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Shiro: ... I... I ain't gonna be a badass demon no more? T^T

Ichi: Shiro, you don't need a fic to be a badass demon.

Shiro: Awe, that's the nicest thing ya've ever said ta me! *hugs Ichi in choking grip*

Ichi: *retreats from grip to stay near Grimm*

Grimm: ... That wasn't supposed to be a compliment, was it?

Ichi: No. Just goes to show how taken he is with himself. *sighs*

Chapter 15

Vega hurries after Shiro and Kisuke hesitates only a moment. He can feel Yorouchi's presence outside the building, Ichigo and the others are with her. They're not entering the coven, but he's positive it won't be long until they'll barge in.

"Shiro, shall we wait for the others to face Aizen?" he questions.

"No," the demon growls out without turning. "Strengthen the barrier to the first level, I don' want 'em comin' in. This is my fight an' Grimm might try ta stop me."

"Even after all Aizen did to him?" the mage gapes.

"Grimm can' help that he's a pack person," Shiro sighs. "It's his personality, somethin' he got from his ma. He'll be loyal ta Aizen on some level all 'is life, but I'm gonna end that bond right here. He won' have ta clean up after that arrogant bitch no more."

Kisuke doesn't continue the conversation, it's obvious Shiro has made up his mind. He sighs and does as told, making certain no one enters the place. Afterward, he jogs up to Vega and watches Shiro face the fourth floor's inhabitants. There aren't many on this floor, as Aizen doesn't trust his witches enough to allow them on his personal floor. These are likely the ones he uses as personal servants.

"Get the fuck outta my way er die," Shiro hisses as his wings stretch intimidatingly.

"We won't let you harm Aizen."

"... Then ya'll die in vain."

He darts forward and grabs a throat, his tail spearing another witch before wrapping around a second throat. His lifts them both off the ground, glancing toward the fallen witch bleeding out on the floor. A fourth witch gets ready to cast a curse, yet they're thrown backward with the impact of Kisuke's spell. Shiro glances back at the mage, surprised as the sudden spell.

"Damn, old man," he mutters. "An' I thought Ichi was dangerous."

"I did teach him, you know," the blonde smirks. "While he took after his mother in temper, he got his talent from me."

"Well, fuck! Come join me!" Shiro grins. "While I would a loved ta fight 'longside my brat, I'll be happy ta allow ya the spot 'til I get the chance!"

Kisuke nods and steps a bit closer to the demon, holding his cane before him with both hands atop it. He's rushed by two witches, the man not even moving to cast. A glow of green bursts outward from him, wrapping around the two creatures and stilling them in their tracks. Shiro snaps the neck in his hand and drops both dead bodies, finished pulling pleasure from their suffering. The room at the end of the hall is likely Aizen's, the ornate doors give that away, and they head toward them. Kisuke looks toward them, the man holding his cane between Shiro and the door quickly.

"That barrier isn't one you want to touch, my friend," he murmurs. "You'll be sent back to the demon realm with just a single tap. I suggest you allow me to take care of this one."

"Be my guest."

Kisuke stares at the door, his eyes lighting up as he works through the intricate spell. Finally, he breaks through and pushes the door open with the end of his cane. Shiro grins in bloodlust, slowly stepping into the room to face the brunette. Aizen is visibly shaken by the demon's presence, it doesn't matter how hard he tries to hide it. When Kisuke joins the demon, however, he begins to sweat.

"Ah, my old friend," Kisuke grins. "I'm afraid I was less than impressed with you hospitality this time around. I'm going to have to take my leave."

"... You helped this demon get in here?" Aizen hisses out. "How could you?"

"I did no such thing. It turns out Lust made Ichigo very upset and my temperamental little mage threw the closest thing he could at him. It turns out it was his gender-bender potion, isn't that funny? You allowed your executioner to walk right through your doors!"

Ichigo watches Grimmjow with a sigh, he's been trying to get through Kisuke's barrier for a while now with no success. Yorouchi is lying behind him in her cougar form, snickering at the cursing male before them. Ichigo had warned the pride that his master's barriers were impenetrable, but they refuse to listen. After the first few attempts everyone but Yorouchi changed into their human forms... not that that helped any.

