A/N: This is a fic I wrote for a prompt for LJ's NorseKink. It was originally intended as a oneshot, but because of reasons I decided to make it chaptered, so more will be coming even though I'm not sure when. This is pre-MiB3 because I havn't seen that yet.

Working Visa

Fury did his best not to grind his teeth and spit on the black-clad man.

The operative, who refused to say anything about the organization he had come from, sat opposite him with the blankest expression on his face Fury had ever seen. He looked down at the little card he had been given, marked only by the embossed black letters 'MiB'. He didn't know what they stood for, damn it, and he wasn't just going to just bow down to some unnamed agency who through they could just come in and intimidate him.

... Even though the president had demanded it.

Damn it.

The agent seemed content to just sit with his arms crossed and stare Fury, authority just washing over him and attempting to drown anyone who got in his way.

"Fine," Fury snarled, "but I need to be present during the interview."



Agent Jay unbuttoned his suit jacket as he sat opposite the blonde man of muscle. He'd read the file on Thor, and he wasn't intimidated. So this guy was practically a god, big deal. He'd been called a god in bed enough times that it had to count for something. Jay also knew he could probably beat the guy in a game a wits, because his estimated IQ was not at all impressive. Although it was possible that it was inaccurate; Asgardians were on record very smart and had a fairly thorough educational program.

Maybe he should be tested.

"Please state your full name for the record."

"I am Thor, son of Odin."

"Planet of origin?" Jay continued, filling in the answer.

"Asgard, of the Second Realm."

"Uh-huh. Approximate age in relation to the Gregorian Solar calendar in relation to the closest year and month," he looked up, "That's just your normal seven days in a week kinda deal." Jay waited for the response, watching Thor try to do the math in his head for several long minutes until he took pity on the big guy. "You know what, man, we can just leave that section blank and come back to it."

A large smile spread across Thor's face, "I would be most grateful."

"Don't even mention it." Yeah, he was definitely going be tested, "Is this your first visit to Earth?"

Kay moved around the glass prison. The figure within hadn't turned to look at the door, and didn't acknowledge the agent movements. It was slightly unusual, but Kay has seen far worse in for more unsettling situations. It was an inevitable hazard of the job, he supposed.

"Mr Odinson," Kay started, walking up the final flight of stairs until he was on the final landing and moving himself into the piercing green gaze. "My name is Agent Kay, I represent an organization called the Men in Black; we monitor alien activity on earth. On behalf of MiB I apologize that S.H.I.E.L.D was able to get jurisdiction over you and your brother before we were able to make contact. The MiB have been aware of your people as an inter-realm race for decades and I'm sure we could have handled your care far more efficiently than these military buffoons."

No response from Loki. Kay kept himself even.

"You have not only violated six interstellar laws, but also eighteen sub-categorical laws specific to Earth. Additionally, you are in direct violation of a full paragraph of the Asgard-Midgard treaty, an act that not only declares war on earth and her people but is also punishable by various tortures and then inevitable death."

Loki blinked slowly before answering, cold and detached. "Are you here to implement these punishments?"

"No, son," the address provoked the first real reaction from Loki, and Kay filed it away for later use, "I'm here to offer you salvation."

"Have you ever had sexual relations with an... 'an Earth native biological organism'?" Jay made a mental note to have a serious talk with whoever wrote this damn questionnaire. He glanced at the door, knowing the S.H.I.E.L.D leader was just beyond and hoped that Kay had managed to get to the cells without being noticed.

"You are referring to Jane?"

"If you have ever had sex with Jane, then yeah, I'm talking about her."

Thor shifted slightly, "Jane and I have not yet consummated our relationship," he ran a hand through his blonde hair and leant back slightly. "However, she has... serviced me sexually."

"Really? Good for you, man." He looked back down at the paper. "So; is there any chance you, or any other parties involved in the sexual encounter, were impregnated?"

"Decades ago, Earth was declared an apolitical zone for aliens without a planet. I'd say you fit that description, Mr. Odinson," he pretended to glance at the information package, "or is it Laufeyson? Our records aren't too clear on that. Either way, we'd like to offer you a job. You have an impressive set of skills, which we would like to utilize."

Loki sneered, "You wish to use my magic as a weapon. A mortal such as yourself cannot hold such power over me."

Kay tried to not roll his eyes at the pomposity. "Mr. Laufeyson, you should be aware that last night the MiB called a meeting with Odin Allfather regarding jurisdictional issues which have risen since your imprisonment. We managed to place our organization in charge of your punishment with a few provisos. We have managed to take any kind of fatal punishment off the table."

There were a few moments where Loki waited for the other shoe, and Kay let it hover over the god's head for a moment before bringing it down.

"This," he pulled a silver device from his pocket, "is a Neuralyzer. It isolates and measures electronic impulses in your brain relating to the maintenance and recall of memory. It has various settings relating to hours, days, years. If you refuse to co-operate with us, we have been given permission from your father to allow us to use this little device on you. By his specifications we can erase eight-hundred and ninety six years of your memory."

Intensely green eyes widened, something foreign shining behind them.

"Everything you've known, everything you are... will be erased."

It was a threat. Blackmail, even, but Kay knew the benefit that Loki would bring to the organization; not because of his magic or power, but because of his ability to sway and manipulate. MiB was always looking for quick tongues to convince the government to let them continue under the radar, to slip out of treaty agreements or other not-so-diplomatic situations. Someone with Loki's talent for talking would be invaluable.

