Last Year



"Put that away, honey. We should have a little talk."

James glanced at his wife, then switched off the tablet he'd been staring at and placed it on his bedside table. "And how much of this little talk will involve talking?" He asked as he turned back to Ann with a raised eyebrow.

"About half of it."

"Ah. A serious talk, then."

"Well, the nature of our marriage is a factor."

"How so?"

Ann shuffled closer and draped an arm across his chest, to which he automatically responded by wrapping his arms around her. "I want to start by saying that I love you as much today as I ever have, and will until the day you die... because I fully expect you to go to your grave before I do."

James mulled this over for a moment, then smiled. "I suppose that's statistically fair. So... what's the issue?"

"It's... well, let me ask you this." She looked up into his eyes. "How would you feel about me having sex with someone else?"

The question threw her husband for a loop, and he simply stared at her for a long moment before asking, "Do you have someone particular in mind?"

"A woman."

"Oh," James managed to exhale as the surprise factor doubled, and he stared in a different direction for a while.

"I'll let the notion sink in, shall I?"

"Yes please."

Ann snuggled a little closer, her ear to her husband's chest, listening to his varying heartbeat as his mind processed things.

"When... how..." the rocket scientist eventually stuttered.

"Recently. A friend of Kimmie's has... expressed an interest. She knows I'm married, she doesn't want to steal me away from you, she just... wants me."

"Is it Vivian?" James asked.

That surprised Ann. "Who?"

"Vivian Porter. I'm sure I introduced you... she's been coming to the new year parties since Kimmie cleared up that business with Fenn... hasn't she?"

"Oh, Dr. Porter," Ann made the connection. Vivian was head of robotics at the space center. They'd gotten along quite well at the first party. "We talked about getting robot brains to work like human ones over champagne." She looked back up at him with a cheeky smile. "You do have a thing for brainy beauties, don't you? Would you like her to yourself, or are you hoping for a threesome now?" She let James hem and haw a moment before chuckling. "No, not her. But we can talk about that later, if you like."

"Oh... kay..." by this point James was quite dumbfounded. "So, this friend of Kimmie's... wants you. And you..."

"I like it. I've gotten my share of attention over the years, of course, but this time... well, she's special. One might even say unique."

"You're actually considering... picking up where you left off in college?"

"I'm wondering if I can. If I'm more than just curious. And if I am, how would you feel about it?"

"I'm honestly not sure."

Ann waited for a while, but apparently James was too flummoxed to come to any conclusions. "She's invited Kim to a weekend away," she said, "After her exams. A tropical island, very private. I'm welcome to come along. She knows I've been enjoying her attention; I think she's giving me the opportunity to discover my boundaries."

"With Kimmie there? I don't-"

"Kim knows."

"She... she does?"

"And she knows I won't go if you don't want me to." The redhead didn't have to look to know James was frowning at the thought of their daughter's sexual awareness. "She's not a little girl anymore, you know."

The rocket scientist sighed. "No, but she'll always be my little girl."

"So if I grew my hair and wore her clothes, some green contact lenses, started talking like her... you'd be incapable of treating me like your wife?" Ann groped his manhood to get her point across, and couldn't help but smirk as it grew hard in her grip.

"Is... that something you might do?"

"If I thought you ever fantasized about defiling your little girl..." his wife said as her hand began to stroke his hardon.

James stared off into space for a moment, then asked out of the blue, "Has our sex life gotten dull?"

Ann looked back up to his face. "Where did that come from?"

"Well... I've never had any complaints, but I've always known you were a little, uh, kinky..."

"You've certainly never complained about me tickling your prostate," Ann said huskily.

James cleared his throat before continuing. "To be honest, I've always thought you were holding back for when things got boring in our old age."

"Honey, I've been perfectly content so far. It's just... recent events have been making me consider the possibilities, lately."

"Do you want to go on the weekend trip?"

"I do."

"Well... okay, then. I'm willing to discover how I feel about it if you are."

Ann's smile widened, and the hand that had been stroking tightened its grip and started wanking. "Are you sure?"

"Quite sure."

Feeling the first drops of precum in her palm, as well as the subject of conversation and her husband's affirmation, made Ann just as aroused. She climbed onto James and rubbed her moistening slit against his hardon, feeling it jerk reflexively against her. "So... if you came home one day to find me in bed with Vivian, what would you do?"

"That would be entirely up to her."

"And if you came home and caught your little Kimmie-cub playing with herself?"

"Uh..." Any answer James might have been able to give was almost forgotten as his wife impaled herself upon him. "You don't think she's actually started to..."

"Let's just say I'm quite certain she's sexually active."


As Ann began to ride her husband in earnest, she wondered just how wild the weekend away would go.

Present Day

The corner of the building was still standing as Kim limped around it. Taking a breath, she braced herself, then slammed her dislocated shoulder into it, popping the joint back into place. She gritted her teeth to avoid making a sound, but in combination with her other aches and pains, she couldn't prevent a pained hiss.

She stood rock still and silent for a moment, but all she could hear was the noise of tumbling bricks. Either that admittedly large bit of rubble had broken into pieces when it fell on Shego, or-

A wide lance of green energy shot into the sky at a forty-five degree angle, proving the second theory that the masonry was coming apart as Shego blasted her way out.

The green girl crawled out of the exit she had made for herself, looked all around for any sign of Kimmie, then let herself drop and roll onto her side to take care of her most immediate problem. The teen hero didn't peek around the corner, only heard three muffled snaps, each punctuated by increasingly aggravated growls.

"Where are you, Kimmie?" Shego hollered when she got her breath back. "Since when do you hide?"

"I need a minute!" Kim yelled back, her frayed nerves trumping common sense and giving away her location.

"Why wait? We both know where this is going."

