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LOG #14

Reference learned: Siri

Definition: Kinda like a personal assistant in a phone. Like JARVIS (But Tony says JARVIS is way better. I think it's the accent).

I walked into the pantry to make myself a peanut-butter sandwich when I saw Natasha talking on her phone.

Well, it was more like she was talking TO her phone.

She said "Siri, please make a reminder for me about my appointment this Wednesday" and I heard the thing reply her back. I asked her since when did JARVIS sounded like a woman and she said it wasn't, so she proceeded to explain to me about this iPhone (Note to self: They sure spell things funny in this era) and the artificial personal assistant in it called Siri.

She was showing me how to use it when all of a sudden Thor came in and said "Brethren! The Pop-Tarts are finished! Where may I acquire more Pop-Tarts?". Siri picked up his voice and instantly began to list down a couple of grocery stores nearby.

Thor, confused, asked who was that talking and Natasha showed him her phone. Thor's eyes lit up when he saw the small device and took it from Natasha, asking her what it is.

She explained to him on how to use Siri, and surprisingly he picked it up quickly. He began asking Siri all sorts of questions like "Why is New York City called The Big Apple when it doesn't resemble an apple?" and "What is Victoria's secret?" (He still won't let that one go).

It's been an hour and a half and he's still asking the phone all sorts of questions.

I guess someone needs to get Thor one of those iPhone 4S thingamajigs.