The anniversary

Cameron was wide awake early that morning, he wanted to wake up early so that Mitchell could have a good sleep in on their special day, Cameron decided that he would make him a lovely breakfast in bed coupled with some lovely flowers.

Cameron got up out of bed carefully trying not to wake up his beloved Mitchell, but there was no problem there, as Cameron looked over towards Mitchell he was fast asleep, Cameron looked at him lovingly for a few minutes before he suddenly realized what had needed to be done and went out of the room towards their kitchen.

He started cooking the breakfast, French toast, sausages, eggs and lot's of delicious pancakes and waffles with honey. He went and placed the beautiful red roses onto a tray everything looked so beautiful and well placed together, Cameron sighed happily he couldn't believe how lucky he was to be with Mitchell.

Cameron walked into their room to find Mitchell still asleep, he carefully put the tray down on an empty space of the bed and walked over to Mitchell's side and stroked his hand lovingly across his cheek as he whispered "happy anniversary my darling." Mitchell woke up sleepily and let out a few groans as he fully became aware of Cameron's presence and he let out a little smile.

"Oh Cameron." He sighed at his partner happily, "Happy anniversary!" He said cheerfully Cameron brought over the breakfast he had made his lover and placed it on top of his lap. Mitchell smiled as he looked down at all of the lovely food and beautiful red roses, he couldn't believe how lucky he was to end up with such an amazing and loving partner as Cameron, sure they didn't always agree on everything but they both loved each other so much. And Mitchell couldn't be happier.

Cameron came over and carefully placed a small peck on Mitchell's cheek. "Really?" Said Mitchell Cameron turned back around and looked at him in an evil looking glance. "Oh what so i can't even give you a peck on our anniversary!" He said angrily to Mitchell, Mitchell laughed slightly at Cameron, he could be so dramatic even though Mitchell said he didn't like his dramatics he secretly did.

Mitchell shook his head at Cameron, Cameron was nearly at the end of the door when Mitchell slammed the tray on the bed and got to his feet Cameron hearing this noise turned around to face him and said "Oh lovely I made you that lovely breakfast and you just slam it on the bed!, Really Mitchell, really?" he said in a squeaky tone and went to exit the room, suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder, Mitchell turned him around to face him.

"Cam, you are such a drama queen." He said with a kind of laugh to his voice, Cameron was about to speak but Mitchell put his hand to his lips so he couldn't say a word. "Cam, I love you so much, for all of you, for every single thing that you do and I am thankful every day that I have you in my life I know i don't say it enough but i love you so much." He said sweetly and smiled at Cameron.

Cam smiled back lovingly and looked intensely into Mitchell's eyes, Mitchell put his arms around Cameron's neck and kissed him passionately their bodies entwining with each other's pressed against each other their hand's gliding all over one another, Cam could feel Mitchell smiling into the kiss as they continued to kiss for a long time.

They eventually stopped and looked at each other, Mitchell grinned "That's better than a peck isn't it?" He said smugly as he walked into their kitchen.

I was just playing around with ideas, i love these two as a couple they are so fantastic and hilarious at the same time, tell me what you think of it and wether i should write some more on them