This was actually inspired by, honestly, Novella Vialli.

Her story was pretty good and I wanted to write one too. :)) I admit, the script in Sanctum kinda sucks, but the idea of the story is awesome! While watching the movie, I guess I was curious if what'll happen if Josh's love interest was with them so... I made this. :)) hope you people like it!

Chapter 1

A Day Out on the Sun

Normal POV

18 days went by.

It has been 18 days since Halea and Josh have last been in Esa'ala cave. They knew of the predicament that they would eventually encounter once they face their parents, but for a time out where the sun shines and freedom grows within them, it was all worth it.

The sun was blazing hot, no doubt about it; nothing less to consider since they were in Papua New Guinea, but still, complaints were allowed.

"Josh, are you sure we're going the right way? For all we know, they already left." whined Halea as she flapped the front of her black wife-beater to cool her body off. Even with her attire composed of a sleeveless top and shorts that barely reached her mid-thigh, the heat was too much.

"Quit being a baby, Halea. We're almost at the dock." said Josh as he wrapped his arm around Halea's shoulder, exaggeratingly leaning all his weight on the poor girl.

She shoved Josh off her as an attempt to release his heavy arm off. Josh chuckled from his best friend's attempt to remove him from his side; unfortunately, Halea's efforts backfired when she felt the planks beneath her feet slowly disappear as Josh lifts her up.

Halea squealed out of both surprise and amusement as she thrashed on Josh's back, who merely laughed at her weak punches.

"Joshua McGuire! You put me down this instant or else I'll-"

Halea's scream and punches were cut short when she felt her body being pulled away from Josh's back and onto the ground.

"Or what?" asked Josh as he stared on Halea's bright green eyes, smiling mischievously. Halea was speechless. Her feet were safely on the ground, but Joshua kept himself close to her body, trying to intimidate her. Though she did felt intimidated, she couldn't help but notice his eyes. Only now did she notice Josh's bright blue eyes, it seemed so... alluring that she can't push herself away.

Josh's smile slowly faded as he stared at Halea's eyes. 'Was it always that green?'thought Joshua as he just stared at her eyes. Slowly, his eyes drifted from her eyes to her lips as he only now noticed how luscious they looked.

Both somewhat mesmerized by the other slowly leaned closer, entranced by the other. 'So beautiful...' was the only thought that escaped Josh's mind.

"Josh? Halea?" a voice not far behind them asked.

Both suddenly stopped. 'What am I doing?' both of the teens asked as they shook their heads, trying to remove the trance they've somehow been in to.

Josh saw Carl behind Halea as he saw him walk towards them. Out of panic, Josh quickly shoved Halea off of him, trying to regain his usual composure, but took notice of the hurt in Halea's eyes when he literally pushed her off his arms. Josh felt a pang in his heart when he saw her hurt and was about to explain his actions, but Carl intervened.

"Don't tell me you guys were actually allowed to come up for air." said Carl once he was in front of them.

Halea, who was now out of her daze, took notice of Carl. "You're kidding right?"

"You guys are gonna be in the shit!" Carl grinned at the two teens whilst giving them both a one arm embrace.

"Fuck off!" said Halea as she laughed at Carl's silly antics. Carl laughed along, missing the two teens more than he thought.

"Fuck it. We wanted to be here." followed Josh as the three walked to what appeared to be a floating plane. From the contraption, a woman, about Carl's age, walked out on to the deck.

"Hey babe! Come meet Josh and Halea. McGuire's and Cratchley's kids"

"Josh McGuire and Halea Cratchley? I've heard all about you two. It's so cool that your parents brings you in these expeditions." said Carl's girlfriend, Vic Elaine, as she wrapped her arm lovingly around his man's shoulder. She stood before the two teens, looking pretty and tall. Halea couldn't help but feel jealous with the woman.

"Yeah. Yeah. I'm stoked." said Josh dryly as he forced himself to smile. Halea couldn't help but smile at his ill attempt to show praise on his work. "It's like a dream come true." she added with just as much wry on her every word.

