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A/N: some scenes were inspired by certain episodes' lines, plots, etc. Also, this fic turned out to be more romantic than funny, in my opinion haha Enjoy!

SUMMARY: Besides Jade not having coffee and my take on what would happen, I decided to add in the fact that Beck and Jade are broken up in this particular plot. My inspiration came from the summary of the episode "3 Girls and a Moose." Enjoy!


The moment Beck woke up this morning, he knew something in his universe wasn't right. Then again, the same could be said for the past few months since he and Jade broke up. For good. Because, you know, he didn't go after her when he clearly should have. Clearly.

Now he had to deal with this.

But, seriously, he wasn't sure if he should laugh... Or continue staring with a gaping mouth.

Because, right in front of him, was his ex-girlfriend in a smoking-hot outfit (made of mostly black lace and leather, he was sure, and was that a corset?!), but that wasn't what stopped him cold in his tracks. Oh, no. If only.

Jade was flirting with Robbie.

As in, Robbie Shapiro.

What in the world is going on?!

Deciding to get to the bottom on this (because he so wasn't going to eavesdrop), Beck crept closer to the two, hoping to catch any of their private conversation.

What he heard was not encouraging.

Jade was giggling over something the nerdy boy said. Giggling. For as long as Beck knew his ex, she never giggled. Not once. Well, at least not with him…

And no, that was not jealously in his voice! No way. Not Beck Oliver! For Beck Oliver never got jealous. Nope, not him. Nuh-uh.

If his hand gripped his bag strap a little tighter, he would later deny such a thing when asked.

"Than, the space alien said…" Robbie was saying, his voice going in and out over the hallway din of students' footsteps and others laughing and conversing. Beck had to lean forward to hear better, but missed the rest of the joke.

But Jade hadn't. She giggled (again!), her slim hand coming up to dance her fingers down Robbie's arm. Said curly haired teen looked star-struck and more confident than he'd been… Well, his whole life, considering he wasn't even holding Rex.

But hold the pear-phone! Robbie was supposed to be scared spit-less of Jade!

What was this flirty side to his ex? By that, Beck meant he knew Jade could flirt- they used to do it all the time when alone- but this was different. She was flirting with Robbie, for Christ's sake! (not that there was anything wrong with Robbie, but seriously. Beck was vain enough to knowhe was better looking than his friend)

Beck tuned back into the conversation, not wanting to miss a second of what was going on.

Jade leaned slightly forward, her cleavage on display enticingly. "How about you tell me more jokes over lunch?" she purred, ice-blue eyes seductive enough to make even Beck swallow thickly from where he (stood) hid.

Robbie gulped, his Adam's apple bobbing with the motion. "Uh-Uh," he stuttered, sweat beading on his brow. "Y-Yeah, okay then."

"Good," she replied, smirking. The next second, the bell rang, signaling the start of school. "Well, I'll be seeing you, Robbie." With that, she glided away, the heels of her spiked boots clicking against the hard tile.

Robbie wasn't the only one who stared after her either. No, Beck did, too, of course, but that didn't begin to describe the pairs of males' eyes following the seductive swing of Jade West's shapely hips (made more noticeable by her clothing choice for the day).

Beck knew one thing for certain:

He needed to talk to Jade and get to the bottom of this. Now.


All throughout morning classes, the Canadian-born boy could swear he was slowly being driven mad with his desire to demand answers from Jade. Jade, who did nothing but breath and guys would fall instantly in love (or lust) with her 'charms'. It was insanity! He was ready to pull his hair out! (but no, that wouldn't do. Jade used to love running her fingers through his fluffy hair)

No! What was he thinking? He and Jade broke up. He shouldn't be thinking so much about her, let alone remember her preferences when it came to him (or anything, really).

Yet, he couldn't stop from obsessing over her. What was wrong with him?

"Maybe you're still in love with Jade?" a voice interrupted his inner dialogue, almost startling him into falling down.

So lost was he during his internal struggles, Beck had never noticed that class had ended and that he'd walked to his locker. Nor the fact that his gaze had never once strayed from Jade West.

"What?" he asked stupidly. When he tore his eyes away from his ex, they connected with three different pairs of eyes; Andre, Tori, and Cat.

The pixie-faced redhead was the one who asked the insightful question, which surprised Beck.

Cat laughed in that girlish way everyone adored (even Jade, though she pretended to be annoyed). "Maybe you're still in love with Jade," she repeated, clapping happily. "Mommy and daddy are getting back together!"

Andre chuckled. "Yeah, and now us kids won't have to decide who we wanna stay with," he teased, unable to help himself.