They could erase the god's memories. They would if they felt it necessary, Kay was sure of that, just as sure as he was that he could not be the one to do it. He'd done a lot of regrettable things during in the name of the Men in Black, but he couldn't re-write someone's entire life against their will.

Loki was staring at him with an inscrutable expression. It was a long and horrible moment where several things spread across the dark-haired man's face, things Kay couldn't read but recognized deep in his soul. He didn't want to examine it too closely.

"Okay," came the soft response.

Jay grinned at Fury as he exited the small interview room. The man had an aura of anger, which Jay thought was amusing given the man's name, and he was having fun playing with the S.H.I.E.L.D man.

"All done," Jay shot him his most dazzling smile, the one he usually saved for women with great legs. "We're considering it a working visa, of sorts. We'll send his passport to you guys when it's sorted so you can look it over. Probably scan it for imaginary tracking devices and whatnot. We'll also be supplying him some pamphlets about the substances and technology he can and cannot bring in or out of the solar-system."

They started walking down the corridor, and they could hear Thor move from the room behind him and head in a different direction. Jay followed Fury through the halls, granting him the illusion of power even through Jay had memorized the layout prior to the assignment.

"So what exactly did the two of you talk about?"

Jay shrugged. "Standard questionnaire." He shook the binder slightly, "We can send you a copy if you like."

"Do that."

Kay watched Fury exit the building with Jay. According to their surveillance he had been standing by the car the entire time. He'd doctored all the cameras in the building, something which he suspected would remain unknown for at least four days since Stark was in charge of most of the systems.

Jay gave a condescending handshake to the eye-patched man before heading to the car. Kay pushed himself off the side and opened the driver's side door, settling himself behind the wheel.

"Hey," Jay set himself down beside him, "are we sure Thor is, you know, normal for an Asgardian?"

Knowing exactly what he was not saying, Kay shrugged, "He was raised as a warrior, and he's a prince; he had a specialty area of education and no need for the basics."

"So he's not... special?"

Kay gave him a blank look, watching Jay until the younger man shrugged and broke eye-contact.

"I'm just checkin', man."

Kay nodded and started the car, pulling into the street and manoeuvring through the New York traffic with practiced ease. They drove in silence, something which Jay found odd as the other usually played music in order to avoid conversation. It wasn't until they'd been driving for a good ten or fifteen minutes that Jay noticed a figure in the back seat, sleeping under a green cloak and with a spare MiB jacket thrown over him like a blanket.

"Kay, did you steal Loki?"

"Maybe. But I set up a hologram so it should take a few days before they notice he's not in his cell."

"You mind telling me why he's unconscious?"

Kay glanced at Jay, wondering just how much the newer Agent knew about their most recent assignment. Even though he had operated at MiB for five years while Kay had been a neutral, Jay had always been more of a warrior, an organizer and an undercover agent. Chances were he didn't know about the darker, more underhanded levels of MiB

Looking over, and letting a rare softness take over his gaze, Kay answered honestly. "He's an Omega Neutral, kid."

"What?" Jay looked over, eyes wide, "I thought they were just a scare tactic?"

"Most of the time, they are."

"So you erased his mind completely? No remembering his parents or favourite pizza toppings or his own name or... anything?"

Taking a deep breath, Kay looked back out at the road. He could understand the disbelief in his partner's voice. "That's about the long and short of it. His procedural memory should be intact though, so that's something."

"So he'll remember how to tie his shoes, but not how it felt to be hugged by his own mother. That's just great. Real considerate, Kay."

"He wanted it." Kay stated clearly.

A deathly silence fell over the car at the three words, broken occasionally by the shuffling of Loki as he turned over or mumbled something in an ancient, unknown language. There was an air of horror that filled the space, and Kay didn't want to look over and see the look he knew was in Jay's eyes. There was no way that the younger man could understand, and Kay didn't really feel like explaining.

"So," Jay finally said, tired of the silence and showing his diplomacy by avoiding the topic "What are we going to reprogram him with?"

"We're not."

Kay knew that this decision was going to get him in a lot of trouble. It would take a lot of convincing to get the higher-ups to go along, but he would stick with it to the end. He was right, he knew he was, and he would fight it to the death. It was the least he could do for the figure in the back-seat, who had offered himself up to the agency so completely, who had trusted Kay to look after him as a blank, clean, and completely vulnerable slate.

"I let Loki record a message before he was neutralized," Kay elaborated softly, "he explained, to himself, why this was best. Why a new life with new memories would be better than the ones he had before. We're not going to reprogram him; we're going to tell him the truth. We're going to tell him we removed his memories, that this is a chance for redemption. The message he left will tell him he doesn't want to know what his past life was like, but if he asks we will tell him. No new identity, no false memories, and, most importantly," he looked over at Jay, "no lies."

Jay looked away from his partner and turned the concept over in his head. He had read Loki's file, of course, and known that the man spread across the seats behind him had been raised in lies and lived in pain. The top MiB psychologists had suspected that this was what had caused Loki to feel isolated and had driven him to madness and a disconnection to his own identity.

However, telling him that everything he was had been erased could do exactly the same to the fragile being.

"We'll take care of him," Kay comforted, "so don't worry about that. He needs a purpose, a family, and we're going to give that to him."

Looking over at Kay, Jay noticed the tense worry lines around his face, the concern that ran deeper than just this assignment. There was an identification that Kay had with the sleeping god in the back that shone through dark, intense eyes. Jay still thought it could be disastrous, but in light of Kay's determination he would put his faith in his mentor's heart and, consequentially, in Loki.

"By 'we', you don't just mean the Men in Black, do you?"

A rare smile graced the older agent's face. "No, Slick, I don't."