They had barely climbed ten feet up the almost vertical rock face before Kirk started to sweat. He felt like his hands were blistering on these jagged boiling rocks, and they were the ones on the shady side of the cliff! He was starting to tire. Sarek was beside him, ready to catch him if he fell, and in this heat it that was definitely a possibility.

Spock was the first to reach the top of the rocky precipice, which burned under the palms of his hands, as it had been heated by the Vulcan suns all day. He hauled himself over the edge, onto the flat surface of the top of the outcrop, and then he turned on his knees and helped Kirk and his father up.

"See anything?" asked Kirk as he dusted himself off.

Spock's vision had now dimmed, cutting off for the most part the harmful white light of the suns. He had his inner eyelids to thank for that, "I do not see anyone, nor do I hear-"

"Silence," Sarek said, and, looking as cool as ever, stared at a certain point beyond him, to his left, "I hear breathing. It is emanating from behind that collection of rocks,"

"Phasers on stun," Kirk ordered, and the three of them approached, weapons in hand.

There was a movement behind the rock, the sound of scuffling, and Spock's brain splintered.

No. Not mister Kyle.

Spock was now in the Enterprise, the moments in which his consciousness had been suppressed by the monster bubbling to the surface. In particular, Mister Kyle. The... the man he had murdered.

He was stalking down the hall, sweating and hurting, and the steps he took were all too real. He could hear footsteps now. Unassuming, unimportant. Just a man doing his job. And Spock was going to end it.

"Mister Kyle-!" he choked, unable to control his voice for more than a second or two.

The young ensign turned around, and smiled in a confused manner, "Oh, hello sir,"

This is not logical. I do not want to see this. Release me. Release me!


"What sir?"

His vocal cords seemed to clamp on the inside, as if the monster had gotten its hand and was gripping them tightly. He was moving towards Kyle now, angry, hungry, a predator, a wolf pouncing on a deer with a broken leg.

"Mister Spock!" Kyle shouted in surprise, ducking a punch from the Vulcan but was not fast enough to duck a jab in the ribs. They both heard ribs snap.

Spock was overcome with emotion. It was as if an orange was lodged in his throat. He was going to kill this man, no, this boy, with his own bare hands, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He could feel the sensation on a leg underfoot, feel the sensation of Kyle's fist in the cheek, but couldn't stop himself. It was as if the monster was mocking him, making him watch this horror. It was not the Vulcan way to kill innocent people. It was considered mental illness. Was he insane? He must've been. It was logical.

"Help!" Kyle yelled, on the floor now with Spock clamping down on his neck with strong hands, cutting off his air channels completely.

This is enough. Enough I say! I command you!

And the monster wouldn't listen. Spock lifted the man until his toes were no longer touching the floor, and rammed him into the intercom panel on the wall which sparked and fell under the impact.

"N—N- no!" Kyle croaked, and his eyes began to droop, "S- Spock..."

"Kyle," Spock whispered as he felt the muscles in his arm begin to tighten, "I am sorry,"

That's when his Vulcan hand tightened, there was a snap, and Kyle was lost to darkness.

"...! ...k! Spock!"

There was a sharp pain on his cheek and Spock sucked in a sharp breath, eyes opening and then immediately shutting to block out the Vulcan suns.

Kirk sighed in relief, but the voice was far away, above where Spock lay, "Thank god, he's ok. He's awake Sarek, it's alright,"

His father's voice was closer, as if he was sitting beside him, "I know he is awake." Sarek stated simply.

It came to Spock's attention how soft this ground was against the back of his head. Perhaps he was in medical bay. But if that were true, he was sure that he would have heard McCoy's grumpy diagnostic by now. And of course, he had seen the Vulcan suns. He opened one eye, looked upwards.

His father's face was bending over him, and he noticed something in the old Vulcan's brown eyes. Was it concern? He was fairly certain.

He knew where he was now. Lying on top of the rocky cliff, Kirk beside him, with his head on his father's lap.

"Spock," Sarek said, "can you speak?"

"I can speak," Spock replied, and sat up, getting to his feet, "Where is Simon?"

Kirk gestured ahead of him.

Simon was sitting there with his back against a rock, taking in sharp tired breaths, and clutching his rib, "Bastards," he spat, blood flitting from between his teeth, suggesting that there had been a fight just moments ago, "Filthy, dirty bastards,"

"Who are you?" Spock asked, phaser now tight in his shaking grip, "Why have you taken over Simon Campbell's body? For what purpose do you use your hosts to destroy human beings?"

Simon, no, the monster, met Spock's eyes. Spock saw malice in those blue orbs, rage bubbling behind the pupils, "I am K't'lk, last of the proud species of the G'r'I'k's. Three hundred years ago, we were massacred, our whole planet wiped clean of vegetation and life, including us. But I escaped. I survived. And I have been bent on revenge ever since,"

Even to Spock's now less alert brain, pieces of the puzzle all began to fit together, "How did you escape, K't'l'k?"

K't'l'k sneered at him, "I was fighting the Others. I was in my ship with one other G'r'l'k, but we were too slow. We missed our chance because I hesitated. And now our planet is dead,"

Sarek, Kirk, and Spock stood staring at K't'l'k for a few moments. Fascinating. One of the last of her species, bent on killing a race with no connection to the ones that destroyed her world. Illogical, but fascinating. Perhaps she had suffered brain damage from the attack on her vessel.