"Just please, no more fighting," Tori added, grinning in amusement. More than everyone else, she desperately wanted the Goth and cool-guy to get back together. Beck needed Jade, like Jade needed Beck. Tori wanted it to be Beck&Jade again, not Beck and Jade. It just wasn't right.

Beck could feel his cheeks heat just the slightest bit. "No, it's nothing like that," he protested (a little too strongly, perhaps). "Jade and I are only… Friends." Which he had no choice but to use loosely. He wasn't positive what he and Jade were, actually. It wasn't like they talked anymore, not the way they used to (which is probably one of the things he missed the most). "You're all wrong. I don't feel that way for her anymore."

"Whatever, man, it's cool," Andre said, shrugging good-naturedly.

"Has anyone seen Robbie?" Tori asked, frowning softly. "Normally, he's here by now."

Cat perked up, bouncing lightly on her feet. "Oh! I saw him waiting by his locker for Jade," she happily announced, surprising everyone into staring at her. "When I asked him what he was doing, he told me he was-"

She squeaked in shock when Beck suddenly whipped away from them. Before anyone could ask what kind of wonk he'd caught, he hid himself the best he could while peaking over towards Robbie's locker, which was conveniently next to Jade's.

"That… doesn't look suspicious," Andre muttered slowly.

Tori whispered, "It's more like 'suspiciously jealous,' if you ask me."

Cat laughed. "Mommy is in denial."

The Latina started, like she'd been poked unexpectedly. "Mommy?" she asked, "Don't you mean that Beck is the 'daddy'?" Really, she didn't know why she still questioned Cat's ways, but she did. The redhead's mind was just so fascinating. And worrying.

How the chiz did she even get into this conversation?

Giggling like a small child, Cat answered in a tone that said Tori should have already known this, "It's obvious Jade wears the jeans in the 'marriage'! So, Jade is the one who's the daddy!"

"Don't you mean 'pants', Little Red?" Andre questioned, brows furrowed in thought. He shook his head in the next second, muttering out loud, "Why am I taking this seriously?"

"Either way," Tori cut in. "What are we gonna do about Beck and Jade?"

"You mean Mister We're-Only-Friends Oliver?" he teased, jerking a thumb in Beck's direction. Yup, his best friend was still being wonky. And still spying on their two other friends. Because, you know, Beck Oliver doesn't do 'suspicious' or 'jealousy.'

Even though he was being suspiciously jealous. Right. That. Second.

Tori leaned around Andre to see Beck's position. Her nose wrinkled. "Yeah," she drawled out, "That doesn't look like someone who only wants to remain friends." The sarcastic tint in her tone didn't go unnoticed.

The trio all glanced in the Canadian-born boy's way.

As if able to feel their intense stares, without looking, Beck said in a tense voice, "Only friends. We're only friends! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it."

"Still not suspicious," Andre sarcastically said, shaking his head.


Tori fairly gaped as she stared at the large group of boys surrounding Jade. What shocked her more was the fact that Robbie was there, sitting next to the dark haired beauty. Something was seriously wonky if Robbie wasn't running away in fear from Jade.

"Hey guys," she started in a shaky voice. "Are you seeing what I see?"

Cat hummed. "Tori, do you see the butterfly-"

"-No, not the butterfly," the Latina groaned. "I meant, is Robbie really sitting over there next to Jade, of all people? Last I checked, he was scared of her."

"Nope, your eyes aren't deceiving you, chika," Andre replied, equally shocked. "What is going on today? Why is everyone starting to act all wonky?"

Tori answered, "I don't know, but I wanna get to the bottom of this!"

"One time, my brother ate a caterpillar," Cat said, laughing. "He thought that by eating it, he would turn into a butterfly and fly away." To add emphasis, she began flapping her arms like the mentioned insect. "But he only ended up making the bathroom stinky." Her cute nose wrinkled at the reminder.

Tori and Andre could only stare helplessly at their redhead friend.

Meanwhile, Beck was staring holes into Robbie's skull, hoping the nerd would feel his displeasure of finding him with Jade. When that didn't work, he viciously stabbed his pizza with a plastic fork (which was useless- who ate pizza with a fork, let alone Beck? Last he checked, he ate said wonderful food with his hands! His bare hands, in fact).

Jade fluttered her lashes at a senior. "Mind getting me a salad, doll?" she asked in a purring tone.

Beck had to grit his teeth from saying anything. It wasn't his place anymore to reprimand Jade when she was out-of-line. Like right now. It didn't matter in what way, shape, or form; he wasn't allowed to open his mouth. No matter how much he wanted to.

