Ash's Unleashing

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AN: This is set during the sinnoh league after ash's battle with Paul

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Chapter 1

Lily of the Valley Island Pokémon centre 6pm

Ash was thrilled he didn't think this day could get any better .He was excited that he finally beat his rival Paul in a full battle and on the big stage as well, he'd never been in such a tough full battle in a long time. He'd felt like he'd been pushed to another level, he was as exhausted as his Pokémon who gave there all for ash to win.

Currently Ash sat with Brock, Barry & Dawn in the Pokémon centre waiting for Pikachu and the others to heal.

"Man I'm spent "said the weary Ash.

"hehe you ought to be Ash" chuckled Brock "That was a tough battle."

"I can't believe you beat Paul, I was certain Electivire was going to win." exclaimed the still shocked Barry.

"Of course Ash was going to win he been training like crazy for this." Dawn replied for Ash.

"I know but man your Infernape was something!" shouted Barry "When it activiated Blaze it was so cool like a tower of flames bursting into the Sky, and you Ash were acting all cool calling for flare blitz and Paul countering with thunder punch it WAS SO!" Barry was jerked out of his excited spiel by a palm to the back of the head from Brock.

"OW!" Whined Barry, who rubbed the back of his head a small lump forming.

"Alright calm down it was a good battle no need to scream it to the world." Brock replied calmly as if he didn't hit Barry in the head.

"You didn't have to hit me." Barry replied quietly for once as Dawn giggled in the background.

"I know I'm proud of all my Pokémon they all did there the best that's all I can ask of them." Ash said proudly with a smile on his face.

Brock smiled "you know I think Paul might have taken some of what you said to heart Ash."

"What do you mean" said a confused Ash & Barry in unison.

"You know Paul would normally criticize his Pokémon openly if they lost a battle but im certain he didn't utter a word of contempt to any of his Pokémon during the battle."

"Considering how Paul lost both Aggron & Gastrodon at the start without taking out any of your Pokémon ash also I thought I saw Paul complement Electivire at the end of the battle." continued Brock.

"I thought so to" agreed Dawn while holding Piplup in her lap .

"piplup!" Piplup agreed.

Barry still looked puzzled and Ash was still not certain "But Paul said that his plan was to use those two Pokemon to figure out my team for the rest of the match." Ash said in response.

"That probably was the case" agreed Brock. "But the old Paul would never except defeats like that and not be annoyed in the least."

"Plus he didn't seem angry at all with Electivire." Added Dawn with Piplup nodding it's head.

"I don't know." said an uncertain Ash who was reflecting on the battle. Brock stood up and placed a hand on Ash's shoulder making him look up.

"Ash!" Started Brock as Dawn ,Piplup and Barry looked on. "You changed him, it may have not been an instant change but over the course of our journey through Sinnoh Paul has slowly come to except that his Pokémon aren't tools for battle." calmly said Brock

"When we first met him he didn't respect you at all and didn't respect his Pokémon either, remember when Electivire was an Elekid it tied with Pikachu which to be honest with you I was very surprised about. And he even released his Starly even though it beat your own" continued Brock.

"I know" replied a slightly down Ash, the victory didn't feel as sweet anymore.

"you know Ash you remind him of Reggie."

"Really?" said Ash.

"Yeah, Ash you are both similar I agree" said Dawn.

"Pip piplup."

"What's your point?" said Barry as he wondered who Reggie was.

"My point is before Paul would have probably released his Pokémon if they lost a battle, remember you beat his Weavile and he still has it. Also remember aggron lost as a lairon to Brandon yet paul still has it as well" continued Brock.

"Also I don't recall Paul criticizing any of his Pokémon either during that battle with Brandon."

He did kind of lose it but at Brandon not his Pokemon towards the end" said Dawn who scratched her head.

"so your saying he's changed "said Ash quietly.

Brock Nodded "Yes, he might not be Mr nice guy, but he's not as callous either."

The next few minute was very quiet in Pokémon centre, other than Nurse Joy returning to the front desk currently bringing out a tray of poke balls, but only five of the 6 slots were occupied one was vacant.

