This might be a one-shot. If not, I'll carry on the story of our new Meta Human. Enjoy Reading! :)

*Thoughts* *Narrator* *Selection*

Where am I? What is this?

Targets Identified. Select a gender and body type.

What targets! So I'm genderless now? Pick female. Why? 'Cause I'm a fucking female! Hey! You! Sometimes, I feel like punching people's faces 'cause they don't tend to listen. Female - Monarch Medium

Thank you! Oh my, their cursor hovered heavily over male. But whatever I'm stuck in, it's quite stuffy. And dark. Create a custom configuration or imprint using data from a earth hero or villain. Custom.

Let's go custom, my unidentified creator. Don't literally wanna copy my heroes now. That would be personal infringement, I think. Select a hero or villain morality. Hero.

Yes! Justice League, here I come! Select a personality to determine social behaviour. Serious

Aww, I wanna be flirty! No fair! An least now i can take things seriously, I'd laugh at anything and everything. Select a mentor as a guideline for data application. Superman.

Superman, straight up! Someone high five me! If there's anyone around, of course... Select power group from available exobyte data to determine combat role. Fire

I've always wanted to play with fire. Now, I can. Select movement. Flight.

Select a weapon speciality from available data. Bow

Never used a bow, will do now. Displaying exobyte download summary. Apparent options now available. Modify any category as desired. Accept download when ready.

So now I've got tattooed skin, long black hair with red emissive eyes. My chest and legs are covered with that "they" call urban slick, biker gloves, Vans-like trainers, some droopy hood with symbols on the rim, and I have a quiver stuffed with arrows. And I've noticed my new clothes are following the scheme of red, black and white.

Select a name. Chaos. Contagious Chaos. Contagious Chaos.