"While he's getting you your salad, would you like something to drink?" another boy asked. This one happened to be a fellow junior, one Beck was sure shared his History class.

Twirling a piece of colored hair, the object of their full attention batted her long, thick lashes. "That sounds perfect, hun. Thank you so much," she said, blowing an air kiss in his direction.

The guy nearly fainted where he stood, but took off on rubbery legs to do her bidding.

Smirking, Jade turned her ice-blue eyes back onto Robbie, the only guy she allowed to sit next to her. "Now, then. Tell me some more of your funny jokes."

Robbie puffed up his chest, a confident smile on his face. "Well, I have a classic I've been saving up for a special occasion," he boasted, "But, I'm willing to tell such a pretty girl such as yourself."

Her fingers danced over his arm, her eyes imploring him to continue. "You're so sweet."

"Oh, gag me," Beck muttered, disbelieving what he was being forced to witness.

Andre nudged him in the shoulder, catching the Canadian-born boy's attention (before it swiftly went back to Jade and her admirers). "Dude, you need to chill before you go completely wonky in the head," he said. "You know, sorta like my grandma. Before she lost her mind, she was perfectly fine. I think."

Beck scowled. "I am chill," he said in a defensive tone. "And I have no idea what to say about your grandma."

"Story of her life, if you ask me."

Beck suddenly shot to his feet, causing a squeak to escape Cat's throat. "I'm gonna go talk to Jade," he randomly announced. "You know, about how great our friendship is… And stuff related to whatever it is friends do."

"You mean like asking her out on a date?" Andre teased, grinning like the cat who ate the canary.

In a distracted voice, he answered, "Yeah, yeah. Like asking her out a da-"

Beck stopped himself short, a pensive expression furrowing his brow. Whipping towards the trio, he asked seriously, "Do friends ask each other out on dates?"

The three laughed at how lost their normally cool, level-headed friend sounded.

Tori, being the biggest Beck&Jade cheerleader among them, answered, "No, Beck. Friends don't ask each other out on dates. But-" she held up a finger to stop him from interrupting, "-You can ask her to hang out with you. Since, you know, you're just friends." She rose a sarcastic brow at the last, showing she didn't believe that to be true.

"Right," he muttered, a sulky tone entering his voice, "Just friends. I can do this."

With that, he walked towards Jade's table, studiously ignoring the other guys who gave him curious but unworried glances.

Robbie caught sight of him first, and he smiled brightly. "Hey Beck!"

"Hey Robbie," he replied, easily slipping onto the bench seat across from the two. He sent a charming smile Jade's way, but she only returned it with a small smile back.

Well… That was disheartening.

"Jade," he greeted anyway, because he was one word: determined.

Softly, she responded, "Beck." Her eyes darted away, her focus on another guy, who decided to start a conversation since Robbie was occupied.

Said curly haired teen didn't seem to notice how tense Jade had become. He continued to smile at Beck, like nothing was wrong in his world. "So, what brings you here?" he asked cheerfully.

Without taking his gaze away from his ex, he replied, "I was hoping I could have a moment alone with-"

"-Lunch time," Jade called out, a happy smile on her beautiful features.

It was that one statement that caused Beck Oliver to snap.


Tori felt the need to ask, "Did you just see what I think I saw?" Her tone was stunned speechless, yet she voiced the question without much problem.

Cat's sweet brown eyes were wide, her mouth gaped open.

Andre rubbed his eyes, trying to make sense of what he'd just bore witness to. "That… If I was seeing things right… Was not legal," he said as his answer.

"Good," the Latina replied, nodding. "At least I wasn't the only one who saw Beck drag Jade away by the hand, while she was screaming 'kidnapper'."

"No, you haven't gone wonky yet," he assured. "Everyone saw it. We have other witnesses."

"Mommy looked really insane," Cat finally whimpered out, chewing on her red velvet cupcake-red hair. "Phooey! This tastes like hair." Sticking her tongue out, she began wiping it with a napkin.

Andre and Tori could only nod in agreement. Yes, indeed. 'Mommy' looked insane, and they hoped 'Daddy' would be okay. (Then again, 'Daddy' had been acting strange all day, so who knew?)

"… So, wanna pretend we didn't see anything?" Tori asked conversationally.

Andre gave her an innocent look. "Saw what?" he asked back. "I didn't just witness my best friend's mind snap, nor did I see him snatch his ex up and drag her off somewhere unknown. Nu-huh, not me, chika. That would be totally illegal."