"Just give up!" he whines. "I'm tired and hungry, Shiro can take care of himself. Besides, he's with the one person in the world that Aizen fears. Dad will take care of him."

"I want my mate back!" Grimmjow snarls. "I'm not leaving this place without him, damn it! Now get your tight little ass up and put your magic to good use!"

"You can kiss that tight little ass, you fuck," Ichigo hisses. "I'm not your fucking slave, so don't order me around!"

Grimmjow stops, setting a wide eyed gaze on his mate. He hadn't expected his lover to come off with that attitude so quickly after giving birth... he must really be hungry. With a sigh, the jaguar motions Hallibel over to him. The blonde fox answers the call at once.

"Please go find Ichigo something to eat, I don't want him starving to death... or removing an attribute I'm fairly fond of."

"Right," she chuckles in amusement.

The blonde shifts and bounds into the trees. Grimmjow, however, returns his attention to the barrier. Ichigo growls in irritation, flopping back to lie against his mother's furry side. Yorouchi knows how aggravated her cub is, it's not difficult to see, however she's learned long ago to just let the tiger stew... eventually he'll run out of steam.

"Why is he so fucking stubborn?" Ichigo mutters.

"I'm sure he thinks the same of you."

"Yeah, but... I told him I have a problem with authority when I first met his ass! He knows why I'm stubborn."

The cougar purrs against Ichigo, the feeling sending tremors through him. He purrs back unconsciously, letting his lids fall to half mast. He remembers this feeling from his youth, from when his mother would lay with him inside her den. It's a fond memory that Yorouchi's made certain the orange head never forgets.

Hallibel returns in a bit with some fruit and a few wild vegetables she came across. She also has a rabbit in one hand. Stark, getting up for the first time since they arrived, grabs some stones to make a circle and sets some twigs in with a bit of dry grass. He starts a fire and piles on a few thick pieces of wood, gutting the rabbit and pulling off it's fur before skewering it on a thick twig. He digs the wood into the ground beside the fire, the meat hanging over it to cook.

"Thank you," Ichigo comments. "I could've done it myself, but I really appreciate you helping out."

"It's an instinct to care for the mother of a pack," Stark offers. "Besides, I never had the chance to care for Lily's mom. I like being able to do so for you."

"Well then... I like having you do so," Ichigo smiles.

Stark grins and sits nearby in case Ichigo needs anything. He watches the other eat as the meat cooks, the mage getting a little nervous by all the attention. He tries to distract himself with Grimmjow's worthless attempts at breaking the barrier, wondering what reason Shiro would have for locking them all out.

Shiro howls in frustration as he tackles yet another illusion. Kisuke is in the background, his gaze narrowed as he watches the ordeal. Aizen was always very talented in illusions, however the blonde mage is better. He finally gets through the spell and cancels it. Shiro turns and unfurls his wings at the sight of Aizen hiding in the corner. His plan was to use the illusions as a distraction and escape while he could, but Kisuke has blocked any exits. The brunette would've killed the man had he not erected a barrier around himself.

"Ah, there ya are," Shiro growls out. "Yer a fuckin' pansy, ain't ya? Ya ain't worthy a lordin' over the humans, ya lil pussy. How dare ya use yer bloodline ta take such a undeserved position!"

"I deserve to have them bowing before my feet!" Aizen shouts.

"Ya deserve my foot up yer ass!" Shiro snaps. "Yer not worthy a yer demon blood! Ya shame yer parents with yer spoiled behavior! Ya brought this on yerself, ya know. Ya should've known when ta back off."

Shiro raises his clawed hand and brings it down on Aizen, the brunette immediately casting a spell for a black void. It's supposed to draw Shiro in, send him back to the demon realm, but the demon has just birthed three children. That much blood bound to this plain allows him immunity when it comes to demon realm spells. A sadistic smirk touches on his lips and he grabs the brunette with a quick hand. Aizen struggles, yet Shiro is older and of pure blood... there's no getting away. The demon holds the man up and glowers at him.

"Yer punishment was death, but I got a better idea," he cackles. "Yer gonna face yer parents 'stead a me, the way it should be. With a drop a my blood, I break the ties that hold ya here. Ya were born a demon an' now ya'll live in the realm a yer parents."

