Leonard McCoy stared up at the ceiling of his apartment and groaned in frustration.

Sleep proved to be elusive all because of a stubborn cadet he had met a few months ago. Strange as it may seem, he couldn't stop thinking of Kirk. He would occasionally see him around campus, but most often in the clinic or hospital due to his seemingly endless run-ins with people that he ticked off. The kid seemed to have an omnipresent bruised cheek or black eye and as stupid as he thought the kid was, he couldn't get him out of his mind. He didn't know why he cared; truthfully he didn't really care about most of the impudent cadets that seemed driven to get themselves killed while in the academy either by drink or fight.

After an hour of staring at the walls, Leonard got out of bed with an inkling that he should find a sleep aid or he was going to be dead during his next shift….in four hours.


As he walked over to his med kit he heard a soft rapping on the door.

What the heck? No one bothered him at his apartment especially at two in the morning.

At his command his door slid open and he saw the form of a person leaning heavily on the door frame.

"Hey, Bones."

There was only one person who called him that.


"Hey there," Kirk smirked. "I was in the area and I thought that I'd stop by."

McCoy scoffed. "It is two AM, Kirk, no one visits now."

Kirk blinked rapidly as though he was trying to clear the fog from his mind and began to put more of his weight on the door frame. Even through this Kirk kept his façade and continued on with some playful banter.

"Not even good friends, Bones?"

"Kirk, I barely know you, I wouldn't even consider you to be a close acquaintance." McCoy sighed. This kid had a rep for getting sloshed and beaten on a regular basis.

"Cut to the chase, Kirk."

"Long story short, I went a few rounds with a guy named Cupcake and let's just say he's not very sweet no matter what his name may suggest and right now my mind is so foggy I can hardly see straight."

McCoy sharply looked at Kirk. "You're drunk, Kirk, go back to your dorm and sleep it off."

"Bones, please. They locked me out again and it is raining outside." Leonard hadn't even noticed that the kid was soaked to the bone.

"Fine, but I need to rest to get through my shift today." He motioned Jim inside and walked away to get a towel when he heard a solid thud.

Kirk had collapsed.

McCoy rushed over to find Jim laying prone on the floor blinking rapidly up at him.

"Kirk, are you alright?" Jim just went from drunkard to patient.

Jim was slow to reply. "Fine, fine. Just help me get up."

McCoy carefully placed an arm behind Jim's shoulders and lifted him to a sitting position. Jim closed his eyes and tried to control his breathing. The room was spinning even behind his eyelids and he felt his stomach begin to rebel. After a few minutes he opened his eyes to find a seemingly still room with a tired and worried doctor staring at him. Jim was quick to shrug off his sudden spell and gave an amused smile and began to stand on his own.

Not the right decision.

His knees buckled once again and he would have fallen on his face if it wasn't for a pair of hands swiftly grabbing him and hauling him over to an old plaid couch. Jim opened his eyes once again to see a not only worried doctor, but an angry one.

"You are an idiot. You should have said that you were hurting and needed help." Bones all but yelled.

"Sorry." Jim slurred. "I just needed a place to sit, I'll be fine."

"Fine? You took a swan dive onto my floor! Just sit there and I'll call up the clinic to send someone over to get you."

"Like I said before, I'll be fine Bones. I just moved too quickly. I don't need a visit to the clinic, just patch me up a bit and send me on my way." Even in his state, Jim was stubborn.

McCoy rubbed a weary hand over his face and sighed. This kid was a handful. He began to walk over to call the clinic, but something stopped him. His med kit was out and the kid was hurting. As a doctor he wanted to help those in need and would just be damning all of those oaths that he took if he just threw Jim out. Knowing what little he did, McCoy learned from records that the kid was a runner. As soon as he was patched up, he disappeared from the ward. Most of the times he was in the hospital he was dragged in by another person that insisted that he needed attention. Now the kid was asking for it. If he didn't help him now he may never get proper medical attention.

"Fine." McCoy walked over to his med kit and retrieved his tricorder and scanned Jim. He had a mild concussion, a cracked rib, and a multitude of bruises. McCoy prepared a hypospray and prepared to inject the cadet with a pain killer when a hand reached out to stop him.

"Wait, Bones. Unless you're sure that I'm not allergic to that, I wouldn't recommend doing that." Kirk actually looked worried.

McCoy reached over to grab his PADD and after a few minutes he found Jim T. Kirk's medical record which was overflowing with information.

"Good god man, what aren't you allergic to?"

Jim chuckled. "Oh, a few things."

McCoy checked to see if he had something in his med kit that he could give Jim. Thankfully, he had one vial of something he could. He immediately gave the hypospray to Jim and watched as the lines of tension washed off of his face and his eyelids began to droop.

"Just sleep Jim. I gave you something to relax, you look like you could use the sleep." Jim gave him a confused look. "I'm not as hard up as it would seem, you're welcome to stay until you can get back in your dorm." At that comment Jim's eyelids slid shut.

As stupid as the kid may be, McCoy kind of liked him and understood why he was thinking of him earlier. Jim was too crazy and daring for his own good, but before McCoy had joined the strict rigors of the medical community he was sort of like Jim Kirk.

Maybe someday they would be close acquaintances.

First off, I understand that I am not a very good writer, but really enjoy reading fanfiction and wanted to try writing one :). This is my first StarTrek story, so please forgive me if something is inaccurate! It really doesn't go very deep into the two characters, so should I continue or is it a good place to stop? I would appreciate all and any reviews!