"Right," Tori nodded. "And we don't do anything that constitutes as illegal."

"Yeah, and I promised my grandma I would be a good person," he added, nodding firmly to himself. "You know, before she lost her mind."

"… I have no idea what to say about your grandma."


"Let go, Beck! What do you think you're doing?" Jade exclaimed, tugging fruitlessly at the hand that gripped her wrist. Glancing around the student population watching them, she called out, "Hey, I'm being kidnapped! Will someone get a teacher? Or, at least, call the police!"

Beck smiled calmly at everyone they passed. "Don't worry, there's nothing to see here," he reassured them, waving his free hand even as he dragged Jade behind him.

Jade loudly protested, "There's everything to see here! Kidnapper! Beck Oliver is a kidnapper!"

With an unexpected yank, she was free and running as fast as she could away from her kidnapper.

"Jade!" he called out, running to catch her again. "I just want to talk!"

"Liar," she called back, zipping up the stairs. Looping around a couple students, she ran back down to the ground level. "You're trying to kidnap me. Besides, I don't wanna talk to you!"

"Putting that last part aside…"

"Don't put it aside, you jerk!"

"I'm putting it aside," he said in a determined voice. "Gotcha!" His fingers wrapped around her delicate wrist, seizing her once more. "Now, lets go have that conversation we've been dying to have."

However, when he tugged her in the direction he wanted, she suddenly fell to the tiled floor in a heap of dead weight. He could carry her, of course, but Beck wasn't thinking straight, so did this instead:

"Oh, come on," he muttered in frustration. Dropping her hand, he quickly grabbed hold of her ankles before she could think of escaping him again. "Okay, babe. This is gonna humiliate you more than me. Fair warning."

With that, he began dragging her bodily towards the janitor's closet, humming merrily to himself. Like this was normal. To him, it was, seeing as how his sanity had snapped. It was okay, though. It wasn't like he was actually kidnapping her!

No, of course not. He was just forcefully taking her somewhere she didn't want to go.

It was kind of like borrowing something without asking (in a twisted way, maybe).

Jade exclaimed, "Oh, my gosh, Beck!"

"It's okay, folks," Beck happily told everyone staring wide-eyed at them. "It's fine, it's fine. Really! She likes this, I swear."

"No, I don't!"

Ignoring her, the Canadian-born boy smiled at the students blocking his way out of stunned disbelief. "Sorry, I need to get in there." He pointed towards the janitor's closet, and they were only too happy to get out of his way. "Thanks. Carry on with your day!"

Dropping one ankle, he pushed the door open. When Jade tried to kick or slap him away, he caught her wrist and, using her ankle and arm, dragged her completely inside the closet.

Making sure she was too far in to easily escape, Beck slammed the door closed and locked it. They've finally reached salvation. The janitor's closet.


Jade quickly got to her feet, her fingers running through her hair to fix it. Then, as an afterthought, she tugged her clothes back into place where it needed it.

"What the chiz is wrong with you?" she demanded to know, ice-blue eyes flashing in indignation and incredulousness. "You can't just go kidnapping people! It's not nice." A cute little pout worked its way onto her full lips, and Beck was distracted.

"Right," he softly said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Not nice." Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he closed his eyes tightly to cut off the pretty visual his ex created by simply existing. "That's not the point of why I brought you here. I wanna know what's going on with you. You're… different."

She tilted her head to side, like a curious puppy. "Different?" she questioned. "I don't know what you mean, Beck. I feel fine- normal, even."

Still without looking at her, he gestured towards her clothing of lace and leather. "You never used to wear… clothes like that before. Trust me, I should know." He shifted from one foot to the other as he added, "And your personality. It's practically the total opposite of the Jade West I know." And love, he mentally tacked on, but would never say. Nope, they were supposed to be just frie-

No, he decided. No. They were Beck&Jade and he needed to start reminding himself of that. They were the exceptions at school; the couple people strived to be. No more pretending they could only be friends- not when he wanted (needed) more. So much more. Today taught him that.

Jade crossed her arms under her breasts, a small frown on her face. "I happen to think my clothes are perfectly fine. What do you care, anyway? We're not together anymore…"

The sorrow in her voice was the key Beck needed to open his eyes again. He was glad they were alone. His Jade only ever opened up when they were together, like this. It was these moments that he treasured the absolute most.

Cupping her elbows, he gently tugged her closer until he could comfortably wrap his arms around her waist. Leaning his back against the door, Jade leaned against his front with little to no resistance.

"You do look pretty, like always," he whispered. "After school, wanna go out on a date?"

