It. Was. So. Late. When. I. Wrote. This. I was so tired. x) So jazzed for camp. And instead of working on a different story, I write this out. x) Yes. That is why it can take me forever to write a chapter of a story, guys. XDD Anyways, this is Janet/Magenta...yay. x) I call it Jangenta because my friend thought I was looking for a name for this pairing when I mentioned Manet (ST Janet) so...yeah...x) Then I fell in love with the idea of Janet and Magenta. Don't judge me. CAAAAAAAAMP, AWAY! :D

Camp. Janet hated the woods. She hated bugs, spiders, bees, nature in general. But that didn't stop her parents from dragging her and a few of her friends into the woods for a week.

Oddly enough, her family had planned the trip in a rush when Janet's older sister had told them she was gay and happened to be dating her friend. Her parents freaked out, but Janet was confused. She didn't understand why her parents forced a trip.

But Janet ignored it. She invited a few of her friends, Betty Monroe, Columbia, and Magenta Vitus. Originally, she didn't want Magenta to go with her, she wanted Brad, but her parents refused to allow a boy on the trip.

"I don't see why we have to go to the woods!" Janet whined.

"Oh shut up, Janet," Magenta hissed.

"Why did I even invite you, Vitus?" Janet asked.

"Because Columbia wouldn't go without me," Magenta snickered. "It's sad whenever an intelligent girl won't even spend time with your family without me."

"Shut up," Janet mumbled. "Let's go."

"Don't talk to Janet like that!" Betty shouted.

"Can we just get to the site in one piece, please?" Columbia begged.

"Not if my sister's girlfriend is going," Janet sighed.

"You let Janet's friends go! Why can't Annie go?" Marie shouted. "It's not like we're going to have sex there just because she's my girlfriend, mom!"

"She can't go because we can't trust you!" Ralph shouted back at Marie.

"Why? Because I'm a lesbian? You wouldn't care if Janet took Brad, would you?" Marie screamed. "No, because she's not different! She's a boy-chaser, so you don't care if she gets pregnant! I'm not allowed to bring who I want because you two are both homophobes! I'm not going unless Annie can go!"

"Annie is not allowed to go anywhere with our family!" Harry shouted.

"Yeah, well I'm not going either!" Marie screamed, storming down the stairs and out the front door, slamming it shut behind her.

Magenta started laughing.

"What's so funny, Genta?" Columbia asked.

"When Riff Raff told mom he was gay, she just said whatever and don't get effed in the ass by some random guy," Magenta laughed.

"Oh…" Columbia said, suppressing a giggle.

"Riff Raff's gay?" Janet frowned. "I never knew that."

"Yeah…told me a few years ago. Then he went on and told me how he and Frank had sex…it was quite disgusting, if you ask me," Magenta shrugged. "Hard to believe he's seventeen, isn't it? How he talks like us."

"We're not that much younger, Magenta…two years," Betty frowned.

"Um…I thought he was eighteen," Janet mumbled.

"Almost. Then he'll move in with his boyfriend, leaving me alone with mom. Quite sad, actually…she's always drunk and crying," Magenta sighed. "Sometimes, I miss dad. But other times, I'm frickin' happy he died. All he did was yell at us."

"Really?" Janet asked. Magenta nodded.

"Janet! Time to go!" Emily called from downstairs.

"Coming!" Janet said cheerily. She hurried out of her room and down the stairs, followed by her friends.

They all piled into the backseat. Magenta was sitting by Janet and the door. Janet didn't want to sit next to Magenta at all, but ignored her sarcastic comments during the trip.

"So…Marie. She's gay. That's interesting," Magenta snickered. "Why didn't she come with us?"

"Because she didn't want to."

"Why not?" Magenta asked.

Nobody replied to her question.

The rest of the ride was fairly quiet, except when Betty tried to get everyone singing. Magenta quickly put a stop to that by screaming at Betty. And when they started to get closer, Betty started being extremely annoying.

"Are we there yet?" Betty asked.

"No," Magenta answered.

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there-"

"Betty! Stop asking! We're not there yet! Gosh!" Magenta shouted. "You're about the stupidest, most impatient person I've ever met!"

"And you're a spoiled brat," Janet said.

"And you're a closeted lesbian," Magenta replied.

"Don't even joke about that, Magenta!" Betty shouted.

"Will you kids be quiet please?" Emily asked politely.

"I'm fifteen. Not nine," Magenta sighed.

"Be quiet, Magenta," Columbia frowned.

The car was silent for a few minutes, much to Janet's enjoyment.

"Are we there yet?"

Everyone groaned.

By sunset, they were at the campsite and the tents were up. Harry and Emily were making dinner while the kids hung out in their tent.

"I'm so bored," Betty whined.

"Shut up, Betty. I'm sick and tired of hearing your voice," Magenta shouted. She fell onto her back, spreading her arms and legs. "Though it is very boring here."

"How about we play a game?" Janet suggested.

"Boring," Magenta sang.

"Um…what would we play?" Columbia asked.

"Games are for babies," Magenta commented.

"Why did you come with us if you don't want to do anything, Magenta?" Betty asked.

"Because I'm so bored at home and I don't want to listen to my brother cry out his boyfriend's name all night every night…it gets old after a while," Magenta sighed.

"That's disgusting," Betty shook her head.

"Your mom is disgusting," Magenta laughed.

