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SUMMARY: Everyone always sees Jade with a coffee cup in hand. What happens when she stops drinking it, however? Beck seems like a nervous-wreck...


"Hi, guys," Jade greeted her friends, a bright smile on her face.

Everyone snapped their attention up, all confused and horrified by her sudden mood-swing. What was Jade doing, smiling so prettily this early in the morning? What had she done to some poor soul to put her in such a good mood?

More importantly, where the hell was Beck?

"Hi Jade!" Cat greeted perkily, the first to shake the shock off. "You look really pretty today. I love sparkles; how did you know?" She seemed genuinely, pleasantly surprised by 'Jade's thoughtfulness'.

It was true. Jade wasn't wearing all black, or even one of Beck's plaid shirts. No, she wore something one might find in Cat's closet: a forest-green, sequenced tank top, black, mid-thigh length shorts that exposed her long legs, and black heels on her feet. The heels were three-inches, adding more shape to her already slim figure. Her make-up matched her outfit, which made her ice-blue eyes stand out. All in all, the male students of Hollywood Arts High were gapping at the image she made. In other words, they were goners.

Instead of taking offense, Jade beamed with the praise. "Thank you, Cat," she said, hugging the red head (which shocked the others all over again). "I never knew how much black I had in my closet until this morning." She sighed, exasperated with herself. "It took me forever to just find this top. Don't get me started on the shoes."

Tori leaned away, scared. She couldn't think of another time when she was so terrified. "Jade, are you... feeling okay?" she slowly asked, unsure.

The former goth blinked, obviously confused. "What are talking about, Tori?" she asked back. "I'm feeling great. Why wouldn't I be?" Suddenly, she glanced around the entire table, a soft frown touching her features. "Hey, where's Beck? I thought he would be here by now."

"He must be running late," Andre commented, his face screwed up with uncertainty.

Jade's expression brightened again, worry for her boyfriend resolved. "Oh, okay, then," she replied. "I have to get my books, so I'll see you guys later." With a cheerful wave, she left the group without a backwards glance.

"What is going on here?" Robbie finally exploded, his free hand slamming onto the table.

Rex added, "Yeah, what happened to Ms. Gloom and Doom?"

"She called me Tori." Said girl seemed dazed, her body swaying back and forth.

"I don't know," Andre said, standing from his seat. "But we really need to find Beck. Now."


When lunch time rolled around, everyone, including Cat, was freaking out about Jade's personality switch. No one could explain what had happened to their cynical friend; all they knew was that they wanted the old Jade back, as twisted as that sounded. They missed how terribly mean she was, not to mention the fact she hadn't once threatened some innocent human being. Hell, she wouldn't even get excited over a pair of shiny scissors!

"Man, where is Beck?" Andre asked. His voice was beginning to squeak and his eyes were glued to Jade's form in a mixture of scared-shitless and awe. He may have feared her for good reason, but this new Jade was friendly and nice. Not to mention flirty and approachable. He couldn't help being attracted to her, nor could he blame another dude for having the same feelings.

As if summoned by the sound of his name, Beck flew towards them. His hair was ruffled and his clothes looked yanked on and wrinkled. Sweat was beading on his brow and chest, his breathing suggesting he'd been running for a while.

His backpack hanging limply from his shoulder, he panted as he placed a familiar cup of coffee onto the table. "Where," he panted out, "is Jade?"

"Beck, man, where have you been all day?" Andre asked, quickly standing from the bench. "Dude, we've been freaking out all morning! What is with Jade, she isn't her usual self."

"Where is she?" Beck demanded, panic widening his eyes. "I can explain everything later, but right now I have to find her!"

Cat helpfully pointed in the direction they'd last seen said girlfriend, a giggle escaping. "She went that way with some guy. But, don't worry! At least he was good-looking and seemed really interested in what she was saying." She nodded, ignoring the horrified looks everyone gave her. "Jade is so nice now, Beck, you should see it. She even hugged Robbie!"

