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A/N: I was bored when I thought of this.


LOG #1

Date: Saturday, June 2nd 2012

Reference learned: Pwn/Pwned

Definition: Derived from the word "own" or "owned", which is usually said when one has gained victory over another. The term was first used in a video game called "World of Warcraft". (Note to self: Must try this game!)

I was watching Tony and Thor acting childish again. Tony declared that with his suit, he could fly faster than Thor's hammer could. Thor, being the proud god that he is, challenged Tony to a face off.

True to what he said, Tony's suit was considerably faster than Thor's hammer. Once they both landed, Tony's mask flipped open and he shouted, and I quote, "YOU JUST GOT PWNED, YOU HAMMER-WEILDING SPAWN OF ODIN!"

Needless to say, Thor's hammer was fast enough to hit Tony squarely in the chest.