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Kurt awoke to the sensation of eyelashes fluttering against his cheek, light and comforting against the strong arms wrapped around him. He smiled and leaned in closer, snuggling to the warm body next to him and tangling their legs together.

"Mmmm," he moaned, half asleep as he turned in bed and buried his face in the crook of Blaine's neck, nuzzling it lazily.

Blaine grinned, pressing his lips to Kurt's temple. "Good morning," he whispered, his voice rough from sleep.

"Morning," Kurt murmured, feeling content under the covers in spite of the sun shining just outside the window. "Have you been awake long?"

Breathing in the scent of Kurt's hair, Blaine shook his head. "Not long," he replied. "Just long enough to watch you a bit while you sleep."

Kurt giggled, the sound muffled by Blaine's shoulder, wrapping his arms tighter around his torso. "That's actually pretty creepy."

Humming, "You won't think it's creepy when you hear about what I was thinking while I was watching you," Blaine teased.

Five months. He and Kurt had been officially dating five months—five months since their patient died and Kurt had admitted he was in love with him. Five months since that breathtaking night on Blaine's stoop, when they both allowed themselves to revel in love they had been fighting off for so long. Everything was still so new, so fragile, but so, so euphoric that Blaine was sure he would never trade this for the world. There was a spring in his step, and a lightness in his being he never thought existed as his heart felt every powerful emotion for Kurt. God, he loved him. He loved everything about him, from the things he already knew, to the things he was just starting to learn. It was journey he never wanted to end.

And here, in the comfort of Kurt's bed (in his apartment that was admittedly homier than his), Blaine never felt more complete. He had the man he loved in his arms, strong and passionate about overcoming every obstacle they were trying to maneuver through. He needed nothing else, just the soft press of Kurt's lips on his neck and the breathy sighs of affection that emanated from his mouth every time Blaine found a way to show him he loved him.

"Oh?" Kurt asked, now fully awake but refusing to move his body away from Blaine's. "What were you thinking?"

Blaine smiled, running his fingers lightly on Kurt's back, his finger pads smooth against the soft cotton of Kurt's shirt from the night before. "That you make my dopamine levels soar," he said with a stupidly big grin.

Kurt stilled, and then chuckled as he leaned back a little and gave Blaine an amused smile. "I make your heart beat faster?" he teased, lifting his finger to touch lightly on Blaine's nose. God, this man was unbelievable sometimes. But he would have it no other way.

With a shake of his head, Blaine's grin widened some more, catching Kurt's hand and pressing the fingertip to his lips to kiss lightly. "Not faster," he replied. "You make my heart beat. Plain and simple." To say that Kurt made Blaine's heart beat faster would imply that his heart had been beating in the first place. But it wasn't, not really. He owed the steady rhythm of his heartbeat, the comforting thud thud thud that signaled its existence to the man now currently looking at him with adoring eyes.

Kurt's eyes twinkled in response, his smile blossoming as he realized the meaning behind Blaine's words. He was Blaine's world now. The fact that he made Blaine's heart beat meant Blaine lived for him, was alive because of him, and existed to love him fully and unconditionally. It was one of the most humbling realizations he could ever have in his life- to have power over a man, and consequently have this man hold power over him. The ultimate loss of control, but one he was giving up willingly and confidently.

"Blaine…" he whispered, his voice quiet with emotion. God, he loved this man. No matter how unbelievably dorky he could be, no matter how scary it was sometimes to feel so strongly for just one person, he loved him. He never thought it was possible, not in a million years, but here was, completely besotted with one Dr. Anderson who persevered with cups of coffee and hot chocolate and lasagna (and cheesecake, later on). He wouldn't pretend he understood why. Blaine had every right to walk away from him that night on the stoop. But for some insane reason logical only to Blaine, he was here, sharing the same breath and the same space and the same heart with him. God, he loved him. He really did.

Blaine entwined their fingers together and brought their clasped hands to his lips again, kissing softly. Kurt was the reason for everything now—the reason the sun shone brighter and the world seemed more beautiful. Everything was because of Kurt, and without him, god, he didn't feel alive. Kurt made him feel alive.