"I... dammit, I need to pee, okay?"

"You what?"

"We've been at this for two hours, Shego! I'm tired, I need to go, and I have to peel the suit off to do it. You know what that's like..."

"Yeah..." Shego's voice sounded slightly less hostile. "Fine, have your potty break. It'll give my ribs a chance to settle."

"You won't do anything?"

"I'm beating you fair and square, Kimmie."

The redhead unzipped the battle suit and waited to see if Shego reacted to the sound, but apparently her opponent really was content to sit this out. Getting the suit all the way down to her ankles proved a greater challenge than expected, however, due to all the damage Shego had inflicted on her. The inlay scraped against the bruises and tore at the slashes, making her bleed again in a couple of places. Still, she managed to get it to her knees and do her business while trying to rethink her strategy.

The battle had been disturbingly reminiscent of their fights at Bueno Nacho headquarters, except that this time Shego was already aware of the battle suit's capabilities. At first she was able to keep Kimmie too busy to make use of the energy scoop, but as the fight dragged on, the opportunity to use her power against her had come up once or twice. From the look on her face, she still hated that.

When the force field popped up, Shego first threw her most powerful blasts against it, including that big energy ball she was capable of conjuring. When the field held up under the assault, she switched to a tight, continuous beam; something Kim had never seen her do before. The field overloaded as it tried to compensate under such a focused attack. Kim suspected that if she had not been thrown by the resulting explosion, she would have had a finger-wide hole bored clean through her torso.

Shego really was playing for keeps.

Kim had been in the same state of mind at first, but as fatigue finally set in, she was beginning to think that the former villainess was bound to win by attrition unless she came up with a way to put Shego down for good. Even if it meant... but that's what she'd said when they started, wasn't it. To the death, if that's how it turned out. Kim had been fairly sure that knocking what was left of that skyscraper onto the superpowered woman wouldn't kill her, but she wasn't sure how hard a blow to the head it would take to put Shego down long enough to consider it a win. And a blow to the head was the only thing that had ever slowed her down.

Kim had to prove herself against her opposite, she knew that. But the truth was, she didn't want to even risk killing Shego. If she did... she wouldn't be able to live with herself.

The realisation hit her as she struggled back into the battle suit. She was still in love with Shego. She'd never really stopped, and she could not lose her.

"Oh Ron, I'm so sorry..." she breathed before she zipped up.

"You ready?" Shego called out.

"I guess..."

"Game on, then."

The sound of Shego's glow igniting prompted Kim to leap away, and sure enough the corner she'd been hiding behind exploded into chunks of various size. The drawback to losing the force field was that the battle suit sealed shrapnel inside when it healed itself. The little aches and pains were adding up to one potentially fatal disability.

Kim didn't want to die either. She didn't want to put Shego through the guilt.

Shego had taken a flying leap after firing off that blast, and the redhead was forced to dodge again to avoid a flaring clawed hand from above. Another round of hand to hand ensued, green and blue flashing whenever contact was made. Shego had always been less prepared against Kim's kicks, but Kim was in no condition to pull any off without revealing her most serious injury.

"This is rediculous," Kim managed to say as they went. "Are we just supposed to keep at it until one of us slips up?"

"If that's what it takes for one of us to really beat the other," Shego answered. "If we don't push ourselves as hard as we can, bring everything we've got to the fight, what's the point?"

"Because if we keep this up, you're bound to win when I finally run out of stamina." The teenager grabbed her opponent's hands, holding them tight, causing a light show that threw bizarre shadows across both their faces. "You win the rematch, okay? Can we agree to that and stop now, before either of us gets hurt any worse?"

"Defeats the purpose of the fight, Kimmie. I thought you got this." Shego yanked her hands and resumed her attack.

"Then I'm sorry," Kim said, parried the green girl's next blow and thrust forward with a double-fisted punch... to Shego's ribs.

The former villainess crumpled for just a moment, but it was long enough for Kim to set up and execute a roundhouse kick to Shego's temple. The teenager cried out at the contact; if the leg hadn't been broken before, it definitely was now. They collapsed to the ground together.

"Son of a bitch, Possible," Shego wheezed, clutching her ribcage with one arm, rubbing her head with the other.

"I said I'm sorry, but you asked for it."

A growl, then Kim received a foot to the gut for her sass. Shego had rolled towards her and swung a leg around as hard as she could to deliver the blow, despite her current condition. The redhead choked just shy of vomiting, but the hit was hard won. Shego began coughing too, except in her case it involved blood.

Kim was absorbed in her own woes until the other girl shrieked. "Are you okay?"

It took several gasps for Shego to respond. "I just pulled a rib out of my lung, whadda you think?"

Kim blinked, then collapsed onto her back. "I'm done. Strangle me if you want, I just don't have anything left. And I don't mean just physically. I hate hurting you."

Shego grunted in frustration. "Don't you dare quit on me now. We're both still conscious."

"Not for much longer, if my fuzzy vision is any sign."

After a long look at the girl, Shego finally relented and eased back down onto her own back. "This isn't how I wanted it to go," she muttered.

"We're too evenly matched. And way too stubborn." Kim struggled to activate the kimmunicator on her wrist. "Wade... air ambulance, please... current location..."

"Kim? What happened? Are you okay?"

"Ask Shego. Passing out now."

"Shego?" The young genius echoed, but Kim was already unconscious. He was surprised when the view on his screen shifted to the green girl. "Shego... is that blood?"

"You heard her, nerdlinger. Make sure it's a helicopter, a ground vehicle can't reach us. We've both got broken bones and lacerations, I punctured a lung... ugh, y'know what? Kimmie had the right idea."

Wade stared at the sight of Kim's nemesis passing out, until what he was seeing registered in his brain and jolted him into action.