Shyly looking up at her ex through her lashes, she slowly uncrossed her arms to wrap around his lean waist. She even went so far as to rest her chin against his chest, which had Beck's heart pumping a mile a minute.

"Only if you kiss me," Jade whispered, fluttering her eyes closed in anticipation.

He smirked charmingly, leaning down to brush his mouth against hers lightly. "I can do that," he said, equally soft. "By the way, Jade…"

"Yes?" she breathed against his lips, her warm breath sending a shiver down his spine in remembered pleasure.

"Don't think I don't know you're reaching for the doorknob."

She jerked away from him, pouting rather than frowning. "Damn it," she quietly hissed at herself. "How did you know?"

Instead of answering, Beck only chuckled before opening the janitor's closet himself. "Don't think I'll let you talk your way out of our date. I'll meet you at your locker after classes," was the last thing he said before leaving.


Keeping his word, after classes, Jade found Beck leaning against her locker like he didn't have a care in the world.

She rose a brow when she saw a pretty cheerleader come up to him, waiting to see what he would do. Normally, he would talk to the bimbo, thus make Jade jealous (on purpose, she might add) and then shrug it off like nothing; like he and the cheerleader were 'just friends.' Right. She didn't believe him for a second, never had.

If Beck truly had cared about Jade, he wouldn't make it so obvious that he liked making her jealous all the time.

However, she stood frozen when she noticed how Beck stiffened and backed away from the blonde. When she tried to follow, he held his hands up, like he was warding off a parasite (which Jade almost laughed out loud at). He seemed almost panicked to get away from her, like his very life depended on it.

Maybe Jade should be nice and help him?

… Nah, she was good where she was.

Jade continued watching until Beck had no choice but to stop his backward movement. Seeing this as an opening, the blonde began talking at an animated rate with a smile stretching her lip-glossed mouth up.

When her hand came up, no doubt to touch Beck's fluffy hair, Jade couldn't help but hold her breath to see what he would do (this happened to be one of the main reasons why she got jealous- he never stopped them!), but he surprised both girls when he caught the girl's fingers and pointedly put it down, away from him and his head.

Beck pursed his lips. In a firm voice, he clearly said, "Jade's the only one allowed to touch my hair. Please don't try that again." With one last look, he walked away to stand once more in front of his ex's scissor-covered locker.

A small smile appeared on Jade's mouth. If Beck could do that, then she could start believing that they could be Beck&Jade once more, too.


When Jade finally walked up to her locker, Beck greeted her with his usual charming grin. She would be lying if she said it didn't make her knees go weak, so she did the next best thing- pretend it never happened.

"Jade," he greeted warmly.

"Beck," she replied with a slight raise of the brow.

Shifting his bag strap on his shoulder, he asked conversationally, "Are you ready for our date?"

Replacing the books she needed with the ones she didn't, she closed her locker with a light slam that had Beck looking questioningly at the metal contraption used to hold their supplies. "I am," she began cautiously. "Where are we going?"

Turning back to her, he answered, "Anywhere you want to go." Quickly, he added, "Except home."

Jade smirked in amusement. He knew her too well, it seemed. "Alright. How about the coffeehouse we used to go to? I'm in the mood for a blueberry muffin."

"Excellent. Lets go." Grabbing onto her hand, he began leading her out of the school. Everyone stared, of course, and with the stares came the whispers, but Beck and Jade ignored them. After suffering three years of that, they were immune to such things.

The drive to the small coffeehouse was silent but comfortable; it felt like any other date they'd ever been on, but Beck knew today was just as important as the time he'd first asked Jade out. Today would be the start of their life together (again) or it would finish them as a couple forever.

No pressure.

When they arrived, Beck did the gentlemanly thing by opening Jade's door. Normally she wouldn't have waited but, when he practically threw himself from his seat and over the hood of his truck, she'd paused long enough to let him do what he wished.

"Thanks," she muttered, shouldering her bag and waiting as he closed and locked his truck up. She didn't even say anything when he grabbed her hand again, their fingers lacing intimately.

He grinned in that boyish way she used to love. "No problem."

Then, he led her inside to find a table. The inside of the coffeehouse was homey and lit enough to be relaxing but intimate enough for dates.

"Here, let me get your chair for you," Beck said, pulling her chair out. When she sat, he pushed her in just enough to suit her, then took his seat across from her. He was thankful the table was round and small so he could be close to Jade.

Jade laid her small purse on the table, her hands coming up to rest her chin against them. "So, why the sudden date?" she asked, honestly curious. "You know, after you bodily dragged me into the janitor's closet."