Shiro digs the claw of his other hand into his finger, letting a couple drops of his blood land on the tile at Aizen's feet. They sizzle and reach toward the brunette witch, Kisuke shocked to see invisible bonds glittering between Aizen's feet and the ground. They snap with the toxicity of the demon's blood and the spell. Once they're gone, Shiro throws him toward the portal. The witch screams and attempts to cling to the edges of the gate, yet two pairs of hands reach from the void and grip him securely. With one tug from them both, the man is gone and the void seals up. Kisuke sighs and waves off his barriers, slouching onto the floor in relief.

"Will he be able to come back?" Vega wonders.

"Nah," Shiro remarks. "The sins will likely chain 'im ta the demon realm, so he won' even be able ta hitchhike on a mage's summoning portals. He's in deep shit, ya know. Both 'is parents er fuckin' pissed wit 'im... 'specially 'is ma."

Vega joins Kisuke on the floor, the demon crouching down as well. Now that his blood lust has been satiated he's fucking tired. All he wants to do is lie down and sleep for a bit, yet his desire to see his children is even greater. That's the only thing keeping him awake right now. He smirks at the feeling of his brat's presence, the demon finally coming to terms that Ichigo might as well be referred to as such. He was only playing before, he never would've screwed the mage... every time he looks at him all he sees is Misaki, his favorite offspring.

"What will you tell Ichigo?" Kisuke wonders. "He has a right to know he's your reflection, you know. It isn't right to keep that knowledge from him anymore."

"Yeah, I s'pose yer right. I'll have a nice sit down wit 'im when we get back," the demon sighs. "But first... I'm gonna see my newborns! After all, it ain't everyday a incubus gives birth."

Grimmjow is up the stairs in a heartbeat, slipping on blood within the doorway and tumbling across the floor magnificently. Shiro bursts into laughter, pointing at the jaguar's ill luck. Ichigo carefully steps in afterward, sighing at the blood covered feline.

"I told you to take your time," he scolds. "Don't even think you're touching me or the cubs before taking a bath! I don't need them covered in blood, too!"

Grimmjow shakes himself off, staggering a few steps before regaining him balance. Shiro is right in front of him, grinning like an idiot and covered in crimson. He's almost mauled by the overeager jaguar, Grimmjow none too carefully drawing him closer with a large paw.

"I was so fucking worried about you!" the large cat mewls.

"I was fine," Shiro mutters with a light blush. "All ya needed ta do was take care a Ichi, that's it. I can deal wit shit myself, but he was in a weak state..."

"Shut the hell up, I was fine!" Ichigo shouts.

Shiro chuckles and pulls away from Grimmjow. The other's eyes are huge and kittenish in his joy, drawing more laughter from the demon. Shiro pets the jaguar behind his ear to hear him purr, standing up and pulling Kisuke to his feet. The mage draws Ichigo into a hug, the worry and fear held hidden within him pouring out through that action. Carefully, they all head downstairs.

Vega is offered to join the pride, yet declines. He's going to start his own coven and take in those mistreated in others. He's a coven leader Kisuke feels the world needs, so he makes sure the pride doesn't get the chance to pressure him into changing his mind. He goes a separate way from the pride, his belonging packed in a single satchel and his crystal ball at his hip. Ichigo watches him for a short while, yet Shiro and Grimmjow wrap an around around his shoulders each and draw him along with them.

"I feel bad for him," Ichigo sighs.

"He'll make a difference in the world of witches," Kisuke assures. "Have faith in him, okay? There are a lot of covens that mistreat their witches and he's going to be the first to start something wonderful. Others will follow his example, I can assure you."

Ichigo nods, trusting his father figure's foresight. Yorouchi draws Kisuke to her and kisses him vigorously, Shiro and Ichigo both going wide-eyed at the sight. They immediately place a hand over each other's eyes, gagging at the sight. The pride laughs as a unit, the tension from the day's events long gone.

