A/N Ok, so I just saw the new "Snow White and the Huntsman" movie and if you haven't seen it I HIGHLY recommend it. Now for the *spoiler alert*… I was so frustrated at the end, because I wanted Snow to run down the aisle and fling herself into the Huntsman's arms so bad I felt myself cringe when she didn't. So I am writing this little story, to satisfy that itch of mine that so badly needs to be scratched. Enjoy!
Another A/N For those of you just joining our tale, I just want to point out the first chapter was originally a One Shot and due to the ABSOLUTELY amazing Fans response I decided the tale of Snow and Eric just couldn't end there. So the following is a result of the enthusiasm for this story, credited mostly to the great people who took the time to say "Hey! There has to be more!" and you all know who you are! So take into account the context of the first chapter if you think the first one is rushed.. but I do promise a lot of twists, turns, angst, humor, romance, sweetness, and just plain steaming piles of lemons all rolled up in the adventure ahead. So I dare you to keep reading! ;)

It had been a long and exhausting day. Snow sat in her bedchamber combing the tangles from her long, raven hair. She had dismissed her serving maid, Greta, not used to the attention and pampering. How many years had it been since someone had cared for her needs, she wondered silently? Thinking back, Snow realized it had been ten years since Ravenna had locked her in the tower. An entire decade had passed with her only seeing the sunlight through a small rectangular window high up in the castle. The few weeks since she had escaped had seemed more like another decade.

The fire crackled in the hearth and its warmth drew her closer. Settling herself on the black bear rug in front of the fire, Snow stared at the flames as they danced in the grate. She thought back to her coronation and seeing the Huntsman at the long end of the aisle, standing tall and proud, his piercing blue eyes staring back at her. Thinking of those eyes now made an unfamiliar warmth curl into her belling and her breath hitch high in her chest. The way he made her feel was so different than how William made her feel.

William was handsome and just as brave, plus he had been her childhood friend and confidant. There was just something about the Huntsman that drew her to him like a moth to a flame. The two days before her coronation she had little time to think of anything else but the upcoming ceremony and returning balance to her kingdom. Now that it was over and the throne was hers, she finally had a moment to take it all in and contemplate on the events that had taken place in her life of late.

Snow lay down and stretched out on the rug, her toes peeking out from under the creamy white shift and dressing gown and she wiggled them at the fire. The sheer exhaustion overwhelmed her and her eyes drifted closed. She slumbered on the black of the rug, the white of her gown pooling in opposite contrast.


The Huntsman stood outside the new queen's bedchamber, having lured the guards placed there away with a fake diversion. He knew they wouldn't be fooled for long so he hurriedly slipped into the unlocked chamber, sliding the lock behind him. He had to say goodbye. He had been debating it all day. He didn't belong in this world with servants and proper manners. She had William and he was a good lad. He would make a fine husband for her when the time came for her to marry and produce and heir.

He inwardly groaned at that thought as he turned, walked to the four poster bed and pulled back the drapes expecting to find Snow tucked up to her chin, asleep. When he saw the covers undisturbed he had a moment of panic wondering what had happened to her and he jerked around. His brain was already making a list of things to do when he saw her and it took a moment for his heart to return to a semi-normal rhythm. She was asleep on the rug. Her hair splayed in blue-black rays around her head. The fire had warmed her skin making her cheeks blush. The ruby red of her lips was so perfect it seemed to him an artist might have painted them as she slept. He stared at the fine arch of her dark brows against the creamy white of her skin. Her heart shaped face was turned toward him and one small hand was curled in a light fist next to her cheek while the other rested across her waist. One of her legs was bent at the knee and had caused her gown to ride up giving him a view of long shapely legs as he crossed the room to stand over her.

He stood motionless as he went to war within himself. One part of him wanted to wake her and get the goodbyes over with but another part of him was afraid to touch her. She looked so fragile and vulnerable it was hard to imagine the strong woman who had charged into the castle only three days ago and killed Ravenna to take back her rightful throne. He was still nursing a couple of good nicks from the battle and she lay there perfect and unscathed, swathed in the glow of the flames. He made the decision and turned to slip quietly out of the room.

"Huntsman?" the softly questioning voice spoke behind him.

He stood motionless because he knew if he turned and looked into the greenish blue of her eyes he wouldn't be able to say what needed saying.

"I didn't want to wake you, but I wanted to say goodbye before I left and wish you luck with your new… life." His back was stiff, the sore muscles groaning with the tension in his spine.