"How did you get aboard my ship?" Kirk demanded, and a hot Vulcan breeze ruffled their hair.

K't'l'k smiled with Simon's lips, "I, James T Kirk, am Sylvia Partridge," Spock's deep eyes widened, "It was simple to get onto your vessel. Whilst I had your First Officer, Spock, in my command, I had shifted into a small creature, like a snake, and hidden in his boot. It was too easy. When we were aboard I simply shifted into my original form and hid away. When you retrieved Spock from the engine room, I was hiding just ten feet away from you, but you couldn't see me. I am too quick. I am K't'l'k!"

"Her mind is clearly unbalanced," Sarek said from behind Spock, and his son heard him slide his arms into his sleeves.

"Silence, fool!" K't'l'k roared, and raised her hand, curling in her host's fingers.

There was a sharp cry, and Spock and Kirk swung around to see Sarek standing there, muscles tightened in pain.


"I am K't'l'k!" Simon's voice uttered, and Sarek's hand went to his hip and ripped out a phaser and pointed it right between Spock's eyes, "I am a G'r'l'k, Traveller of Planets, destroyer of War'ki!"

Spock froze where he stood, staring at his father, whose eyes were locked with his son's, "Spock, I am not in control."
"I know that," Spock said slowly, "But that is not comforting in the least,"


Kirk held his breath, torn between pointing his phaser at either K't'l'k or Sarek. After a moment he decided on K't'l'k, "K't'l'k, let Sarek go,"

"Never," she growled, and Sarek jerked forwards, taking a shaky step towards the edge of the cliff.

"Enough!" Spock barked, and when he tried to reach for Sarek, the phaser pointed again and the poor Vulcan had to stop moving.

"Now listen K't'l'k," Kirk said, glancing at Sarek as he slumped into Spock's arms with a series of heavy gasps, "you've been injured. We can help you, we have Star Bases with medical facilities, if you cooperate with us, and release Sarek—"

"I would never," K't'l'k snarled, pushing Sarek right towards the edge, "accept help from a filthy War'k!"

"We are not War'ki," Kirk said, remembering the plural she had used, "we are your friends. But if you kill this man it will anger us. You are in no shape for fighting right now, are you? Let Sarek go and let us help you,"

"Captain," Spock said, his anxiety only shown by the quickened pace of his voice, "I would strongly suggest stunning the G'r'l'k,"

"As would I," Sarek said as he stared over the perilous edge.

Kirk's trigger finger twitched, but he didn't fire, "K't'l'k, hear me. We can retrieve your grandmother, what was her name?"

K't'l'k's gaze had ever so slightly softened by now, and her host's hand loosened. She was beginning to listen, "Her name is Mt'gm'r'i."

"Yes, Mt'gm'ri. That is a lovely name, isn't it Spock? You and she can live happily again, as family, somewhere else. There is no need to destroy us. We want friendship, and peace, don't we?"
"Yes," Spock and Sarek said.

"I grow... tiresome," K't'l'k said, and her hand began to lower, Sarek's muscles began to loosen into his own control, "from travelling for so long among the stars... I am old now, and I am weary. The War'ki destroyed my home, but I could never find them. Never, in those three hundred and thirty two years, could I find them. I have wasted my life. I have wasted Mt'gm'ri's."

"No," Kirk said quickly, "you haven't. That was an experience which you have learnt from. And now you may learn and grow together."

That's when her tears began to fall, "Oh, my, I have wasted my family's life. We could have lived and grown together but I wasted our time. She is nearly dead and I am dying of old age. My fault, I really am a monster."

"You are not a monster," Kirk insisted, wiping his brow of sweat, "You were just confused. I understand. We will all understand in the Federation if you just explain," he lied, trying a smile, "then you can live,"

"I have been alive for four hundred years," she whispered, hugging herself, "but not for one day have I lived,"
"That is not true at all,"

"I-it is," she gasped, her host sounding like a frightened little girl, "I am such a fool. Listen to me, I am pathetic."

"K't'l'k, listen to me. You are not pathetic," he grabbed Simon's arm, and K't'l'k gave a stifled gasp, "You are just confused, you've been lost for so long. I can understand,"

"Unhand me!" she hissed, and jumped backwards, and took hold of Sarek again, who had only just felt strong enough to stand on his own a few seconds ago.

Spock swung towards the G'r'l'k with a glare so hot with contained fury that it brought to mind the time when Kirk had to force negative emotion into his friend, to force out the spores that were controlling him on the colony, "This is enough. Let my father go," his voice was so chilled that it made Kirk shiver even under the Vulcan suns, "or I will make you,"

K't'l'k laughed shakily, "Do you threaten me, Vulcan?"

"Threatening is illogical when actions can be taken," and to prove is point, the phaser came and K't'l'k was fired at.

"Spock!" Kirk cried.

Whiriririririiririiririririr ! Squealed the phaser, and K't'l'k's hand, which had been holding Sarek near the edge of the precipice, jerked.

Kirk was too late to catch Spock's father.

Sarek plummeted, and Spock turned, and then began to scream.

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