Reicheru sucked on her bubble tea. There were sakura petals falling on them in the pink courtyard. It was a wonderful summer day. The breeze was just right and the air spoke of love.
"I hear your half-sister is an angel, too. Yuki, right?"
"Uhhuh. I love Yuki! She is an angel. Loving and great with people. You can't find anyone better than her." Reicheru sipped a little more.
"I hear you're trying to kill your dad." Korra's voice sofened into silk.
"Yes, he is the most terrible man. I always feel like he watching me, even on the toilet." They both heartidly laughed. "You know, at first I didn't think we were going to be friends."

After training they went home. 'Man that Korra is loopy.' Reicheru thought. The sweat of the workout had soaked her clothes through, conforming to her body.
Her silouette looked like that of a nakid woman.
"I hear you've gotten a new tutur," Inuyasha stepped out of the shadows. He was caught offguard by her beauty. "Oh, my, you look lovely."
They both blushed, then she said "domo arigato gozaimashita, Inu-sama."
"I couldn't get them to kill your father. I didn't have the money." He marveled at her in passion.
"It's okay, I want to do it myself. He needs to die."
Inuyasha turned away, "why did Denmark do this to us? I wasn't doing anything wrong. I wish we could train together again. I-I-I"
"Did you just say...Rei-Kun?" Her ears perked up.
"Yes, I did," he said boldy, "I have feelings for you, feelings I've wanted to express since the day we met, all those years ago. You have captivated me in such a way no one has. Your beauty,
your intellegance, your passion, it's just amazing to me. We have so much in common and- oh -I have said too much, haven't I?"
"Perhaps..." inside, she was smileing. "Anyway, any luck with retrieving your woman?"
"You mean Kagome? No, not yet. Thank you for reminding me. I better go plan that out." Inuyasha lepted into the air and disappeared into the sky.
"Goodbye..." Reicheru whispered. She put her hands on her stomach. 'The power within me...' she whispered.

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