Dinner was surprisingly devoid of sexual innuendo. Shego dominated the conversation at Ann's urging, being curious about her host's philisophical views on life. As the doctor had hoped, it offered some insight into the girl herself.

"I suppose you'd have no problem if civilisation ended tomorrow, even now you're on the straight and narrow," the elder redhead mused after the former villainess explained the basics of chaos theory.

Shego shook her head until she finished chewing. "Nope. If it wasn't for poppa Possible's rockets - and the Lorwardian tech someone somewhere must be reverse engineering - I wouldn't be surprised if everything fell apart before we ever set foot on Mars. The irony is, no matter how bad it gets, stories of us walking on the moon would probably survive. There are tribes in the amazon that know about it. They might not have seen it or even understand how, but they know."

Kim mumbled around her own mouthful before swallowing to add, "I've been asked about that more than once, when I came across isolated communities during my missions. That's why I had the Armstrong vid saved on my old kimmunicator. I loved seeing the looks on their faces as they watched."

"That does sound like fun," Ann said. "Did you tell them you've been up there yourself?"

"She probably doesn't like to brag," Shego sniggered.

"I've only been in orbit, not to the moon," the teenager was quick to specify while shooting Shego a semi-serious scowl.

"The moon's in orbit..."

"I think all your flying around has ruined your appreciation of distance. It's well over two hundred thousand miles to the moon. That's, like, flying around Earth 30 times over. And Mars is... a hundred and seventy times that on a good day."

"Whatever you say, cupcake."

Ann steered the conversation back on track before her daughter came up with another retort. "So is your point of view based on chaos theory, or is it simply your own predaliction for mayhem?"

"Mmmboth. The thing about chaos theory is that there's still a pattern at work, it's just too complicated for most of us to make sense of. The way the world - our civilisation - works is a lot more fragile than people like to think. A big enough war, natural disaster or financial crisis is all it would take; and these days, the last looks most likely."

"You minored in economics while getting your child development degree?" Kim teased. Ann blinked in surprise at that titbit of information, making her wonder what Shego had originally intended to do with her life.

"I don't need to know how the intricacies of Wall Street work to know how bankers behave, princess. For instance, the American housing market peaked last year, and now the bubble's bursting, and it's going to drag the rest of our economy down with it. Because America's such a big deal in the global market, it'll lead to a worldwide recession, and the whole system could collapse like dominoes."

Kim gave it some thought, then shrugged. "On the upside, no more Wall Street."

"True, that. The bankers will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes, not the lawyers. If there is a revolution. I used to think the average shmoe was too chicken to rise up against the system, but after voting for the most moronic president in history twice, I think the biggest problem is stupidity."

"That might be a little too harsh," Ann disagreed. "There's a difference between stupidity and ignorance."

Shego snorted. "Either way, our failing education system can take at least some of the blame."

"That's why James and I didn't complain when Kimmie applied to colleges abroad."

This time it was Shego's turn to be surprised. "Oh. Like where?"

"I remember London and Venice were on the list..."

The green girl turned a raised eyebrow in the teenager's direction. "What's in Venice?"

"They've got a great humanities program."

Conversation moved on to Kim's plans for the future. Shego scoffed at the assumption that the heroine would prefer a lifestyle involving less adrenaline than her world-saving efforts tended to produce, and Ann was notably quiet when the girls expected her to voice an opinion concerning Kim's safety. Instead she brought up Betty Director and Global Justice, which Shego grudgingly admitted she would understand, if not directly support. She refused to rise to Kim's suggestion of having someone on the inside, let alone signing up with GJ herself.

As both speech and consumption wound down, Ann could see the look growing on Shego's face. "What's for dessert?" she asked, assuming a lecherous response.

Instead, Shego merely grinned and visited the fridge and cutlery drawer before returning to the table and placing a bowl of chocolate mousse in front of Kim. The teenager's face lit up at the sight. "Is this all for me?"

"Nope, you're sharing," the green girl corrected as she dragged her chair closer to Kim's. "Scoot over here, your majesty," she told Ann.

"Only two spoons?" the doctor asked as she complied.

"Yep. With Kimmie being the invalid I figure she should be the focus of attention tonight. We are going to take turns feeding you, princess. While one of us does, the other has a spoon for themselves."

"Spankin'," Kim giggled as she watched Shego dig a spoon into the dessert. "Ooh, it's the gooey kind... hey!" Her lover had put the spoon in her own mouth. "I thought that was for me," she said, pouting.

"Mm-hm," was all Shego could say with her mouth full, then leaned over and kissed the younger redhead.

