Even as she was doing it, she knew that she probably shouldn't. Regina had asked her- no, not asked- begged for her not to tell her mother. But her mother didn't want to lose Regina and if she ran off with that man then she would never see her mother again.

She tried to ignore the niggling feeling at the back of her neck. What if Regina had a reason for not wanting her mother to know? What if her mother did something to ensure that Regina wouldn't marry Daniel? But, if that happened, then Regina would marry her father. She would be her mother. She felt a surge of desperation. She had always wanted a mother. She tried to push these darker thoughts to the back of her mind, but the discomfort was still there.

This is what will be best for Regina and her mother, she told herself. If Regina was happy with that man, then her mother would be happy. She would help them be together. Regina would be able to be with Daniel.

This wasn't because she wanted Regina.

She wasn't that selfish.

She knew that Regina's mother wouldn't do anything to ruin her daughter's happiness. Mothers don't do that.

She just didn't want Regina to lose her mother- like she had lost hers. The loss of her mother; it was like a hole in her heart. She didn't want anyone else to know that pain.

Her father had told her once that sometimes people keep secrets that were bad for them. She thinks that maybe this is one of those times.

Cora was waiting for an answer from her; she was giving her the chance to confess to the secret. So she ignored the guilt that was building within her and told Cora everything. Regina didn't want to marry her father. She wanted the stable boy. Daniel.

She didn't want Regina to lose her mother, after all.

And in the same dark recesses, when Regina told her that Daniel had run off and that they were going to be a family, she smiled.