Carl knew that the two didn't really enjoy the work they were in. He chuckled at the twos lack of enthusiasm on what could be one of the most vigorous, exciting, and thrilling expedition that could ever be allowed as far as his money can buy.

After being briefed by the current progress on the expedition, which was too small of a change compared to Carl's first briefing, they all jumped in the chopper placed near the market. All except for Halea.

Carl was readying the ignition, prepping the machine for the flight, but Halea just stood there with widened eyes. Josh took notice of Halea's absence in the chopper and soon found her staring at their vehicle, scared shitless.

Josh nudged Carl, "Carl, maybe I should go at the back with Halea. She isn't exactly too fond of the idea of flying."

Only did then Carl noticed Halea frozen on the ground, painstakingly obvious of the fear she had. Carl nodded at Josh's direction, instantly going out of the chopper to Halea, and was now replaced by Vic.

Josh walked tentatively to Halea, trying to think of ways to talk to her into ridding the chopper. But Halea was fast. "No."

"Come on Halea. It'll take at least more than 2 days to travel back by hummer. This'll take only a few minute." persuaded Josh as he held Halea's cold hands, trying to slowly pull her into the chopper.

"Josh, no! I'll... I'll take the hummer. So what if it'll take days, at least it's safe!" shouted Halea as she tried to give reason to Josh. Josh shook his head, pulling her more into the chopper. The thought of her travelling alone in a hummer for days in a cannibal infested jungle wasn't exactly his idea of safe.

Halea was giving a hard fight. She was hardly budging from her place now that the chopper was a lot closer. Hearing Carl shout 'Ready!' to Josh, he grew desperate. He was not going to leave her here alone.

"Do you trust me?" asked Josh, staring intently in to the eyes of Halea. Halea was surprised; she wasn't expecting him to ask that, at least not that seriously. She sighed in defeat, and slowly let Josh drag her to the chopper. Even with her white flag flying high as a sign of defeat, her heart was hammering through her chest.

Josh took notice of her sweaty cold hands and how wide her eyes were out of fear when they both sat at the back seat in the chopper. He felt useless; he didn't know what to do to ease Halea's fears. He squeezed her hands thinking that it may loosen her up a bit, and somehow, it worked.

Halea looked up at Josh and gave him a weak smile, thanking him for his effort. Just as Halea was getting used to the idea of sitting in the chopper, her hand held tighter on Josh's hand as she felt them fly up through the air. Halea was, by far, petrified to move. Josh however noticed the distress radiating from his best friend and wrapped his arms around her for comfort.

Halea visibly relaxed from Josh's touch. She let her head rest against his chest as he felt his grip on her tighten, pulling her closer to him. Minutes went by them as they flew above huge cliff sides, rainforests and rivers. Halea had to admit that it was a beautiful sight. Josh felt her relax against his grip when he saw how she marvelled the scenery seen through the glassed windows. Through the entire trip, never once did he release her from his embrace even with her calm.

By the time they landed on a clearing near the cave's mouth, several natives stood by the side as they waited for them to exit the chopper. The landing was a bit rough considering Carl was driving which caused rather amusing squeals from both Vic and Halea.

Josh laughed mockingly at Halea, still placed in his arms, but soon was pushed away by Halea as means of revenge. She quickly jumped from the chopper, away from the 'Devil's Contraption' with Luko close on her tail. Josh followed suit with Vic, Carl already ahead of all of them as he talked with Jim regarding the gears being brought out of the cave.

As soon as they arrived near camp, Halea spotted Dex inside the main tent doing God knows what. At the same time, Dex saw the group of people through the makeshift window arriving in the camp and caught Halea's eyes staring at him.

"Like what you see?" asked Dex cockily while popping his collar. Halea merely giggled at Dex's failed attempt to flirt once again, and gave him a hug. Right behind her, Dex saw Josh come in the tent and chuckled at the two friends, catching them both hugging.