Beck twitched, an action that his friends found interesting but unusual. Today was just full of surprises, they figured. Jade was being all nice and friendly, and Beck was nothing but a panicking mess.

It was official. The world was ending.


"Jade, drink the coffee," Beck hotly demanded, his voice growly and frustrated. He had her pinned against her locker, the coffee cup held in one hand while the other held her down. "Come on, you love coffee. Why don't you want some now? You always did before." So much so, he feared she would one day dump him for said beverage.

Ironically, he now wanted her to drink some to turn back to the Jade he fell in love with.

Jade turned her head away from the lip of the cup, her face scrunching up in stubbornness. "No, Beck," she whined, like a kicked puppy. For a second, he almost stopped what he was doing but he shook his head, knowing this was important. "I don't want coffee. I'm not feeling tired or anything. Stop it."

"It doesn't matter if you're tired or not, babe," he replied, stopping her wiggling with a press of his hips against her's. It was a familiar feeling, so he never noticed he did it. "You have to drink the coffee. I want the old Jade back."

"Dude, are you sure this is legal?" Andre asked, casting a worried gaze around the crowded hallway. "Cause, I gotta tell you, this don't feel legal." Quite frankly, he felt a bit shocked by his best friend's actions. He'd never seen Beck act like this before, and he definitely had never seen Beck get into a fight. After Cat had commented on the guy Jade had walked off with, the Canadian-born boy had stormed off, with the coffee, to find his girlfriend. The ensuing brawl that broke out between Beck and the guy was, needless to say, bloody (on the other guy's side) and over very quickly.

Now, Beck was (forcefully) trying to 'convince' Jade to drink the most likely cold coffee.

"I don't see how coffee is the answer to anything," Tori commented, her eyes wide. Like everyone else, she was a bit scared of Beck at the moment. But, she would do anything to get the old Jade back, too. She was beginning to miss the crude insults thrown at her, ironically.

Not taking his eyes off his struggling girlfriend, Beck answered, "Remember how I've been sick the last few days? Normally, I buy Jade coffee every morning, but she hasn't been drinking any since I caught my cold. When she's off coffee for a few days this happens." This, being Jade West being nice and friendly. "People wouldn't normally care, they might even like it, but I don't. This isn't the Jade I fell for more than two years ago."


"Dammit Jade, stop running from me!" Beck shouted, chasing his former goth girlfriend around the hallways. "The least you can do is apologize! You didn't have to knee me you-know-where to get me to let you go. I would have, eventually!"

"Stop chasing me, Beck," she called over her shoulder, her pace picking up slightly. "I don't want to drink the stupid coffee! Leave me alone!"

Beck growled, also increasing his speed. Damn, he was either out of shape or Jade had more stamina than he'd realized. "I don't even have the coffee anymore! I dropped it after you kneed me!"

Andre, Robbie and Rex, Cat, and Tori, all watched the couple's antics from the sidelines. Robbie and Rex had their mouths gaped open, while Andre's eyes were wide in astonishment. Cat was cheering for Jade, bouncing in excitement, and Tori was shouting encouragement to Beck. If anyone could bring the real Jade back to them, it would be her boyfriend, after all.

"Shouldn't we help him?" Tori frantically asked, her hands waving in agitation.

"No," Cat whined. "Jadey is winning, Jadey is winning!" She continued cheering happily for Jade as the couple sprinted down another hallway out of sight for a second before reappearing. "Go Jadey!"

Tori, Andre, and Robbie groaned, rolling their eyes. Although amusing to watch Beck lose control and Jade actually running away from him, they did feel some sympathy for the Canadian-born boy. They would have to do something to assist him. But what?


"No, stop it, Beck!" Jade cried out, struggling against her bonds. "I can't believe you would do this to me! Untie me, please!"

Beck ignored her pleas (which just about killed him) and turned to look at his friends, who all looked slightly ashamed with what they had done. Having decided to help him, the gang trapped Jade in a corner, dragged her kicking and screaming to an empty classroom, then tied her down on the floor. It was quite a struggle but they all managed to do it.