Ash was deep in thought, he wasn't completely sure that Brock was right. Sure he noticed that Paul was a bit nicer to him especially when Monferno evolved, and didn't call him a 'weak trainer' anymore. But, that didn't mean that Paul respected him either, they didn't get a chance to talk after the battle. Ash continued to think about it but was shocked out thought of his thought process literally by his best buddy Pikachu, who seemed to be staring at him in bemusement.

The extra crispy Ash slowly got off ground and collapsed back into his seat and stared at Pikachu who slowly climbed up his left shoulder. The 2 stared at each other for a moment as dawn giggled in background with Piplup. Brock was missing and Barry had collapsed to the ground out of his seat in laughter.


"…What was that for!" Ash finally roared out, almost displacing Pikachu from his shoulder. Pikachu regained his position and stared back at ash and zapped him again "PIKA! "shouted Pikachu.

"So.. orry Asssshhh!" giggled Dawn. "But you weren't responding to us or Pikachu."

Barry got up chuckling "yeah but Pikachu sure took care of that!" he collapsed back into chair chuckling even more.

"Yeah yeah very funny" Ash said sarcastically. "PIKAPIKAPIKA!" Pikachu laughed.

"Where's Brock?" said Ash who looked around.

"he went to pick up your Pokémon since Pikachu came charging this way and Nurse Joy called for you,we ought to fine you for making us wait." Barry said jokingly.

"Yeah!" said Dawn with a small giggle. Ash rolled his eyes and got up and walked to the counter. "I'll go see what taking Brock so long although I got a big hunch what Lover boy's doing." stated Ash as his mouth slowly curved into a smile.

Walking away from the two Ash sighed as he approached the counter his mind still bewildered from the conversation moment's ago. Ash quickly spotted brock who was as expected flirting this time while actually holding Nurse Joys hands, she stared confused at the drivel that spilt out of Brocks mouth as her Blissey stared on in wonderment, it's mouth in a o shape.

Ash sighed again as he finished his approach catching the end of brock's hogwash. "The star's shine brightly tonight but none as brightly as you, so let me bask in your shining presence tonight just the 2 of us." Brock looked passionately to the goddess in front of him, he would have continued but he felt a sharp a pain in the rear and was seeing even more star's(Nurse Joy's lol). "Let the seven of us shine brightly together!" Now Dizzy as he stumbled around. Ash was surprised he was still standing apparently so was Croagunk . "Gaahhh!" and brock collapsed to the second poison jab and was dragged away.

Both ash & Nurse Joy sweat dropped but quickly regained their composure.

"Nurse Joy I'm here pick up the rest of my Pokémon, and sorry Pikachu ran away from you." he continued sheepishly.

"That's ok Ash, here's the rest of you Pokémon." Nurse joy pushed the tray forward for Ash to collect. "Thanks!" and picked up his poke balls out of the tray.

"If you need help please come again!" said Nurse Joy who smiled.

Ash & Pikachu nodded there thanks again and walked back to the group. Brock was still out of it surprisingly, with Croagunk waiting patiently at his side and dawn was shaking her head staring at Brock.

"He did it again didn't he" said Dawn still shaking her head.

"Yep" Ash said blandly. "Where's Barry?" Ash continued .

"Went to his room, said he'll see you tomorrow."

"Ok." Ash then sighed once more and said "I'm going for walk ok with Pikachu, I won't be long!" and slowly walked away. Dawn stared as they went.

'What brock said must have really got to him, still he should be happy overall he did beat Paul.' Shaking the thought's out of her mind Dawn & Piplup helped Croagunk drag Brock to their room.

Outside the Pokémon centre 5:27pm

It was a wonderful night out thought Ash. A lovely breeze, a full moon with many star's shining brightly. "Pika!" said Pikachu with its eye's closed also enjoying the night breeze.

"You did great today Pikachu, you did you best like always." Said Ash as they walked along the path watching the people out an about.

"Pika Pikachu!" said Pikachu who licked Ash's cheek.

"You all did well, hehe!" chuckled Ash "what a great day."

They walked quietly and eventually reached a path which lead to the Lily of the Valley Lake.

"Not a creative name is it Pikachu!" ash said chuckling , Pikachu was shaking it's head.

When they reached the lake, ash saw a blur sitting on a bench by the lake. Ash walked closer and made out someone with purple hair.


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