A gentle whisper of the wind tickled the skins of the Shadow and the Ace as the night dawned into the hour that is 7 PM. An idle basketball sat comfortably by a metal fence as the two who occupied the court accompanied it. Kuroko, with his spine up against the pole that held the basket took in a deep breath, feeling a pair of eyes upon him. Aomine, who leaned upon the metal fence, partially parallel to the Shadow, was the culprit of laying his eyes onto Kuroko but he didn't seem to care that he was found guilty. Their atmosphere read as cold and silent and yet none felt uncomfortable underneath each other's presence. Could it be past relations that had ceased their tight tension or was it just their personalities? Whatever it was, they were grateful to pass the boundaries of tautness. But this comfortable silence can only go for so long—Aomine knew it and so did Kuroko. The real question was; how long will it take until one of them… breaks?

"Aomine-kun?" The Shadow spoke, breaking what seemed a lifetime of hush. The said teen merely responded with an audible sound to suggest he was listening before Kuroko went on, "Can you please say something?" He requested, receiving a twisted look upon the Ace's facial expression. Aomine looked at the older one, trying to see where this conversation was supposed to lead to but nothing could be seen in Kuroko's blank but neutral state. Now Aomine could understand why Midorima never liked Kuroko—he could never tell what the latter was thinking.

The Shadow waited for the other's answer, but he wasn't really expecting much. How was one supposed to reply to such a sketchy question? And that was just the thing—Aomine didn't know how to answer. More like, the answer he replied with wasn't with words, per se.

The Ace, after a short interval once words have been spoken, leaned forward in a suggestive manner. A smirk accompanied with sinister eyes lurked over Kuroko before lips pressed up against lips. The Shadow barely flinched causing a spark to erupt in the pits of Aomine's stomach. The Ace slipped the tip of his tongue into the unresponsive mouth of Kuroko before gliding the rest in; some sort of fruit taste filing his own mouth. A faint sucking noise escaped their lips as Aomine continued to make his advancements onto the smaller figure. Warmth contradicted the atmosphere that surrounded them both as their insides heated up. Kuroko still remained unaffected by the acts of Aomine as the latter slowly gave up trying to faze the other. The Ace eventually parted, retreating back into his original position against the metal fence, with a distressed smirk upon his lips.

"Aomine-kun. I requested you say something, not the opposite." Kuroko corrected, composed and all.
"You're really demanding." Aomine, finally spoke in an annoyed tone, "Besides, I'm not obliged to do whatever you say." He childishly said.
"I would prefer it if you had said that instead of kissing me." Kuroko suggested, receiving a slight chuckle from the Ace.
"There you go again, demanding as you please." Aomine sighed, huffing out in disbelief.
"What are you suggesting, Aomine-kun? I'm demanding? I don't see how that's much of a crime."
"I know that much."

The Shadow cocked his head to the side as if to ask the younger one what he meant by that. Aomine caught on, taking a deep breath as he debated on whether or not he should tell Kuroko what's on his mind, "It's just that—I don't find your requests annoying."
"So? What's the real problem that seems to be troubling you?" The Shadow pressed on, knowing there's more than Aomine's letting on.
He sighed deeply, "What's annoying is that…"

You—even though you're so weak, you still manage to drag me into your demands.

"Never mind." Aomine grumbled under his breath in a tone that told Kuroko to back off. The Shadow—it was his turn to catch on so he retreated his line of questioning, at least for the time being—however long that may last, "Whatever. It's your turn to fulfil my wishes."
"When have we been taking turns, Aomine-kun?" Kuroko asked, unintentionally breaking his vow of not questioning within two seconds of creating it.
"Shut up. I've been taking your crap all day so you can at least fulfil a mere wish." Aomine suggested. Shit, I slipped up.

"So that's what this stubborn attitude's coming from? I've made simple requests and you're annoyed at yourself for obliging to them?" Kuroko deducted, hitting the bull's eye. Aomine tsked, frustrated at how easily the Shadow can read him and yet it doesn't work vice versa. Kuroko thought of the silence the Ace provided as a chance to prove that his observation was right, and to also change the subject, "What is this wish you would like me to fulfil?"

Aomine's intimidating gaze lied upon Kuroko as something sinister wracked through his mind. His eyes then eased into a slightly less fearful one as his lips parted to speak, "Will you do it if I ask?" Aomine wanted Kuroko to speak words he can't really go back on otherwise this won't be any… fun.
"I presume it would only be fair. I did ask you to help me to shoot so I don't see why I can't do what you want." The Shadow supposed.
"Tetsu, I want you to kiss me." Aomine, upon hearing Kuroko's response, fired off his wish with no hesitation in his confident voice.