The minute they enter the den, Shiro hurries to see the cubs. He and Grimmjow had jumped in a pond on the way there, so they're fairly clean. Ichigo follows, still not having seen his children. They're all still sleeping in the large nest, but now Lilinette is snoozing with them in her pup form. Nelliel is sitting in Stark's cushions watching them with Orihime.

"Szayel went to wash the bottles," she informs. "They woke up a little while ago looking for food. I'm sorry you weren't here to feed them."

"That's okay," Ichigo smiles minutely. "As long as they were fed."

"Would ya look at that," Shiro crows quietly in joy. "A sucubus an' a incubus! They're perfect! What er their names, Grimm-kitty?"

"This is the first born of the litters," Grimmjow points out. "His name is Taro, he's the only were you had. This is Jiro, he was your last born. And Ai is the middle child."

Shiro grins widely, lifting Ai from the bed carefully. He holds her close, drawing a hand over her snowy hair. She stirs and looks up at him with crystal blue eyes, a miffed expression on her face from being woken. At the sight of Shiro, she nuzzles against his chest and falls back asleep. Demons are usually fairly good at recognizing their parents, it's like a sixth sense.

"She's so beautiful," Shiro comments. "An' she'll be fuckin' powerful when she grows up. Not ta mention, she'll be a fuckin' bombshell."

"That's something I don't need to hear," Grimmjow growls.

Shiro chuckles and carefully lies her back down, taking in the others with curiosity. There are two mages, one obviously going to grow more powerfully than the other. He's surprised at the number of tigers, yet knows it was likely the tea Ichigo took mixed with his newly awakened gene.

"What are their names?" he wonders as he touches the runt on his cheek affectionately with his finger. "He's so little... how er ya not worried ya'll break 'im?"

"That's Kin," Ichigo smiles. "I know because he was the last born... I was afraid he was dead at first, he was so still and quiet."

"Shin was Ichigo's first born and Sora was the second," Grimmjow remarks pointing them out. "Kioko was next and Suki was after her... Kin was last, but Ichigo already told you that."

"Kioko is a mage as well?" Shiro asks. "She's a strong one."

Grimmjow nods and watches as the demon sits beside the nest. He's released his full demon form, so his features are smaller than before. His wing easily lay the width of his back, his fangs half the length of before, and his tail is only down to his knees. Ichigo grabs a horn and tugs, not roughly but noticeable, and Shiro smirks at him. Now is a perfect time to have that talk. Shiro sends a look to Grimmjow and the jaguar backs off to lean against the far wall.

"Ya know, Ichi… I really loved yer ma," Shiro comments with a sad smile. "I wanted ta raise 'er, but her ma didn' want a demon 'round 'er. I still watched 'er from the demon realm."

"How?" Ichigo wonders curiously.

"All us sins er bound ta our kids," the other informs. "We can feel what they feel on some level an' we have an impression on what they're doin'… like a sixth sense. It's how an offspring knows what demon they belong ta."

"I didn't."

"Yer different."

Ichigo frowns and turns his full attention to the demon. He can see joy and parental pride within Shiro's eyes, something he wasn't expecting to witness. The other is dangling his tail over the few cubs that are awake, watching them reach for it to bat playfully. They're Ichigo's cubs, but no less Shiro's. He can see that Sora will be a hellcat like his daddy, the little cub growling in irritation and nipping his siblings when they get in his way. Shin mewls at the nip, rolling away from the other as best he can.

"Why am I different?"

"Yer ma couldn' get preggers," Shiro muses. "She was so heartbroken an' I didn' like seein' her like that. I would a done anythin' fer my lil girl, it killed me the day I felt 'er light go out… I holed up in my home fer a month in depression. The other sins were worried 'bout me, but I never let 'em in my place… Pride finally beat down my door and beat some sense inta me. Quite literally, that woman is fuckin' scary."

"This still doesn't explain why I'm different," Ichigo sighs.

"I'm getting' ta that!" the demon growls softly. "I felt bad seein' 'er suffer like that, every woman should have the chance ta be a momma. It just didn' seem fair someone that wanted ta be one couldn' while others that could threw away their kids… so I helped 'er. I sent her a sliver a my power, shaped it inta a egg ta place in 'er womb. Wrath's child finished ya off, but since ya were mostly my blood it affected ya more than yer dad."

