Bo had not realized she had fallen asleep; she stretched her limbs, feeling reenergized and sated. The gentle breathing and murmured humming from the woman in her arms must have lulled her to sleep. Not that she was complaining; she had never felt so rested in her life. Waking up with that full feeling was one sensation she had not really experienced in a long time. Not since Dyson. Now when she fed, she normally would feed a little here and there to curb her hunger. It was almost like a closely watched diet. When she healed with sex, she never really felt this full, either, because she was too concerned with getting what she needed and leaving. Feeding from someone you absolutely loved was the most amazing feeling Bo had ever experienced. The thought that the doctor had probably just given the best medical exam of her life made Bo smile. Lauren was definitely skilled with her hands.

Her battle only hours ago was long wiped from her physical body, but Bo's emotional state finally relaxing for what felt like the first time in over a decade was what was really extraordinary.

At some point in their nap, Lauren had rolled over to her side, away from her. Bo couldn't see her face, but she loved the continued humming and deep breaths she saw from the woman's form. Without hesitating, she scooted over that little bit to wrap her arm over her girlfriend's hip. Bo's entire body was glowing with heat, so she didn't recognize the cold room until she felt Lauren's cold skin against her own. Instead of grabbing a blanket, Bo just molded her body to the one in front of her and sent her warmth through the contact. Lauren relaxed in her deep slumber, no doubt subconsciously pushing further back into the embrace. This made Bo smile and close her eyes again.

She had finally fed from Lauren.

Why did she wait so long?

Bo had sensed the powerful energy from the first moment she had laid eyes on Lauren back at Gram's farm. Was she more worried about hurting Lauren or becoming so addicted to Lauren she couldn't breathe without her girlfriend there? Bo was afraid of becoming possessive and controlling, especially considering how she reacted without questioning her own morals and beliefs whenever she saw an opportunity for getting Lauren's freedom. Now that she fed from that power source directly, now that their bond was clearly deepened, what did this mean for them? What did this mean for Bo's power, especially those scary dormant powers she had apparently inherited from her father? Would she keep feeding from Lauren? Could she stop feeding from other people?

Bo remembered the fireworks she felt when feeding from Dyson for the first time. The brief kiss was the first time she truly experienced the power of the fae world. That was dull compared to the explosion that happened when feeding from Lauren. Maybe there really was something to that hybrid theory. If Lauren was anything to go by, hybrids were ridiculously and powerfully delicious. Then again, Bo liked the idea that her hyper awareness of Lauren and their shared emotional response added that little something extra. Bo worried about becoming addicted to that power and sensation.

She chuckled lowly to herself when she thought about her new slogan, "Magically Delicious," when applied to her girlfriend. Kenzi would find that funny, but Bo suspected not many others would. Lauren might, if you caught her in the right mood. Her girlfriend was actually quietly and awkwardly hilarious. She was quick witted, so she was a pleasure to duel with one liners. Watching her and Kenzi go at it sometimes, in that dry, off handed way they verbally sparred, always made for better entertainment than actual serialized television. Bo suspected the two women really cared and respected one another now, so the sparring was their way of expressing those feelings.

Lauren had passed out on her, which was not an uncommon response whenever Bo fed from someone. The amazing part was that Bo had taken way too much energy already, and the doctor had offered her more, even though she was fading from exhaustion. She knew part of it was Lauren's doctorly desire to heal completely, but there was no way Bo was taking more, even if she had needed it.

Bo heard Kenzi walk in the door downstairs, and she was taking the stairs to come to Bo's bedroom. The steps sounded tentative, like she was afraid she would find them naked, which they were, or dead, which they weren't. Bo sighed, feeling a need to cover their bodies but really not wanting to wake Lauren. Her desire to protect Lauren's modesty overruled, as she removed herself from the embrace, but not before placing a sweet kiss to her girlfriend's cheek.

Bo carefully extracted herself from the bed and pulled the comforter from her side to place over Lauren's cold body. She could tell the woman missed the body contact, even if she didn't wake. Bo missed the contact, too. Kenzi walked into the bedroom, one hand covering her eyes and the other guiding her.

"Everybody alive?" Kenzi's eyes were obviously closed and covered effectively. Bo walked over to pull her hand from her face. She loved teasing her best friend. "Woah! Bo, clothes! The girls are staring at me."