Ann was too enraptured by the sight to scoop out a spoonful for herself. As Kim's surprise faded, she took Shego's face in her hands and sucked greedily on the older girl's tongue until all the chocolate it bore was gone. "Mmm, yummy," she said when she was done, then blushed. "Is... is that what it's like when..."

"It didn't squirt out of the end of my tongue, Kimmie," Shego answered with a chuckle, knowing what the teenager was trying to ask. "And boys tend to taste saltier."

"Well, that depends on their diet," Ann clarified.

Kim giggled, then outright laughed. "Good thing I never tried it with Ron, then. He likes the taste of cheese way more than I do."

"You didn't?" Ann asked, frankly surprised. "You were together for a year..."

"And for a long time," Kim sighed, "We were just best friends who kissed. Things didn't really pick up until... I started wondering what I really wanted..." Her hesitant line of thought was interrupted by a snort from the former villainess. "What?"

"I wonder if he's ever blown a Bueno Nacho waiter for a free naco..."

"Ew! Shego!"

"What? The girl planning to spend the night in bed with two women, one of them her own mother, doesn't enjoy the thought of gay men?"

"Gay Ron, so not. But..."


"Harry Crocker and Draco Didbad."

Shego almost choked on the incredulous guffaw that rose up her throat. "From those magic school movies?"

"Well, it could be worse," Ann supposed. "It could have been the men from 24 Dozen."

Kim was fairly sure she hadn't actually seen that movie. "Is that the one based on that famous Spartan battle?"

"Based on the comic based on the battle," Shego answered. "A bunch of sweaty muscled men, often moving in slow motion. If it hadn't been for the beards..."

"You like beards?" Kim asked her mother. "Dad's never had one."

"I suppose that's why I don't dislike them, for the sake of variation." Suddenly Ann remembered what she was supposed to be doing, and dipped her spoon into the mousse. "I never seriously considered sleeping with another man since we got married. It wasn't until Shego and her perverse mind came along that I started fantasizing again." The spoon moved to her lips, but paused as she had another thought; an action that had both the other girls almost gasping in frustrated anticipation. "I wonder how many sweaty muscled men I could take..."

Kim's mouth hung open almost as wide as her eyes at the thought of her mother trying to pleasure three hundred men. Ann smiled, took her mouthful of mousse and leaned over to take advantage of that open mouth. Kim grunted in surprise, but soon recovered enough to pull her mother deeper into the chocolate kiss.

Shego forgot to get a spoonful of mousse for herself as well.

When the bowl was empty, Ann followed in Shego's wake as the green girl carried Kim to the bedroom. Despite her injured state, the younger redhead was trying to make the most of the situation, and had managed to remove Shego's belt (which Ann automatically picked up when it fell to the floor) and unzip the catsuit by the time they reached their destination.

the bedroom was a mix of greens with the occasional dash of turqouise, punctuated by ebony furniture with cream-coloured surfaces. A floor lamp with multiple spotlights was the only source of illumination, leaving everything beyond the bed and dresser in shadow. Ann wasn't sure if it was a room or a cave, but it was warm enough to be comfortable without being claustrophobic.

Shego set Kim down just long enough to unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor - proving the teenager was wearing nothing underneath - before sweeping her off her feet again to lay her down on the bed. As Kim settled into place, Shego turned and dragged Ann into a heated kiss, yanking the doctor's white coat off her shoulders and tugging it down until it fell from the elder redhead's arms. Once her hands were free, they continued the work her daughter had begun, until Shego's catsuit was hanging from her hips. Then it was Ann's turn to have her dress pulled from her body.

Kim, who had been enjoying the show, paused her self-molestation as Shego stepped back to admire the view. "You wore lingerie to work?"

Ann put her hands on her hips and turned slowly and seductively to show off. "Actually I keep it in the office, just in case."

Shego asked the next question, "Since when?"

"Oh, long before you wanted to get into my panties. James used to pay me a little visit every now and then before the kids, and... well, since having my wicked way with Miss Go, he's started up again."

"Sooo," Kim said dubiously, "Sex with Shego has actually improved things between you and dad?"

"On a physical level, certainly. In fact I've been thinking of doing something more for him... which reminds me. You have to tell me about Vivian Porter, sometime."

"Uh, okay..." It took a moment for the inference to register in Kim's brain. "Wait. Are you planning to..."

"Test the waters," Ann answered with obvious amusement.

"Who's Vivian Porter?" Shego asked.

"A very intelligent and beautiful blonde that works at the space center."

"Oooh, poppa Possible has a crush, huh? Well, I dunno if I wanna share my redheads."

The redheads in question stared at her without commenting.

"Except, y'know, with each other," Shego amended.

"Uh-huh," Kim said as Ann tried to hide her smile.