Snow's mind was groggy from sleep so she knew she must have heard him wrong. Surely he had not just said he was leaving. That was impossible. She needed him here. Who would protect her? Who would help her through the transition of going from Princess to Queen? No, he had to stay! She couldn't do all this without him. The fact that William never entered her mind as an answer to all these questions, completely escaped her. Suddenly a flash of warm, firm lips pressed against hers skittered through her mind and she knew without a doubt it was her Huntsman that had awoken her from her funeral sleep.

"You can't go! I need you here!" Snow hated the sound of the weakness in her own voice.

"I'm afraid you have no jurisdiction over me, my Queen. I have fulfilled my obligation to you."

Snow rose from the rug, her dressing gown slipping from her shoulders, and stood with her feet planted and her fists balled at her sides. She had to convince him to stay. The panic was rising in her chest and she didn't know how to calm it. In her best imitation of authority she spoke, "You will not leave this kingdom! I am the Queen and you will obey!" She trembled and knew she sounded anything but authoritative.

The Huntsman started to chuckle and turned to tell this snip of a girl, queen or no queen, she wouldn't tell him what to do and the words died in his throat. The firelight shone through the sheer shift and he could see her shadowy silhouette through the flimsy material. Her ample bosom was straining against the ribbons tied across it making the material gap and giving him teasing glimpses of the flesh beneath. His tongue thickened and stuck to the roof of his mouth making speech impossible.

Snow watched his face change when he turned and looked at her. She thought it was anger that darkened his blue eyes to the pitch of night and made him stand so rigidly. She knew she shouldn't have spoken to him in such a manner. After all, he had risked everything for her, but she had panicked and spoke out of turn. Thinking to console him and apologize, she took the three steps that separated them and placed her hand on his arm and spoke softly, "I am sorry Huntsman. Of course you are free to go at any time you wish but I truly hope you will stay."

He felt the heat of her skin against his arm and he instantly hardened in his breeches. The true hunter in him woke suddenly from a long induced slumber and his eagle eyes focused on the red of her lips. Innocent, innocent, his mind kept squawking at him but every other part of him didn't seem to care.

Snow knew instantly she had made a mistake in touching him. His already dark eyes focused on her and she saw the pupils widen until she could barely see any of his iris left. The black of his pupils stared down at her and she shivered as she stared back into those bottomless depths as the tension mounted between them to a palpable entity.

Suddenly the dam broke and she was crushed to his chest as his mouth covered hers in a searing kiss that stole her breath. His strong arms encircled her and his hands roamed frantically down her back and to her buttocks to press her tightly against him. Snow felt the stabbing of his manhood into her pelvis but didn't comprehend what it meant.

The dam broke in Snow as well. She threw her arms around her Huntsman's neck and returned his kiss with fervor, standing on her tippy toes and pressing more fully against him. Years of loneliness and longing went into that kiss from both of them. They couldn't break contact for more than a few seconds to catch a breath before they crashed back together. The Huntsman's tongue slipped past Snow's teeth and tangled with her own, delving deep and then lightly running across her lips to make her shiver and a light moan escape her parted mouth. Her moan incited his lust even more and he grabbed her knee pulling her leg up to his waist as he bent her backwards and trailed kisses down her neck to the hollow at the base of her throat and suckled there. Snow ran her fingers through the golden strands of his hair and locked her fingers together and held him to her neck as her back arched and her long black tresses of hair brushed the floor.

The Hunter swept Snow's feet off the ground and laid her back on the fur rug she had only recently vacated. The heat of the fire was nothing compared to the heat of their bodies as he pressed himself against her as he come down over her and claimed her mouth again.

Snow cupped his face in her small hands feeling the stubble of the day's beard scratching at her fingers and traced his strong jaw as their lips danced together. She had no inhibition with him. She simply knew she never wanted to be without him. The warm air suddenly rushed over the bared flesh of her breasts and she realized he must have untied the bodice of her shift without her realizing it. The exposed flesh heaved as she tried desperately to catch her breath to no avail as he lightly cupped her breast and brushed his thumb across the dusky rose nipple. She whimpered at the gut wrenching heat that coiled in the pit of her stomach at that simple touch. He brushed it again and this time the whimper came out almost pleadingly. He obliged and tucked his head to take the pebbled flesh in his mouth.