"Be quiet." Bo walked over to grab her red kimono and wrapped it tightly around her body.

"You're all…healed and glowy. Guess the doctor's sexy medicine was a success." Kenzi moved beside the bed, looking to probably make sure Lauren was still breathing. Kenzi's body and expression relaxed when Lauren murmered something through her dreamscape that confused Kenzi but Bo didn't hear. "What the hell is marzipan? Did you break the doctor?" Kenzi walked back over to stand in front of Bo, eyes scanning her. "That's some powerful lady mojo, Bo. You looked like death when we brought you here."

"I know. I felt like death." Bo ushered Kenzi from the room and back downstairs, not really wanting her best friend to wake up Lauren or to break the intense energy that was floating in the bedroom. "It was amazing. She was…"

"Amazzzing…I get it." Kenzi smirked as they both sat on the couch, facing one another. "For walking Viagra, you're such a nerd. You're all glowy again."

"I know, and I've stopped trying to figure it out and decided to take your advice." Bo relaxed into the couch, folding her legs underneath her. "I'm just enjoying my shit."

"I'll bet you are." Kenzi chuckled slightly and stopped to smile warmly. "I was skeptical at first, which was my own fault, but I like you like this. If Lauren does this for you, then I guess as far as weird fae-bond-induced sisters-in-law go, she is alright."

"I did it, Kenz. I got her freedom." Bo closed her eyes and smiled into her relaxation and realization.

"Well, not yet. You still have to wait until her born again human sibilings keel off." Kenzi always did like to bring her back to reality. Even if wasn't an immediate solution, it was an eventual solution. She was trying to be more forward-thinking. It was an odd way to live after so many years of living in the moment.

"Yeah, but she will have more freedom in her servitude now already. I just have to find her a place to set up her lab. We really need to send something or do something to formally thank Evony and Lachlan for being uncharacteristically civil during negotations." Bo really was enjoying her shit. The battle with Roger had surprised her; she had only taken Kenzi and Ciara as backup since Dyson and Hale were at the police station working. Honestly, she didn't really think she would need more backup; in the end, she was glad to know she was right. She never doubted Ciara's fighting ability, but she would always worry about Kenzi, no matter how many times the young girl had actually saved her life by being there. "I really need to send Ciara, like, a fruit basket, or whatever you send to someone who just kissed you so you wouldn't die."

"Fuzzy handcuffs?" Kenzi smiled before mocking offense. "Hey, I offered first. Where's my fruit basket?" Kenzi only looked offended, but her underlying smirk she was fighting gave her away. "Is this going to be a new thing? Send a thank you basket to those who help you heal, even a little? Some new succubus policy?"

"I have my own personal live-in doctor now. I doubt many baskets will need to be sent anywhere but here." Bo smiled again and cast her eyes to the ceiling. She wished her super powers came with xray vision, so she could see Lauren right now. She missed her already.

"She's still human, Bo. Be careful." Kenzi's energy changed from amused and relieved to concerned. "Don't forget that pesky little detail that says you can get her pregnant."

"I know." Bo rolled her eyes, more to sober herself from her Lauren-induced-succubus-feed high. "I know. I've been reading that how-to guide to being a succubus again since I decided I was ready to start feeding from her. I have to actually give her my life essence, too. It's an exchange thing, I think. If I keep feeding from her, I'll have to work extra hard at control. I just…this was the most…I've tasted her now, I cannot not ever do that again."

"Oh…lalalala." Kenzi covered her ears lightly, but Bo just pulled her hands away.

"I meant her energy, noob." Bo took a second to grin. "Well, mostly I meant her energy."

"Am I going to need to have an intervention with you? Send you to hot bitch rehab? You know it didn't work with Jason." Kenzi was only half joking, Bo could tell. "'Hello, my name is Bo. I am a succubus who can't stop feeding from my girlfriend because her hot hot lady love is a super-charged sex drug.'"

"It's not like that." Bo did think it was a little like that, but she wasn't really worried enough for it be a real problem yet. It was one feed. They still had to decide what this meant for them. "I saw how it drained her. She probably won't admit it, and yes, it was super powerful energy and I could take more than from a normal human, or fae, come to think of it, but I can't do that to her all the time."

