Chapter 6 - The Power Withing

Reicheru woke up in the hospital bed after having cut herself alot. There was bandages on her arms and legs. Her brown and turquoise hair was sweaty and messy.
She was wearing her sleep clothes: a red and black top with black pants that had antique writings on them that meant something in demonic tounge.
The sheets were soaked with blood and pain, she couldn't remember what happened the night before. She just remembers hating her father.

"Wheres Denny-Kun?~Nya! I need my Denny-Kun!" she rolled over in the hospital gurney, scared and alone. Denmark must have fallen alseep somewhere in the lobby.
"Damnit," she hissed, "now I'm all alone, and in pain."

"Fear not, dear," Yuki came floating down from the ceiling on angle wings, "I am hear for you."

"Oh, half-sister Yuki! I've missed you so much! How have you been?" Reicheru asked.

"I've been alright, dear, but, I am more worried about you? Do you remember what happened?" Yuki smoothed out Rei's hair.

"I remember nothing but being scared and thinking about my father. And Inuyasha- I had a wonderful dream that we were having sex in my mouse on my bed."
Reicheru remembered everything that night, but, she didn't remember everything she had thought she remembered it. "I cut myself because I was thinking about my father."

"No," said Yuki, "you cut yourself because you had sex with Inuyasha, it wasn't a dream. Denmark came in and started yelling at you, then you took those pills and they made you forget everything that really happened."

"OH, GOD NO! Poor Denny-Kun, he must be scared. What ever will I do, Yuki?" They held hands and Reicheru cried into Yuki's arm.
At that moment Inuyasha came into the hospital room to check on Reicheru he was holding flowers.

"I hope you're okay Rei-Kun. After last night. Are you okay?" he wanted to hold her so bad but he didn't cause he thought it wouldn't be right.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry I got us in trouble, I should've said no. But you needed me."

"Reicheru I don't know what I would do without you. You're the only woman I can love."

"NO, SHE IS MINE." Denmark busted into the room with bigger, better flowers. "You rat, devil! I hope Sesshomaru kills you and sucks your blood dry!"

"Just because I actually CARE about her?" Inuyasha crossed his arms in displeasure. Their eyes met and it was like suffocating ice. Everyone in the room could feel the tension between the two.

"No, because I love her! She loved me first and she shall love me last!" He threw the flowers at Reicheru, "You need to pick, between me and Inuyasha. Who do you love?"
They both stormed out of the room like thunder and lighting brothers that were fighting.

"They don't get it, I love both of them but my heart can only contain one man in my life." She looked at Yuki, teary-eyed.

"Don't worry Rei-chan, everything will be all right. You are the most brightest and strongest person I know. No one can bring you down, Rei."

"I think I need to take a drink, Yuki. Give me some saki please."

"I cant do that Rei." Yuki took the saki away from her.

"Why not? My life is very stressful!" She pouted and crossed her arms.

"Hun, there's something that you need to know," Yuki put her hand on Rei's stomach, "you are carrying Inuyasha's child."

"I'm...the mother of his child?"