Beck rubbed the back of his neck, not sure how to answer that without her leaving in a huff. His confidence was boosted by the fact his ex had been acting differently all day, though. Maybe he could use that to his advantage?

Then again, Jade had always valued honesty, so he (metaphorically) pulled his pants up, like a man, and said, "I miss you. I miss just talking to you."

She rolled her ice-blue eyes, exasperated. "We talk, like, every day at school," she stated, "Even when we hang out with the others on the weekend."

He grabbed one of her hands, needing that link of being able to touch her freely. His chocolate gaze intense, he said, "That's not what I mean. Yeah, we talk, but not the way we used to, and even then it's not enough. We barely speak ten words to each other a day."

"So, you're saying you miss our conversations," she slowly said, "But why? All we did towards the end was argue and fight over almost everything." Suddenly, her eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Are you some kind of masochist?"

The last surprised a laugh out of Beck, his fingers beginning to play along her soft palm. "No, I'm not some masochist," he answered, chuckling at the mere thought (though, he'd been asked the same question before). "I just miss how we were able to hang out and just have a good time."

"Dragging me into the janitor's closet isn't a way to ask someone to hang out, you know," she dryly replied. "It's almost kidnapping, actually."

Beck grinned, not at all apologetic about the scene they'd (he'd) caused. "I didn't know how else to get your attention."

"A simple-"

"-Good afternoon, I'll be your waiter today," a male's voice greeted, cutting off whatever Jade was saying.

When the (ex) couple glanced in his direction, Jade instantly plastered a flirty smile on her lips and Beck frowned darkly.

"I'm Jade," she introduced, making a show of pulling her hand away from her ex. "What's your name?"

The guy, who appeared to be around seventeen years old, flashed a smile that showed his wonderfully straight, white teeth. Beck grit his own teeth when he saw how the guy's eyes traveled down the length of Jade he could see. "Raider Stevens," he replied. "It's very nice to meet you, Jade."

"Hi, I'm Beck," Beck interrupted, a dangerous smile on his face. "She wants a blueberry muffin and we'll take two coffees, two sugars each. Thanks, dude."

Raider sent an open wink in Jade's direction, which she returned with a wave of her fingers. It was sickening and Beck wanted to puke. If this was what Jade felt every time he talked to another girl, he swore he'd never speak to another female of the human species again (except female relatives and Cat and Tori).


When Raider walked away to fill in their order, she looked at Beck with a raised brow. "What was that?" she asked, with a hint of attitude he'd been missing the whole day.

"What?" he scowled at her. "That guy was drooling all over you. He obviously only wants you for your body. Besides," he added, "We were having a conversation. About us."

Jade stared at him like he was completely wonky. "I see your point, Beck, but you didn't need to snap like that." She leaned forward. "Do you have a fever or something?"

He rolled his eyes. "First I'm a masochist, now I'm sick with a fever?" he sarcastically asked, "What's next, are you going to accuse me of having the plague?"

The way she jerked back would suggest the thought hadn't occurred to her before then. Her eyes scanned his lean frame, no doubt looking for something to hint at such a horrible disease. "Do you?" she whispered.

Beck almost pulled his hair out. Almost. "No, of course not!" he said in an exasperated voice. He shook his head, suddenly aware she'd been distracting him from the topic he wanted (desperately) to discuss. "Anyway, we're getting off the original subject."

"Ah, right." Her tone clearly said she wasn't put off about the fact her distraction technique hadn't worked. "We were discussing your skills on trying to talk to me. Without the kidnapping."

"Without the kidnapping," he agreed, smiling in a way that said he still wasn't sorry. The jerk. "You were saying?"

Jade frowned, trying to remember where she left off. "Oh, right. You could have simply-"

Again, she was cut off by Raider Stevens, and Beck wanted to bite down on the table's edge to stop himself from attacking the other guy.

"Here's your muffin and coffees," Raider announced, setting down everything with a flourish that would have impressed Beck if, you know, he hadn't done it to catch Jade's attention.

Jade smiled brightly. "Thank you," she purred. "That was amazing how fast you got our order. I really appreciate it." Her fingers danced along Raider's arm, her smile turning from flirty to down-right seductive.

Well. Beck would have to amend his earlier statement. He'd stop talking to all other human females for Jade, including Cat and Tori (the female relatives were debatable at this point).

When Raider walked away again after throwing Jade another wink, Beck asked the most random question he could think of, in that moment, to force her attention back onto him.

"So, when was the last time you had coffee?"

Jade thoughtfully frowned (though Beck was just happy to have her attention once more). "I have no idea," she finally answered, shrugging. "Few days, I suppose."