Kuroko remained silent for no longer than a minute before heaving onto his knees. He leant forward, placing the palms of his hands onto Aomine's chest before pressing his lips briefly upon the darker-skinned male. The kiss was short and chaste but it was enough to ignite a fire in the pit of Aomine's stomach once more. Just before Kuroko pulled away, the Ace spoke, "I'm going to need a little more than that, Tetsu. Kiss me like you mean it."
Why was he acting like this? He didn't know. But what really surprised him wasn't his weird behaviour—it was when Kuroko actually obliged to another, more meaningful kiss.

The Ace was genuinely joking but those soft lips that moved against his own—it's hard for him to break the moment they had. An arm reached out and constricted itself around Kuroko's build; it pulled the smaller teen over Aomine to the point where the Shadow's legs were on either side of the Ace's hips. Aomine was stunned at how Kuroko was easy to manoeuvre—it was as if the latter was willing. Well, Aomine would find it upsetting if Kuroko didn't enjoy these acts but it was strange. He really wasn't expecting such behaviours from Kuroko. It was a side to him that maybe only he knows of. That thought excited him to the extent that he intends to keep it that way.

Aomine sat there idly as the Shadow sustained his soft kisses. They seemed shy and unwilling to go further than a mere peck on the lips. The Ace found this to be nothing but adorable and eventually, Kuroko came to an abrupt halt. Aomine raised an eyebrow as if to question why he stopped. Kuroko sighed.
"It's hard for me to continue if you're being unresponsive." He said, causing the Ace to crack a smile and chuckle.
"Tetsu, that's so rich coming from you!" He continued to childishly laugh at Kuroko's statement.

Unexpectedly, Aomine was pushed deep against the metal fence that slightly bended upon impact as Kuroko smashed his lips against his. The latter's eyes grew wide at this rough experience as he received a forceful, more confident kiss from his beloved Shadow. As reluctant as he was, Aomine pushed the said teen away, panting slightly as his breath was stolen away from him, "What's this all of a sudden?"
"You're laughing." Aomine cocked his head to the side in confusion, "I haven't seen you laugh in such a long time." Kuroko confessed, sounding a little lonely.
"Is that so?" Aomine inquired, just realizing that himself, "Well, if I'm getting this kind of response from you, then I'll laugh every single day."

Clouds that painted the sky cried its tears in the form of rain. It was unpredicted but it couldn't be helped. Neither Kuroko nor Aomine carried an umbrella since the forecast anticipated clear skies so talking shelter was their next option. And take shelter, they did. Nearing the courts laid a pair of silver benches underneath a wooden crown. It somehow resembled a bus stop but no bus would halt in such a place. It may be narrow by just a bit, but it was enough for the two of them. The cold, chilly air could be the death of them, so they stayed in a compromising position; Aomine lied along the bench that was wide enough to fit his figure with a hand placed underneath his head to act as some sort of pillow. Kuroko lied upon Aomine's body; his hands underneath his chest as his head pressed against the Ace's. Their eyes stared into the basketball court in front of them as the rain showed no signs of stopping any time soon.

Kuroko was the first to shift his gaze and shift he did as his sight rested onto Aomine's face. The latter didn't seem to notice as his eyes strained themselves to watch the dark sky above. He caught a mere glimpse earlier of the heavens before the clouds rolled in and the stars were magnificent. They shone brightly and showed their beauty, even when they were light years away from our reach. Aomine then turned his head as the gaze Kuroko gave him finally received the attention it required.

"Aomine-kun?" The Shadow broke the contented silence only to obtain a mere 'hmm?" in response, "Is this position uncomfortable for you?"
"Barely." The Ace objected, propping his upper body up with his elbows. Their eyes met for a brief second before locking onto each other's, "Tetsu, kiss me." He requested once more with nothing but a neutral façade to hide his true interest in what Kuroko would do.
"As you wish, Daiki." Kuroko spoke, wrapping his arms around the said teen's neck before closing the space between their face with a heart-warming kiss. He wasn't sure what was to come out of the events of tonight—would they act as if this never happened or will they become something more? All Aomine knew was that it was troublesome to think of anything of that right now.

In the corner of his eye, a puddle reflected the sky which held those stars he wishes to see once again. But even though he couldn't see the stars above, he knew he could at least see the star that landed before him.

黒子のバスケ © 藤巻 忠俊
Kuroko No Basuke

This is my first attempt at writing a story, ever. BUT nevertheless, pls request whatever pairing you'd like!