Snow cried out as the moist heat of his mouth enveloped her. She went wild beneath him running her hands across his back and down to squeeze the bunching muscles of his arse and then began pulling his shirt up and over his head wanting to feel more of his skin. Her Hunter pulled back long enough to yank the shirt from his body and toss it aside barely missing the fireplace. Snow had barely enough time to take in the golden skin, tight with muscle, and watched it bunch smoothly as he came back to her this time taking her other nipple into his mouth.

Snow felt like she was melting into the rug beneath her. The ache in her belly had only grown worse and there was an incessant pulsing at the aperture of her thighs. She pressed herself instinctively against the Hunter's leg seeking release of the pressure building there. The Huntsman felt her press against him and he put his hand between them as he took her lips in his once more and pushed her leg aside allowing him to fit between her thighs and began to rub her through her shift's thin material.

Snow clung to the Huntsman digging her nails into his back. His fingers worked magic on her and she threw back her head and arched into his hand. He continued to rub her with one hand while he worked the gown up between them with the other until suddenly there were only his breeches separating their flesh. Snow was panting and whimpering with need she just didn't know what it was she needed so badly. She did now that whatever it was she could only get it from her Hunter.

"Please… Please!" Snow was begging him to end this torture.

A carnal growl ushered out of the Hunter's throat and he tore at the lacings on his pants in his haste to remove them. He looked down at his Snow White, her lips swollen with his kisses, her breasts jutting up at him with hardened peaks of rose, the raven curls covering her mound, her reaching for him with those long graceful fingers, and his heart swelled to near bursting as he remembered her innocence. He leaned and captured her lips once more as he freed himself of his strappings, blocking her view of him because he didn't want to frighten her. As his lips slowly worked her mouth he slipped his middle finger between her nether lips and pressed inward. Her hips instantly pushed up to meet his hand and he felt the slick wetness of her. She was nearly ready for him. He thanked his lucky stars because he didn't think he had it in him to wait much longer.

The Huntsman spread Snow's legs wide beneath him and he nestled between her legs letting her feel the weight and heat of him. He continued to stroke her with one hand, while balancing himself with the other, as he watched her facial expressions change as he worked her with his fingers. He was shaking with the effort it took not to just cram his self into her. Finally he felt her body relax around his fingers and he knew she was ready. He knew it would hurt but he silently vowed to make it up to her as he positioned himself at her opening and pressed inward slightly. Snow's eyes flew open at the strange new feeling of being stretched and look into the depths of her Huntsman's soul. He held her eyes as he continued to press further into her until he knew he had stretched her as far as her body would allow without breaching her maidenhead. He paused once more gathering his strength, and covered Snow's mouth with his own to capture her cry as he suddenly pushed forward burying his manhood to the hilt within her.

He waited for her rigid body to relax as it grew accustomed to the invasion of him. He placed his hand between them and began rubbing her, again building the pressure in her belly. He felt her body begin to melt around his and he slowly withdrew halfway and then eased himself back in.

Snow shuddered at the foreign feeling of being so full. She was stretched around his manhood and clung to him for dear life. He picked up the pace slightly making her moan as the pain subsided leaving in its wake a low burning and she quivered as the pleasure began to build again.

The Huntsman gritted his teeth to keep from coming right then. She was so hot and tight around him he thought heaven must have just swallowed him up. He pressed his forehead to hers and their lips just touched as they breathed into each other as he thrust into her and withdrew, again and again. Snow clung to her Hunter, wrapping her legs around his waist unable to get close enough to him. The pressure was back full force and she pushed up to meet his thrusts, seeking the release she knew would come from only him. He didn't move faster but he pushed harder and deeper. His thrusts pushing Snow into the floor beneath them as he rode her. He kept a steady rhythm until he felt her body arch suddenly beneath him, and she cried out as her walls began clutching around him. He roared with triumph and began pumping her in a frenzy until he too cried out with release, pushing all the way into her and holding there until her body had milked every last drop of seed from him.

Spent, he collapsed onto her shifting slightly to the side to remove some of his weight be remained inside of her, loathe to leave her. The Hunter gathered Snow close to his body and they lay quietly still connected and feeling each other's hearts slow to a more normal pattern.

They must have dozed because the fire had died down to embers when the Huntsman woke and realized Snow was still in his arms. He removed himself from her then swept her up and carried her to the four poster bed. Nudging aside the curtains and covers he laid her upon the goose down mattress.

Snow's eyes fluttered open and she said, "Please don't go."

The Hunter climbed into the bed next to his Queen and tucked her into his embrace and pulled the covers over them both.

"Never," was the last thing Snow heard before drifting off to sleep where she dreamed of fairy tales and happy endings.