Beck rose a brow in surprise. "A few days? That doesn't sound like you, at all."

She shrugged again, not seeing the big deal. "Things change," was her simple response. Digging into her muffin, she began tearing it apart to eat it the way she normally did- by annihilating it first.

His gaze full of fondness, he couldn't help but like how familiar and normal this all seemed- him and Jade on another one of their dates. Watching her eat a blueberry muffin. Sipping her coffee-


Jade had once told him that she would never go a day, let alone a few hours without her precious beverage, but she'd just admitted to going days without her coffee.

Something was wrong with this picture. Very wrong.

And… He had a feeling it had to deal with Jade's lack of caffeine in her system.

(Because that made total sense)


"Jade," Beck began conversationally, "Why don't you have some coffee? It's really good today." As if to prove his point, he sipped his own hot drink. "Mm. Just right."

The jet haired girl looked suspiciously at the boy across from her. "Beck… Are you high?"

He spluttered, almost spitting his coffee out of his mouth. "W-What?" he choked out. "First you ask if I'm a masochist, then you suggest I may have the plague, and now you're accusing me of being high." His incredulous expression was almost laughable but this wasn't a laughing matter.

Seriously, what did it take for a guy to get his girl back?! Walk in front of a moving-

No! He refused to finish that thought. It would be just his luck if that's what he'd end up doing to win Jade's heart back. Just. His. Luck.

Jade stared wide-eyed at her Canadian-born ex. "It was just a question," she muttered, her expression clearly saying he was weirding her out.

"It was a weird question," he stated in defense. "Completely wonky, you know, like how Andre acts sometimes. Or when he mentions his grandma." He was afraid of rambling, so he left it at that.

Jade paused for a second before claiming, "I have no idea what to say about his grandma."

"Story of her life, is what I'm told," Beck replied.

"Anyway," she added, "why the sudden need for me to drink the coffee?"

Without thinking, he answered honestly, "I just want the real Jade back."

Said young woman rose a brow in question. "The real Jade?" she repeated, like she hadn't heard him right. "What's that supposed to mean?"

He waved a hand, like trying to pick out what he wanted to say out of thin air. "You know," he began, "The possessive, overly jealous, scissor-loving, horror movie fanatic, mean, Jade I-can-take-care-of-myself-and-don't-like-flirting-with-guys-who-aren't-Beck West."

Jade's ice-blue eyes were wide by the end. Was that really jealousy she'd detected in Beck's voice? Mr. Cool Under Pressure, jealous? Over her? Really?

Before she could double-think what she was doing, she picked up her steaming coffee and took a small gulp to calm her nerves.

Having watched her carefully, Beck almost cheered out loud in victory. Yes, now he would get his Jade bac-

Jade set the cup down, nothing about her any different than from two seconds ago. Her eyes didn't narrow in anger or suspicion. Her lips didn't snarl out a scathing comment. Her posture didn't once tense up. Nothing.

"Huh," she muttered, mostly to herself. "The coffee did taste pretty good today, more so than usual."

Beck felt his jaw drop. What? Was he wrong? Lack of caffeine hadn't been the answer?

"So," Jade asked, catching his attention. "I tried the coffee. Is there anything else I should do?" The way she lifted her brow was mocking but Beck couldn't help but agree- he'd mock himself, too, in this situation.

Instead of answering, he looked down at the table top. For a second, he contemplated bashing his forehead against the shiny surface.


"Well," Jade demanded, "Did that make you feel better, Beck? Bashing your forehead against the table?"

Beck rubbed the throbbing spot, wincing. "Lost a few brain cells, but I'll live," he muttered.

"More than a few, if you ask me," she mumbled under her breath. "Now, then. Lets be serious. Why insist on me drinking my coffee? You're acting pretty strange." She paused. "Well, more so than usual, anyway."

And he thinks I'm acting wonky today, she thinks to herself, mentally rolling her eyes.

Beck sighed in defeat. "I just don't understand what's wrong with you."

"Excuse me?" Jade huffed, looking only slightly offended. It made Beck crazy. He wanted to grab her and shake her back into the Jade he fell in love with. Sure, he loved this flirty Jade, but only when she came out to flirt with him.

Groaning in frustration, he said, "This-" he pointed between the two of them, "-Us. I'm still in love with you, but not this you. And it's driving me absolutely wonky in the head trying to figure out why you're acting like this!"

"You…" Jade began in a stunned voice, eyes wide. "Love me? You love me again?"