All that remained was for Beck to make Jade swallow some coffee, then she would be back to her old self.

"I just wanted to say thanks, guys," Beck said, smiling sheepishly. "This isn't something people go through on a daily basis, let alone what they think they'll end up doing in their entire life, but thanks. This means a lot to me, in more ways than one."

Andre stepped forward, clasping his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Hey, no problem. Anything to get your girl back, right?" His smile was sincere but he still looked uncertain about their actions being legal or not.

"Just give her the coffee already," Tori said in an aggravated voice, shoving a new cup of coffee into Beck's hands. "I want the old Jade back. I actually miss how she used to insult the way I talk." A playful smile tugged her lips up at the memories of said times.

Beck nodded, turning to look at his tied down girlfriend. In any other situation, he would find the view sexy-as-hell but this was for her own good. He needed to get his Jade back, not have this 'imposter' running around, flirting with guys and being a generally nice person. No, what he wanted was the mean, cynical Jade who would act all possessive and jealous when girls talked to him.

"Jade, will you please drink this coffee now?" he pleasantly asked, a charming smile on his handsome face.

Her beautiful features screwed up, her nose wrinkling cutely. "I don't want coffee, Beck," she repeated, her voice dropping into something soft and soulful, like a kitten glancing up at him in the rain. Adorable and effective if he wasn't careful. "Please? Don't you like me all nice and cuddly?"

Beck twitched. It was the only warning Jade got before he pounced...

"Never speak of this, ever," Jade hissed, her ice-blue eyes snapping anger and embarrassment as Beck helped her off the floor. She ran slim fingers through her silky tresses, grimacing at the clothes she was wearing. "What the hell was I thinking when I put this on?" Helplessly, she picked at her top and winced. "Shit, I'm surprised I didn't break my damned ankle running away from you, Beck."

"Jade/Jadey!" everyone cried out, attaching themselves to their friend, all happy that she was back.

"Stop touching me," Jade coldly said, trying to force the others off her. "Let me go. You know I don't like being touched."

They laughed but released her, Cat lingering the longest. "I'm so happy you're back, Jadey," she sang, bouncing where she stood. "I have so much to tell you. The other day, my brother-"

Andre gently cut their red headed friend off. "Anyway, it's nice having you back," he said, grinning. "We'll just leave you and Beck alone now. Later." With that, he shoved everyone else out of the empty classroom, ignoring their loud protests. The door closed behind the four with an almost inaudible click, thus leaving the couple to their own devices.

Beck rubbed the back of his neck, a sheepish expression on his face. "I'm sorry about today, Jade," he said, breaking the silence. "I know you're a lot softer than most people ever realize, but I don't like sharing that side of you." His confession was met with surprise, so he continued. "The only time you ever act that way is when you haven't had coffee for days but, when you're with me, you don't mind showing me that side of you.

"I guess what I'm trying to say, Jade, is that I'm possessive and I get jealous, too. Guys would approach you all the time if you let them, and you do when you're nicer and kinder to everyone. I don't like sharing you, period. So, please, don't ever stop drinking coffee again. At least, not for a while." At the end of his speech, a charming grin touched his mouth.

Jade cocked her head to the side, sipping the leftover coffee after Beck had forced her to drink some. "So, you don't want to share me?"

He nodded, waiting to see what else she would say.


Beck blinked. "Okay? Just okay?" he asked, incredulous.

Jade nodded, a smirk forming on her kissable lips. "Yeah. Okay," she repeated. "I don't like many people, even fewer I can stand. I don't like being shared either, you know." She shrugged. "I like that you're so possessive. I think it's pretty hot, to be honest."

As cliched as it sounded, his heart fluttered in his chest. "I love you," he whispered, wrapping his arms around her slim waist and pulling her close.

She grinned, happy she didn't have to ask him to say it. "I know. I love me, too."

((%_THE END_%))

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