"We can play truth or dare…or hide and go seek…what do you guys wanna do?" Janet asked. Magenta shot up.

"Truth or dare!" She cheered.

"That sounds fun," Columbia smiled.

"I don't like that idea," Betty frowned.

"Deal with it," Magenta giggled. "Let's play. Who goes first?"

"I don't care," Janet shrugged.

"Okay…I will," Magenta grinned devilishly. "Janet, truth or dare?"

"Truth," Janet blinked. "Why would I choose dare?"

"Who do you like?" Magenta asked.

"Nobody," Janet replied.

"You sure?"

"Yes…is it my turn now?" Janet asked. Magenta nodded. "Truth or dare, Columbia?"

"Dare," Columbia smiled.

"I dare you to go touch a tree and run back before Magenta counts to five," Janet smiled.

"Aww…okay," Columbia frowned. She jumped up and ran out of the tent.

"One…two…three…four…five…six…seven," Magenta counted loudly. Columbia dove back into the tent, panting.

"Oh my gosh…that tree was so far away…I hate you, Janet," she laughed.

"Dinner!" Emily shouted.

Janet, Columbia, and Betty all started crawling out of the tent. Janet stopped after she noticed Magenta not moving.

"Are you gonna eat, Magenta?" She asked. Magenta shook her head. "Okay…if you get hungry, just come on out, okay?"

"Okay," Magenta shrugged.

Janet had managed to drag Magenta out of the tent for the campfire. Columbia and Betty were throwing marshmallows at each other.

"No! Eat it, Betty!" Columbia shouted, trying not to laugh.

"You eat it, Columbia!" Betty shouted back at her.

Columbia threw a marshmallow at Betty, hitting her on the head and watching it fall into the fire and disappear. Janet and Magenta sat down together.

"Are you okay? You seem lonely," Janet whispered.

"I'm just tired," Magenta shrugged. "I always get like this when I'm tired."

"No you don't. You get really angry when you're tired…what's wrong?" Janet asked.

"Nothing. Can I please go to bed?" Magenta asked. "I was trying to fall asleep."

"No. We're about to sing campfire songs," Betty shouted. Magenta stood up and walked back into the tent.

"Whatever," she muttered.

"Betty!" Janet shouted. "I'm going to go to sleep too…goodnight."

"Goodnight," Columbia giggled, throwing another marshmallow at Betty.

When Janet walked into the tent, she found Magenta curled up into a ball under a blanket in her sleeping bag. She was already asleep.

"Goodnight, Magenta," Janet whispered, climbing into her sleeping bag.

It was late when Janet woke up. Columbia and Betty were asleep. They were sharing a sleeping bag, which Janet had expected to happen since they'd been friendly all night. Columbia was holding onto Betty's arm.

Janet heard soft crying from outside. She crawled out of the tent, careful not to wake the sleeping girls. She immediately noticed Magenta, wrapped up in her blanket, sitting by the remains of the campfire alone.

"Magenta?" Janet whispered, standing up and walking over to Magenta. She sat down next to the red head. "Are you okay?"

"Go away, Janet," Magenta growled.

Janet set a hand on Magenta's shoulder.

"What's wrong, Magenta?" She asked.

"I don't think you care, Janet," Magenta sniffled. "Please go."

"Not until you tell me what's wrong."

Magenta turned towards Janet.

"Actions show emotions better than words," she mumbled.

"Then…show me what's wrong…I just want to know what's bothering you, Magenta. We may argue a lot, but I really do care about you," Janet smiled.

Magenta leaned forward and kissed Janet. Janet, shocked and confused, pushed Magenta away.

"What was that?" Janet asked.

"That was what was bothering me, Janet," Magenta sighed. "I knew you'd react that way…with you being religious and all."

"So…you…like me?" Janet asked.

"Yes…I've wanted to do that since we were ten…I've always liked you," Magenta mumbled. "I just never knew how to tell someone like you…"

"You should have just told me," Janet smiled, scooting closer to Magenta.

"Do you…like me back?" Magenta asked.

"Actions speak louder than words," Janet giggled. She gently kissed Magenta, intertwining her fingers with Magenta's. Magenta pulled away and glanced at Janet's parent's tent.

"What if they wake up?" She asked.

"I don't care," Janet whispered. She rolled over onto the ground and pulled Magenta down with her. "I like you and they can't change that."

Magenta smiled.

"Wake up!" Columbia giggled.

Janet opened her eyes and stared at Columbia and Betty.

"What?" She asked.

"Why are you and Magenta hugging?" Betty asked. Janet looked beside her and nearly screamed.

"Hm?" Magenta asked sleepily. "What's going…oh my god! Janet!"

"Lemme guess…you and Magenta had a talk last night?" Columbia asked.

"Yes," Janet sighed. "What about it?"

"She told you something private?" Columbia asked. Janet pulled Magenta closer.


"I knew you two would make an adorable couple," Betty giggled. "Now you two'd better separate before your mom and dad get up, Janet."

"Good idea," Janet laughed, standing up and sitting down on a log.

Magenta followed her, smiling like an idiot.

"I'd never thought I'd say this but…I'm glad I came with you, Janet," she giggled.

"I'm glad you came too," Janet smiled.

"Good morning, girls," Emily sang, climbing out of her tent. "How was your night?"

"Great," Janet answered with a big smile.

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