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"I wanna go home, Shizu-chan~." I pawed at his arm, not using my nails.
He just stared at the television set, watching some Sunday morning anime which he probably didn't even care about.
I've been here for two days. Every time I tried to escape, he threw something at the door, making my stay here inevitable. I'd whimper and scoot back, pulling my ears down in fear.
What else could I do? I barely have any strength that I would need to move the table away from the only exit in this apartment. Shizu-chan was being a meany, not letting me return to my life as an informant. But sometimes...I think he's doing all this for another reason besides that he owes Shinra a bunch.
I take my mind off that and continue pawing at Shizuo's arm. "Shizu-chan~. Shizu-chan~. I wanna go home~. I wanna take a shower~. Shizu-chan~!" I pout my mouth and he finally looks at me.
"There's a shower here." He takes a cigarette out, placing it between his lips. The brute starts to dig in his pocket for his lighter.
I frown, my eyebrows going in a perfect V. He stands and searches in his back pocket.
I huff and pounce on him, landing on his chest as we hit the carpeted floor. "Shizu-chan, you're so mean~! I want to take a shower and you won't even offer to show me where it is!" I take out my knife and hold it at his throat.
He stiffens and glares at me behind his glasses.
I bend down and whisper on his ear, "Maybe you'd like to join me~?" My tail wraps around his thigh, inching closer to his crotch area. "Ne, Shizu-chan~?" I nibble on his neck and he moans loudly. It's obvious no one ha done this to him before. I try to hold in my laughter but I couldn't help myself.
I pull back and laugh. "Ahahaha, Shizu-chan really wanted to join me! Maybe you don't hate me after all! Probably haven't had sexual contact with anyone in forever. All that pent up frustration~." My mouth spreads into a grin when he throws me off of him. I fall back and he stands up, looming over me. His breath becomes erratic and he franticly searches for something to throw with his eyes.
"Oh come now, Shizu-Chan~. Admit it! You're attracted to me~." I twirl my tail playfully in the air. "My kitty kitty appendages turn you on. You get off on that kind of stuff, am I right?" I smirk when he picks up the table he usually throws at me when I try to escape. He lets out an angry yell, lifting it over his head. "Maybe you're keeping me here for your own sexual pleasure? Ne, Shizu-chan, is that it? Gonna make me your personal sex slave? Chain me up to a wall? Whip me when I misbehave? That's so out a character for you, Shizu-chan~."
A burst of adrenaline explodes in my chest as Shizu-chan aims the wooden table right at me. I dodge it just in time and make my way to the door before Shizu-chan's small brain can comprehend what just happened.
I burst through the hallways after opening the door.
"IZAYAAAA!" Oh, there's the famous scream we've all been waiting for! Cue the applause, people!
I ran down the stairs as fast as my feet would let me, tripping a few times but keeping myself balanced all the while.
I made it to the lobby, wide eyes staring at me. The woman behind the front desk dropped the phone she was talking into, her mouth agape. Oh, I guess I forgot my jacket...
I gave them a small wave with a kind smile and run out of the building just as Shizuo knocks the door to the stairs into the lobby. It made a ear-splitting shriek as it slid across the marble floor.
I text Dotachin to pick me up at Russia Sushi and to bring a extra jacket with him.
When I reached the Sushi Restaurant, Shizuo was no longer in sight.
Victory! Time for wine and women, my humans! The feast will be victorious! Enough for the whole town! Huzzah! Huzzah!
Okay, enough of that. Just enjoy the freedom while you can. The brute does know where I live after all. Maybe I could go into hiding? Hire a bodyguard?
Yeah that sounds like something the old me would do..
My thoughts were interrupted when a van screeched to a stop in front of me. "Dotachin. Nice to see you." I smile when he tosses a black hoodie to me. I catch it easily and slip it over my head, the hood hiding my ears perfectly. "Thanks, Dotachin!"
The doors slide open and I crawl into the van.
"One, Don't call me that. Two, What happened to you?"
I didn't get to answer his questions because the two otakus pulled down the hood. I gasped and quickly hid the ears under my hands.
"Eek! IzaIza has kitty ears!" Erika squealed and began to jump up and down on her knees, her eyes sparkled at me. The crazy chick gasped in awe and grabbed onto my tail. "Oh, wow! It's real! Walker, look! They're real!"
"How'd you get those, Izaya?"
"Oh, oh! You can hide your tail like Rin does. He wraps it around his stomach!"
"Rin from Ao No Exorcist?" Walker asked, grinning.
"Yup! Hey, IzaIza! We just saw Shizu-chan and he looked really mad! I caught a couple of love marks on his neck! I bet you made them, am I right? Tell me I'm right!"
I rubbed my poor sensitive ear and pouted, whining softly. I didn't know I was going to cause this type of reaction by doing so.
"Eek! IzaIza is a uke now! Look at him! Total uke!"
Okay I'm smart enough to know what
that means and I'm just saying but if Shizu-chan and I were engaging in sexual activities, I'd be the topper.
I can dominate any of my precious humans. Including Shizu-chan. Even if he is a monster.
"Aha. Dotachin! Let me out here!" I wanted to get away from this crazy girl as soon as possible.
"We're at your apartment already anyways." He paused, looking out the window and grimaced. "Looks like you have a guest too."
That put a grimace on my face also. "Can't escape from him this time. Looks like I took my teasing just a bit too far.."

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