"Never thought I'd actually see the day where you fall for one of Dex's methods of flirting. You are getting desperate from all this time away from civilization, that's for sure." said Josh with a smirk, showing his amusement. Halea, who was just noticing Josh, pushed Dex away causing him to fall in a pile of files stacked near at the side of the tent. Josh laughed at Dex's frustration.

"Way to cockblock a friend Josh." grumbled Dex as he clumsily stood off the pile, punching Josh's shoulder jokingly after. Halea joined the laugh fest soon started by the two men.

After catching up, mostly Dex telling both Josh and Halea how much fucked up they were when they see their parents, Josh walked away to search for Vic to give her the video tour of the cave as requested by Carl earlier.

While Josh was out of the tent, Dex quickly narrowed his eyes at Halea.

"What?" asked Halea as he simply stared at Dex, wondering what the sudden change was for.

"Something happened. I can't explain but something happened between you two. I can feel it," he said as he lingered his eyes on Halea, trying to figure the changes, "The whole time I talked to you guys, there was like something in between you two... I can't tell what it is."

Halea fidgeted under his gaze, feeling slightly uncomfortable from his judging eyes. Suddenly, Dex jumped off where he sat.

"Oh. My. God! You two are-"

"No we're not!" Halea denied, more to herself than Dex. "We're just best friends. Nothing more..."

Dex saw the sadness in Halea's eyes when she thought of how nothing more can ever happen between her and Josh. He was about to say something, possibly try to show her reasons to think otherwise but was interrupted when Josh came in followed by Vic.

Dex was soon occupied with Vic's tour, which was amazing to say the least. The virtual replication of the cave- from the details of the stalagmites to the dent of every boulder- was superb.

After the tour, there wasn't any time given to Dex to allow himself to talk to Halea about her and Josh's new found predicament. Once the tour was over, all of them went their separate ways; Josh and Halea changing out of their clothes and into something more comfortable for caving, while Vic and Carl went off to talk with Frank through one of the web cams.

After changing into their wetsuits, Halea and Josh followed Vic and Carl in one of the tents near the cave's mouth. Carl was apparently talking with Frank, more like arguing. The oncoming storm was erratic, but Carl needed everything rushed.

Halea was staring at Carl as he shows Frank a bottle of what looked like vodka. She stares at Josh, confused with what the man was holding, but received only a chuckle as he put his arms around her casually, holding her tightly to him.

The discussion between Carl and Frank grew heatedly, but soon cooled down when Frank asked for Josh. Halea heard Josh gulp, making her chuckle this time. With a glare, Josh let goes of Halea and faces his dad.

"You're on my shit list." said the old man sternly as he stared down on his son, obviously pissed at his son's disobedience. A follow-up voice soon shouted from Frank's side with just as much seriousness as Frank's voice, "Tell her to bring her ass down here before I pull her down here myself!" Apparently, it was Jude, as pissed off as Frank.

"We needed those bail-out tanks down here, Josh, alright. We rely on you and Halea to do your job."

Halea stood up from her place and walked towards Josh when she heard her name. She was pissed. It's not like she asked for the job. She stared at Frank; her anger was obvious from her stance as she crossed her arms. He looked at the old man snidely.

"No. A job is something you choose to do, something you're paid to do. Stop treating us like we're five years old!" said Josh, his temper rising.

"Then stop acting like you're five years old!" shouted Frank as he stared down at the two teens. Halea heard enough. She was sick of their parent's continuous scolding. Just when Frank was about to continue his 'you-should-be-ashamed' speech, Halea pressed the off switch.

Josh looked from the screen to Halea; disbelief traced on his face, but looked highly amused of the girl's act of rebellion. Halea shrugged his shoulders as if to care less of their parent's reaction later on once down at the caves, and readied herself for their trip. Josh ran after the girl, while draping his arms casually over her shoulders.

Carl sniggered at the two teens, amused by the interaction between them; nevertheless, he and Vic followed suit to ready for the trip downwards.

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