Ichigo stares at him for a long moment, processing the new information. His glance is bland and hard as Shiro watches him. The demon is a little curious how the other will react. Finally, Ichigo sighs and glances toward the cubs. After a moment, he turns those amber eyes back onto Shiro.

"So… I'm essentially your kid?" Ichigo wonders.

"Yer my reflection… a part a me," Shiro shrugs. "'Cause a that, ya live as long as I do. Yer everythin' I ain't, yer 'motions er all the shit I don' care 'bout. Yer like… the anti-me! Best thing I ever fuckin' thought ta make!"

"So… my mom was basically your surrogate?"

"… I guess so."

"You're one sick puppy," Ichigo scoffs. "Trying to seduce your own kid. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Wh-what?" Shiro gawks. "I wasn' tryin' ta seduce ya! I was just fuckin' wit ya!"

Ichigo hums at the other, teasing him on the matter. Shiro is flailing his arms about, trying hard to convince Ichigo he was only playing about all that sex stuff. Grimmjow chuckles from behind them, stepping forward now that Shiro's serious talk is over. He lifts Kin from the nest, surprised when the little cub growls at him at first. He blinks his eyes in surprise at himself, as though he got the wrong sound and can't figure out why, and then purrs loudly. The pride watches the group from the doorway, hesitant to join them. Ichigo waves them in, glad to have the family he thought was lost to him. All because of a demon he hated upon meeting. He glances at Shiro, realizing the other has yet to learn a lesson from all this. The reminder of his eight cub birth sets off his temper and he flicks his wrist at the snowy haired creature. The air crackles with his spell, Kisuke immediately hurrying forward… but it's too late. Shiro is covered in a cloud of smoke, the others staring at Ichigo incredulously.

"Don't look at me like that," the orange haired mage hisses. "He so deserved it! I gave birth to eight fucking cubs because of that ass and do you think he learned a thing from being turned into a woman? Hell no! He'll learn his fucking lesson if I have to go through my entire arsenal of spells!"

"Baby, you can't do that," Grimmjow attempts to reason. "We have eight cubs to care for, what are we supposed to do without Shiro?"

"You can change a diaper, you're not completely incapable!" Ichigo snaps. "I'm going to take a nap, I'm exhausted. If you change him back I'll kick your ass!"

Kisuke immediately backs away with a nod. The smoke clears and Shiro is sitting there in confusion and disbelief. He's not a demon anymore, but a white bunny. Lilinette was startled awake by the ruckus, her magenta eyes falling on the bunny before a sudden bout of glee fills her orbs. She's out of the next in seconds, chasing Shiro around the room.

"Make 'er fuckin' stop!" Shiro shouts in panic. "These legs er too fuckin' short ta be playin' chase! Grimm! Help me! Help!"

Grimmjow looks to Ichigo, who's already leaving the room. He sets Kin back with the others, Ichigo's little ones giggling at Shiro's calls for assistance. Figures they would take their mother's side. He sighs and heads out to convince Ichigo to turn Shiro back. Unfortunately, he can see where the mage is coming from. He isn't likely to release Shiro from his punishment so soon, although Grimmjow's impressed Ichigo would think to turn him into a rabbit… those are Lilinette's favorite to chase.

Lol! I couldn't help the final punishment ;p Poor Ichi, so stressed already from being a new mom XD Shiro should've known better than to piss him off. Now the pride has to deal with an irritable Ichigo... not the best thing for them ;p Especially not when he's a powerful mage with so many spells, lol! Anyway, I got a late start today and I really have to start writing if I'm gonna get anything done. I'll try and post chapter 9 of 'Derailed' tomorrow, that way you guys won't keep asking why you think you've already read the chapter posted.

Shiro: ... A fuckin' bunny? Do I look like a fuckin' bunny ta ya? DX

Ichi: I think it's cute =)

Shiro: Ya would! Yer the ass that cast the spell!

Ichi: You shouldn't have been such a fucking jerk!

Grimm: Now, now. I can't have the mothers of my cubs fighting. *tries to calm the others*

Twins: *glare at Grimmjow heatedly*

Grimm: ... Or I can go watch them until you two are finished with your argument. ^^;