"Yeah, I remember how your sex-sucking really tore Dyson a new one." Kenzi was her best friend. When Bo was trying to figure out her own powers and learn her own control, Kenzi had been there to help her stay grounded. She didn't even realize Dyson was having issues until the young girl mentioned something to her. Bo would not do that Lauren. Her girlfriend was even more stubborn about asking for help than the wolf shifter, so if Bo did hurt her and took too much, Lauren would probably not say anything. "Regardless, you're more in tune with Dr. Feelgood than you ever were with Dyson. You'll know when it's too much. I doubt you could hurt her; it's in your bond thing or something."

"Yeah." Bo remembered pulling back earlier. Her mind and body had been so lost in the sensations of Lauren making love to her and her finally opening and giving herself completely to her girlfriend; somehow, she had instinctively known when to pull back. It used to be she had to force herself to stop when she would feel the succubus needs take over, but with Lauren, she had just known. Maybe Kenzi was right, and their bond kept her from hurting Lauren. Bo hoped this was true; the thought of ever doing something bad to Lauren was one thing she could never forgive herself for.

Bo looked up to the ceiling again and sighed in content, sensing a happy and tired Lauren start to wake. This was as close to that happily ever after feeling she so desired that she was ever going to get. It was more than enough for now. They could worry about the aftermath later.

Yesterday afternoon, Lauren had woken up from her sex-induced coma nap an extremely happy woman. It was the opposite sensation of waking up in the compound's dungeon. She couldn't imagine anybody not enjoying being fed on by a succubus; well, when they were dead, they wouldn't enjoy it, but there was definitely a reason they died with smiles on their faces.

Bo had finally given herself completely to her. The woman had let the human doctor experience everything that it meant to be with a succubus. This only surfaced dozens more questions for Lauren; her brain really did never quit, especially when she was so focused and high on glowy sex vibes. They would need to talk about a potential feeding pattern, because there was no way Lauren could resist Bo now. There was no way she wasn't going to let Bo do that again.

Lauren had never trusted or loved anyone so absolutely; it was both scary and inspiring.

For the rest of the night, they had silently decided to just enjoy the afterglow. There would be time to talk about the other effects and the aftermath later. Bo didn't really have a hard time convincing her to just relax and enjoy being alive.

Lauren's own fear when Bo had gotten that request for a meeting from Roger had pulled the doctor's own protectiveness from inside of her. That was why she had given Bo the formula again, along with that post-it note. She only wished she had more time to find more information on Roger before Bo would face him in battle. She didn't want to call Gram to ask because Lauren was still a little illogically upset with the woman for never telling her the family secrets, and she didn't want too many people to know about the formula yet. Gram would have scolded her for even considering giving Bo the formula again, since Lauren knew what it would be used for this time. Lauren worried about Gram's reaction to Bo's actions more than anyone. If her grandmother hated her after this, Lauren knew she would have a hard time not fighting with Bo again, even if was really her parents, siblings, and the fae world in general that made her mad.

When Lauren had gone to work today, she was much more ready and clearheaded than yesterday. Before she started her actual work, Lauren ran some blood work and tests on herself, to see about the biological after effects from Bo feeding on her. What she found was both surprising and unsurprising. Her neural waves were increased and so were her immunities, which she already knew from the physical experiences, but she was surprised to see little sparks actually flicker in her blood cells. Lauren was never one for jumping to conclusions, but she just knew that this was Bo. The sparks reminded her of watching Bo's eyes when they would flicker blue; the electric sizzle that seemed to spark when she was hungry or horny, sometimes both. She made notes to do more tests on that; again, there would be time. She kind of let the doctor part of her turn off for a moment and decided to just bask in this feeling today. Lauren knew there would be many more opportunities to come, and that thought made her smile even bigger. It was an oddly refreshing approach to work.

The rest of the day, she had seen several patients, come up with great new ideas to test for possible formulas for that blood fever she had come across a few months ago, and even had time to grab a decent lunch. She never had time to grab a decent lunch, and she wasn't surprised at the protein heavy meal she chose. Bo was definitely a great workout.

Her favorite moment of the day, however, was when Bo had come into the lab for an official checkup on her wounds. The doctor may have let her hands linger a little longer during the exam, but she did not feel guilty for her unprofessional gaze at seeing her girlfriend naked again. Lauren noticed that the cuts and bruises that were still present yesterday were now gone. She only briefly panicked that her girlfriend had gone somewhere else to finish healing. Bo reassured her that she just woke up this morning completely healed. The doctor figured it was from some reserve or residual after effects.