In a self-depicting voice, he answered, "Who said I stopped?" But a smitten grin touched his lips until all she could see was the Beck Oliver she'd always loved with her whole heart. The one who only had eyes for Jade West.

It was that heart-warming expression that caused Jade to lean over the table to plant her lips against his. She could feel his smile even as he kissed her back, like a man starved. It made the corners of her own lips curve up into a smile she hadn't been feeling since their break up.

When they finally pulled away, Beck had somehow moved his chair so that he sat directly next to her, his jean-clad thigh touching hers. One hand had travelled upward to play with her colored locks of silky hair, and his gaze was the softest she'd ever seen as he seemed to memorize her every feature.

Finally, he had to ask the one question that had been bugging him all day:

"So, what was with flirty-Jade making an appearance?"

Jade smirked in a way that made Beck's heart thump wildly in his chest. Leaning closer, she whispered, "I did something extremely naughty."

Beck rose a brow at that. "Oh, do tell."

Her nose wrinkled cutely, but she admitted, "I did something nice for Robbie."

He laughed in a way that made Jade smile too. "Babe, that does sound like something naughty, alright," he replied. "And I want to hear every detail."

Sighing, she began speaking. "Well, it started a few days ago. I was so bored…"


"So, the only reason Jade had been acting all wonky," Andre said, feeling his way around the subject, "is because she was bored, so helped Robbie with his confidence problem?"

Beck nodded, his arm draped around his girlfriend's slim shoulders. "Yup," he answered in his normal, causal, cool-guy tone. "That sums it up."

"Yeah, I still can't thank you enough, Jade," the curly haired teen said, "Thanks to Jade's plan, I have a date lined up for tonight. She gives great advice." He paused. "You know, when she's not insulting or socially ruining someone."

"That sounds more like the Jade we know and love," Tori said, smiling.

"Whatever, Vega." Jade rolled her eyes.

Cat clapped happily in her seat, all but squealing with excitement over the fact that Beck and Jade were once again Beck&Jade. "Yay! Mommy and daddy are together again," she excitedly cheered.

Beck chuckled, squeezing Jade a little closer for a second. "Yeah, mommy and I-"

"-Whoa, there, Beck," Jade interrupted, a frown touching her pretty features. "What do you mean, mommy and I? If anything, you're the mommy and I'm the daddy!"

It was Beck's turn to frown. "Why are you the daddy?" he calmly demanded. "I'm the guy in this relationship-"

Again, Jade cut him off. "-Oh, you are so sexist! And I'm the daddy because I obviously wear the jeans in this 'marriage'!"

"It's pants," he retorted. "The saying is 'wearing the pants in the marriage'."

"Oh, God," Andre muttered under his breath, eyes wide as he watched what happened.

Jade gasped in outrage, standing abruptly from her seat at the lunch table. "Don't correct me!" she fairly hissed, like a kitten who had been offended. "I know what I said! What, you wanna break up with me?"

Cat's eyes widened before she squeaked and covered her red velvet cupcake-red hair with her arms. It almost appeared as though she was waiting for a bomb to go off (which was likely).

Robbie, being the smart boy he was, quickly slid under the table. Tori tried doing the same thing, but he slapped her hands away when she tried crawling underneath to join him. After several moments of whispered arguments, Robbie surprisingly won and the Latina was forced to stay topside with Andre.

"You're being ridiculous!" Beck semi-shouted back, standing also.

"Well, you know what?" Jade yelled, scowling. "We're throu-! What do you think you're doing?! Let go of me, Oliver!"

Beck had a tight hold on his girlfriend's wrist. When she tried to yank free of his grip, he easily hoisted her over his shoulder and began walking quickly away. "We're gonna have another discussion we've been dying to have," he stated, his tone turning insanely cheerful. Like this happened every day. (It didn't, until recently)

"Kidnapper!" Jade screamed, her fists beating his back the best she could, considering the angle was wrong and gravity was working against her. "Someone call the police! Or, at least, get a teacher! Lane! Someone call Lane! Beck Oliver is a kidnapper!"

"It's fine, it's fine," the Canadian-born boy reassured everyone they passed. "Carry on with your day. She likes this."

"No, I don't!"

As the couple disappeared from view, Tori and Andre shared a disturbed, shocked look.

"Did you see-?" Tori asked, brows furrowing.

"No," Andre drawled out. "Nothing illegal. We didn't just see my best friend kidnap his girlfriend again. Nope, nuh-uh."

"Agreed," the Latina muttered, going back to picking at her lunch. Like nothing had happened. Why?

Because this became the new norm.

%%_THE END_%%

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