Grinning, Blaine shifted and stared straight into Kurt's eyes. "Did you know that dopamine levels rise during the attraction phase of romantic love?" he asked, knowing full well that Kurt knew all of this. He just wanted to say them out loud, teasing Kurt with how cheesy he could be sometimes. "It causes euphoric feelings, increased awareness and…" he paused, smiling mischievously and wagging his eyebrows in suggestion. "A tolerance for lack of sleep," he concluded.

Kurt bit his lip to prevent from laughing out loud, but soon his shoulders were shaking and he was releasing a string of melodious laughter in the quiet of the apartment. Blaine beamed, never tiring of the sound of Kurt's happiness filling his senses, making him more aware of how complete he felt with Kurt.

Sex-crazed. That's what they were right now. Lack of sleep implied sex, and goodness, the sex was great. But last night they needed to take a breather because although the sex was fantastic, lack of sleep just wasn't. The intimacy grew at an exponential rate since they started dating, and it went from vanilla and soft and so emotional, to passionate and fiery and adventurous, but always abounding with love and emotion, a physical sign of their commitment. But, for fuck's sake, great sex also meant no sleep (Care for round three? Sure. How about round four? Definitely.), and apparently, at this moment, Blaine seemed recharged enough to go at it again. Maybe it was the years Kurt spent chaste, or all the pent-up emotions he had locked somewhere in his heart, but goodness, the sex was fantastic.

Giggling, Kurt pulled away from Blaine a little and ran his palm across Blaine's side, his warm hand sending shivers down Blaine's spine.

"Hmm," Kurt hummed thoughtfully, his eyes alight with mischief. "Is that so?"

Blaine nodded quickly, his pupils now dilating at the sensation of Kurt's hand drifting lower and lower and lower until it was resting on the waistband of his jeans. Yes. Jeans. They both collapsed still fully clothed the night before, too tired to move after a movie they barely watched and dinner they barely ate out of sheer exhaustion. One minute they were kissing lazily on the bed, and the next they were snoring (so not sexy) and catching up on some lost shut eye, ready for more passion the day after.

"Yeah. You're my dopamine," he answered stupidly, trying to get so much closer to Kurt if at all possible. He could feel Kurt's caresses go straight to his cock, awakening him in a different way.

"Well," Kurt teased, letting his finger slide lightly just underneath the material, running it across the width of Blaine's back. "That's unfortunate. I don't think I'm much of dopamine."

Even in the arousal-induced trance, Blaine's brow furrowed in question. "Why's that?"

Kurt leaned in closer, his mouth just millimeters away from Blaine's ear, his whisper sending more shivers down Blaine's spine and straight to that anatomical region now pressed firmly against Kurt's thigh. "I think I'm more of… helicase," he said sultrily, gloating just a little at Blaine's reaction, feeling Blaine's cock hardening against him.

Blaine's breath hitched, inhaling deeply at the timbre of Kurt's voice. "Helicase," he repeated dumbly, feeling Kurt's hand slip to the front of his pants, his finger circling the metal button teasingly.

"Yeah," Kurt whispered, darting his tongue out a little to lick at Blaine's earlobe. "So I can unzip your genes," he declared, popping the button of Blaine's pants and sliding the zipper down slowly.





Oh, fuck.

Without warning, Blaine surged forward and captured Kurt's lips in a fierce kiss, flipping them over so that he was on top of Kurt, his weight steady but not oppressive as he felt Kurt struggle to remove his pants. Blaine responded in kind, letting his hands wander underneath Kurt's cotton shirt, sliding up his ribs until pulling Kurt's shirt over and out was an easy feat.

And just like that, they were both lost in the heat of the moment, in the play of passion transcending all of their doubts and all of their fears and all of the moments they thought their relationship wasn't worth it. The mutual adoration they felt slipped into every crevice and filled every hole and consumed them with such intensity that it was hard to breathe sometimes, and impossible to ignore.

Blaine loved Kurt, and Kurt loved Blaine. And at the end of the day, that was all that mattered. Everything else was just details.

And this is where I say... so long and goodbye. Over and out, you awesome people! Thank you so much for everything!