When Bo had pulled the Ash's pendant out from inside her shirt, Lauren was afraid her girlfriend would get mad that she had put it back on. Instead, Bo just made strong eye contact and smiled. They couldn't exactly act like they knew her fealty now had an expiration date; it might cause the Morrigan or Lachlan to reconsider their deal with Bo about granting Lauren research access in a more neutral setting. Lauren had a strong feeling that her siblings would say nothing about the formula; the only one who knew directly that Lauren had made it was Maureen, and her baby sister would not tell the others that fact. Not if she was truly serious about protecting her.

Lauren was more than excited to start treating fae patients she had never had the opportunity to treat before; if she were honest, there was something deliciously appealing to the Dark Fae lifestyle. To be able not to care about consequences? To just take what you want? Lauren knew she was going to have some extremely interesting patients.

She and Bo had been careful to this point, worrying too much about another pregnancy scare, but now, after experiencing what it meant to truly be a succubus's girlfriend, Lauren surprised herself when she was able to admit that she was not as scared as she should be about that possibility. Not if she got to feel like this on a regular basis. She knew they 100% for certain would have a long future together, as long as they could learn to communicate better. Lauren finally decided to let herself relax and just enjoy the moment, no matter how messy it could get.

Walking into the clubhouse, she dropped her briefcase satchel by the couch before removing her brown leather jacket and placing it on the cushioned chair's arm. She observed Bo sitting on the couch, leaning back on the other end, lounged, and just watching Lauren's movements, hiding behind her smile and still clutching a book in her lap. The thought that Bo was reading for pleasure made Lauren chuckle lightly, especially since the television was still on; even if it was on mute.

"Honey, I'm home." Lauren smiled before sitting down on the couch, leaning back slightly into the cushions but not breaking eye contact with her girlfriend.

"Long day at work, dear?" Bo leaned forward to grab the remote and turn the television off, placing her book back on the coffee table with the remote before taking the opportunity to move closer to Lauren on the couch.

"I did have a particularly trying patient today." Lauren smiled, both of them knowing she was talking about Bo. "She was a little handsy when I tried to examine her."

"I was handsy? What about you, Dr. Lewis? I seem to recall hands in places that I don't think were strictly professional." Bo smirked, swirling a pointed finger loosely back at her. They really hadn't done anything beyond hurried kisses and groping, much like their stolen kisses when they first officially started seeing each other. "I should report you for harassing your patients."

"It doesn't quite work when the patient started the harassment." Lauren sat back up, loving the comfort she felt in their flirtation. "Do you want to go out for dinner? Maybe catch a movie?"

"Why, Dr. Lewis, are you asking me out on a date?" Bo crawled the rest of the way across the couch until she was straddling her. Lauren wrapped confident hands around her girlfriend's back, loving the warmth she found there.

"I do like to do normal human things sometimes. I've not been that lost in the fae world." Lauren smiled as Bo wrapped her arms around her neck and leaned down to kiss her lightly. She leaned back and gave Lauren a knowing smirk. "Okay, so I have a been a bit lost in the fae world for some time, but I want to take you out more often. I get too trapped in my bubble sometimes, and I need you to remind to leave it from time to time. I figure dinner out and a movie is a great starting place. Simple; elegant."

"You do realize that movie theatres are dark, and there are plenty of opportunities to get handsy there, too? Are you going to start making a chart of the city to mark where you've taken me?" Bo clearly meant that in the more sexual sense than in the out-on-the-town sense. "Life with you is never going to be boring, I can tell."

Lauren just smiled, holding the woman she loved, happy with her life. They could talk about the battle with Roger later; they could discuss what it really meant for her to have an expiration date on her fealty now. They could talk about kids and life and sex after kids. Life with a succubus was definitely going to be difficult, but Lauren was more than willing to see what happens next.

When they did decide to have that white picket fence, little succubus doctors running around in the yard, a dog – which they would call Dyson Jr. – chasing after them, Lauren knew that she and Bo would get that strange happily ever after. It was never going to be easy. They didn't know exactly what would happen in their future.

But Lauren has a hypothesis.

The End...

A/N: Thank you, everyone, for reading this crazy story. It started as a very vivid dream I had about Bo and Lauren meeting on my own grandmother's farm (complete with the cows that I think really were underfae), and that dream and creative need to write it down turned into an epic novel.

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