Now, as you guys can see, this is the second chapter of the story milk. It doesn't really have a linking to the previous one so just think that both of them are driven by skin interactions after they've gone back to Gokudera's apartment. Oh and, I decided to write another chapter is because lots of your are suggesting me to so in order to fill you guy's inner pervert, I present to you guys this story~ I hope it's to you guys's please, enjoy~ :D

"Hn..." The sound of pleasurable moans resounded in the living room.

The environment was bright but blurry, cold but hot, boring but exciting. There's nothing in it except for a television, a red couch, a table and two figures; one on his knees and another one resting on the door. The leaning figure seemed to have trouble standing since he held onto the doorknob and the kneeling figure's hair, his legs trembling slightly. It was quite a difficult scene indeed. But on the other hand, the kneeling figure, was having such an enjoyable time, slurring sounds and something dripping can be heard.

Yes, Gokudera was giving Yamamoto a blowjob.

The raven haired teen leaned onto the wooden door, letting his every weight on it as he fully enjoyed the current moment - his boyfriend sucking him off - was definitely a very rare offer. How can he possibly let this slip?

Yamamoto had his fingers clenched tightly in Gokudera's silver hair as the hand that was on the doorknob now covering his mouth in awe, staring down at his messy lover with lust.

Gokudera's face was stained with Yamamoto many cums, damping some of his silky locks of silver too. For Gokudera, a person who cares about his own image to do such a thing; getting messy, covered in something so dirty and may I add, enjoying such a dirty thing with his tongue.

The bomber's long fingers held onto the huge member of the player playfully as he traps the tip of it between his lips, sucking and moaning in pleasure. So enjoyable. He twirled his tongue around the tip, his fingers trailed up and down the said player's length whilst his other hand fondled with his balls teasingly.

Gokudera may not look like it but when it comes to giving blowjob, he's a professional. The reason lies in his past and present. In the past, back in Italy, Gokudera often give blowjob to the ones who are interested exchange for some money so he wouldn't starve to death. He made quite a profit from it due to his experienced tongue and technique. As for the present, his perverted lover is the cause. Although he doesn't give Yamamoto such treatment usually, but when that time comes, both of the will enjoy it to their fullest. Dwelling in each other's sexy and wanting moans.

Just like now. Yamamoto's expression can tell anybody that he's fully enjoying this. His expression lewd, lips parted slightly as he stares down at Gokudera's erotic face with half lidded eyes filled with lust, wanting more and more. Sex drive sure is important than anything else by now.

Gokudera, on the other hand, was sucking and slurping Yamamoto's erection hungrily. It's like he had been waiting for this for a very long time. His lips moved so sexily on his skin, fingers oh so lustfully tracing his balls and length. Occasionally, Gokudera would look up at his ecstasy filled boyfriend and a smirk would find its way to the silverette lips. He love it when Yamamoto got so caught up in this that he didn't even know how slutty he sound and look.

And after admiring his work, Gokudera would give the swordsman the final treatment. He deep-throat the said swordsman's erection, making the other jolt and moaned the most loudest moan before cumming hard into the blower's mouth, filling it totally.

A line of cum dripped down to the pianist's chin as his mouth was not enough to hold all of the cum. "Bitter," The aforementioned pianist licked the cum off his chin before slumping down, sitting on the floor as he glances at the exhausted male.

Yamamoto was panting so hard, his whole body turned limp as he stares at nowhere with his hazy honey-brown orbs. His soul was currently away for now. After such a blowjob that words can't even describe, how can Yamamoto not feel exhausted? He gulped and wiped his drool off his chin as life starts to grow in Yamamoto's eyes. He slid down the door lazily and lengthened his leg to press on Gokudera's bulge teasingly.

"You're hard." He stared at the silverette with an amused expression along by a shit-eating smirk. "I bet you really enjoy my 'milk', eh?"

Gokudera moaned out softly when his crotch got teased and shifted away from the harmful leg before glaring at the pervert. "I said it's bitter." He protested.

"But you licked the last drop of cum off your chin, didn't you?" Yamamoto countered back.

Of course, Gokudera had nothing to say to that since it's the truth. His cheek flushed beet red before averting his gaze away from Yamamoto's lust-filled orbs. "You're getting a punishment." He stated with slight arrogance.

"Oh?" Cocking his head to the side, Yamamoto smirked as his eyes lightened with amusement. "And what is that?" He scooted closer whilst humming in a low and seductive tune, wrapping his arms around Gokudera's waist and pulled him in. Their chests touched as Yamamoto's member once again gain life in it, nudging Gokudera's back literally.

The pale cheeks of the silverette was dusted with pink tints when he felt the monster was once again alive but then, he still need to answer Yamamoto's question despite being so lusty and wanting of that nudging thing to enter his wetting hole. "I'm not going to let you enter me." He said firmly, not wanting to lose.

Of course Yamamoto was not surprised. How can Gokudera possibly escape from his arms? No way. He chuckled and licked Gokudera's neck, his fingers trailing down his chest to his nipple before twisting it. A moan escaped from the bomber's lips. Yamamoto smirked victoriously.

"See? You want me so badly." He hushed softly in Gokudera's ear, teasing his nipple more to gain enough moans to his ears.

"Hn..." Gokudera, of course got weak from the heavenly touch, grabbed onto Yamamoto's arms tightly for support and he found himself leaning into the tanner male's hand, desperately wanting more.

But still, Gokudera couldn't lose himself. He still has some pride in him. He must do what he said just now. And so, he swallowed some saliva and turned his head to glance at Yamamoto, catching his breath. "Stop..." He demanded. But who would possibly stop at such a state? Not Yamamoto.

The raven haired teen ignored the silverette's words and continued to please his lover.

Even though Gokudera enjoyed this, but he still got pissed when Yamamoto took no notice of his statement and he grind his body slightly, touching the tan male's member ever so slightly. Now it's Gokudera's turn to smirk in victory when a moan escape the other's lips.

Gokudera continued to did so and not long after, Yamamoto's grip on him loosened and just enough for him to slip out. He gave Yamamoto's member a light squeeze before standing up, leaving Yamamoto with a boner, and headed to the bathroom.

Of course, Yamamoto was too engrossed with what just happened failed to realize the absence of Gokudera. He pouted and sulked in his current position and waited for Gokudera's return so that he can tease him again.

But as he was getting bored and his member was swelling in pain, he got frustrated and went to find Gokudera himself. However, as he reaches the bathroom door, moans that signalized ecstasy echoed from inside. Yamamoto's ears perked up and he leaned against the door to get a better hearing at the voice made by his lover.

When he was getting restless, his member swelled from throbbing, he pushed the door slightly. Surprisingly, it's unlock. Yamamoto found himself lucky and peeked into the small gap. But then, his jaws dropped.

Gokudera was laying on the ground with fingers in his mouth, rubbing his nipples on the floor as his lower half vibrates slightly. In addition, Gokudera was probing himself with his fingers, eyes half-lidded as he drools in pleasure. Totally unaware of his surroundings. Lewd was the perfect word to describe Gokudera's current position.

Yamamoto came.

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