She sat on a grassy verge in Lawrence, Kansas; her metal left dull after one too many rains and her leather worn. The grass beneath her was pale and dead. No one gave her a second glance. There was no one alive who could remember a time when she wasn't there, and no one gave her a second glance anymore. But, there was a time when two boys rode around in that car, blasting songs no one knew the words to anymore with the windows rolled down. Two brothers who shared a close bond, and loved that car. So many memories lingered on her worn leather and chipped paint. Memories of those two boys. The boys who loved her. The ones that saved the world a few times. The ones that fought monsters others refused to see. But, they were also the boys who died.

But, every day without fail, a man would stand beside that car. A short man, in a sandy brown trench coat. He would just stand there, gazing at the car. Children would shy away from him, but if any adult bothered to look, they would see a nostalgic kind of love. But people just let him be. They would never notice how she shone a little more after each visit and how the grass was a little greener. Two boys loved that car. Two boys made themselves a part of that car. And a certain angel loved those two boys, and everything that forgotten car stood for.

No one wanted to know how that car had come to be there. No one would believe it anyway. But that angel kept coming. Sometimes, he would run his hands over the car, trying to feel for those two boys. He would never cry, but you could see the sadness lingering in his eyes. No one loved those boys as much as he did. No one loved a certain one of those boys as much as he did. Those boys nearly died on a daily basis saving both him and the rest of the world. They did everything for everyone, and they enjoyed it. They knew they had made some mistakes in their life time, but they learned to forgive each other. Those two boys did so much for the world, but no one would ever know. And that was what upset the angel the most. Those boys deserved recognition, but no one would ever give them any. Sometimes, that angel wished he could have died with them.

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