With a frustrated growl, the green girl yanked the doctor back into her embrace and kissed her roughly before saying, "Go kiss your little girl while I get naked, naughty momma."

Ann only took one step away from Shego, then shimmied her hips left and right as she eased down her underwear, conveniently worn over the garter belt, baring her ass to the former villainess and showing Kim that her pubic hair was still in the shape of a diamond. She didn't step out of her heels until she was kneeling on the bed beside her daughter.

As soon as Ann was in reach, Kim pulled her down on top of her - the doctor had approached her less damaged side - and all but wrestled her mother into position, a stockinged leg manouvered between her own by a hand on her ass, as the other hand yanked at a bra strap, simultaniously baring a breast and bringing Ann's lips into kissing range. Shego had difficulty finishing undressing, her attention diverted by the frenzied rush and muffled moaning.

"You're so hot," Kim gasped when she finally took a moment to breath. Ann had been grinding against her thigh, and the heat coming from her crotch was obvious against her bare skin. The statement only served to impassion Ann further, kissing deeper, her dryhumping now leaving a wet stain on her daughter's thigh, exciting the teenager even more.

Finally naked, Shego lay on the less occupied side of the bed, where she could now see Kim's hand squeezing Ann's bare breast. Deciding not to get involved until invited, she started stroking herself as Ann levered higher in relation to Kim so her daughter could take the exposed breast into her mouth. The other must have been set free from its cup at some point, for Kim was soon switching her attention back and forth between the two, with Ann encouraging her breathlessly.

The neurosurgeon gasped and groaned as fingers abruptly entered her and slowly twirled around their moist confinement. Ann opened her eyes and stared down into Kim's, resisting the urge to clamp down on her daughter's fingers and let herself climax then and there. The problem was, she wasn't sure how long she could keep it up. "You're not making this easy, bubblebutt," she admitted, her voice and body quivering from the excitement Kim was evoking in her.

Kim's response was a final, languid swirl of her fingers before removing them, causing Ann to shudder. The elder redhead then shuddered again as she watched the younger suck greedily on the same fingers until the juices in which they'd just been swimming filled her mouth; a mouth Ann had to kiss as soon as possible. She almost came again as she tasted herself on her daughter's tongue.

Apparently Shego was less able to contain herself, as she began gasping and bucking beside them. The Possibles broke their kiss to watch the orgasm.

"Couldn't contain yourself, Shego?" Kim asked as soon as the green girl's spasming had subsided.

"Just the first of many, cupcake," Shego purred, "The way you two are going."

"Speaking of which," Ann told her, "You should get over here and kiss our Kimmie. I'll be busy elsewhere." Without waiting for a response, she started nibbling and gently sucking her way down Kim's neck, licking at the hollow of her throat, before focusing her efforts on her daughter's breasts.

She was vaguely aware of the shift of weight as Shego was finally moved to comply, but Ann was currently caught up in the way Kim's back arched whenever she took an entire breast into her mouth and sucked hard on the whole thing. It added a whole new level to the experience, her daughter reacting exactly as she would if their positions were reversed. She dragged her fingertips around and across Kim's ribcage as she went from one breast to the other and back again.

Eventually those small mounds were left behind in Ann's journey downward. Her hands, lips and tongue explored the her daughter's abdomen, marvelled at the muscles reacting to her touch. The teenager's legs were already spread wide, hips twisting to maintain contact between her mother and her most sensitive areas. By the time the doctor reached the horny teenager's crotch, her sex was so hot and wet she could practically taste it already.

Both Kim and Shego were watching as Ann leaned down for her first real taste. One side, then the other, attempting to curtail the ongoing overflow; then the tongue dipped deep into the well, taking its fill before trailing up the center to Kim's most sensitive spot. The heroine shuddered so fiercely as her mother's lips locked on, that Shego placed a hand on her belly to keep her in place. One of Ann's hands joined it there, the other sending a single digit into Kim's moist confines, barely moving at all, there solely to apply the pressure of its presence.

The sight of her mother's face staring up at her from between her legs, coupled with the sensations being stoked there, made it completely, totally and utterly impossible for Kim to control herself. Thunder erupted from the bottom of her throat as she filled Ann's mouth with lightning, the younger redhead all but thrashing due to the ministrations of the elder. And the incestuous parent was right behind her, without even touching herself, thrilled beyond measure by the reactions she had just evoked.

As first times went, it was both over too soon and just long enough. Kim's gasps for air were interrupted when Ann's mouth rejoined hers, a sharing of flavour that seemed to punctuate these events.

"What was that about containing yourself, Kimmie?" Shego asked, somehow managing a trace of sarcasm in a voice full of awe and arousal.

"As you said," Ann answered instead, "The first of many."