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Chapter One


Griphook was startled when the door to his private office opened. He was even more shocked when the Boy-Who-Lived came through the opening. However, what stunned him the most was what came from the sixteen-year-old boy's mouth.

"What must I do to become emancipated?"

Wait, what?

Harry Potter was sick and tired of manipulations – specifically Dumbledore's manipulations. Ever since he had survived Voldemort's attack when he was a baby, the old man had messed with his life. It was Dumbledore who had left him on the Dursley's doorstep. It was Dumbledore who encouraged his rash actions and his near death experiences every year. It was Dumbledore who would give up anything he didn't own 'for the greater good', including the lives of those who trusted him. After a dismal explanation for Dumbledore's inaction during his fifth year and the sorrow of Sirius' death, Harry received a letter. Not just any letter, but a letter from the Wizard's Bank, Gringotts. It sent him the condolences of the Goblins for the loss of his godfather and informed him that Sirius Black had named him the Black heir and Lord in addition to the Potter Lordship that he already retained. What lordship were they talking about? He wasn't a Lord!

Was he?

He asked Aunt Petunia if she would take him to London. Life at the Dursley house was much more pleasant now that Vernon had died of heart failure. Dudley realized that it was his father's diet, lack of exercise, and unnecessary hatred for life – and wizards – that had caused the premature death. The boy had taken to eating healthier and exercising; he had even asked Harry if he could give Dudley some pointers on running! This action bettered the relationship between the two boys and gave them something talk about and bond over. Harry had even joined Dudley's regimen in order to gain some muscle and some much needed weight.

Petunia Dursley had seen that Harry and Dudley were the only real family she had left. Harry was the last part of her sister and she knew that if it had been Dudley on Lily's doorstep, the boy would have been treated kindly as family should be; not like what she and her husband had done to Harry. She made every effort to improve Harry's life to the point that it should have been years ago. She went to all the neighbors telling them that Harry did indeed go to a special school – a private school that his father had gone to – but the boy was not a criminal and did not attend St. Brutus' School for Incurably Criminal Boys; she claimed that Vernon had hated her nephew's father and was trying to get vengeance on James Potter by slandering him and his son.

Petunia agreed to take Harry to London and decided that the family would make a day-trip of the venture. Harry would do his business with the Goblins while Petunia and Dudley shopped around the city. After Harry was done – he told them where to meet him – he would call them with his cell phone and they would go out to dinner before returning home.

When Harry reached Gringotts, he went to the head Goblin.

"Excuse me, Ragnak, but I have a few questions about the letter I received a few days ago." Ragnak looked up before answering.

"What questions would those be, Mr. Potter?"

"Well, the letter said that I was to receive the Black Lordship in addition to the Potter Lordship that I already have, but I am not a Lord of anything." Ragnak was surprised and narrowed his eyes after a few seconds thought.

"Mr. Potter, would it be possible for you to come with me to my office and there I will explain to you what has been so obviously left out." Harry nodded and the mismatched pair went to the Head Goblin's office, a magnificent room of marble, and gold and precious gems. "Now, Mr. Potter, you have been Lord Potter since your late father died. Your magical guardian should have explained this to you when you turned eleven."

"Who's my magical guardian? I didn't even know that I had one."

"Albus Dumbledore is your guardian, Lord Potter. Has he neglected to tell you that he has been making withdrawals from your vaults?" Harry's emerald eyes turned cold and sharpened; Ragnak was actually afraid for a moment. How much power did the boy have?

"Yes, he did. Tell me, where is my money being sent? Is there a way for me to get it back?"

"Just to clarify, you did not say he could make these transactions?"

"That is correct, Master Ragnak."

"We shall return your money with interest from the Headmaster's own vaults, Lord Potter. He told us that he had your permission."

"Thank you. Is there anything else that I should be aware of, Ragnak?"

"Yes, my Lord. You have the option to become emancipated. You would be able to formally claim your Lordships and the Headmaster would no longer have control over you. You would be an adult in the eyes of the Wizarding World." Emerald eyes took on a thoughtful gaze.

"What must I do to be emancipated Ragnak?" The Goblin smirked.

"You will need to speak with Griphook. He is the Goblin in charge of the Potter family vaults."

Griphook was startled when the door to his private office opened. He was even more shocked when the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter came through the opening. What stunned him the most was the question that came from the sixteen-year-old boy's mouth.

"What must I do to become emancipated?" Griphook blinked, uncomprehending of what was being said.

"Pardon me, Mr. Potter? I am not sure that I understand the question."

"I wish to be considered an adult and to take the Lordships that are rightfully mine. I had no idea I was a Lord until I received that letter a few days ago about the inheritance left to me by Sirius." Griphook scowled at the information. Dumbledore; the old man was interfering with things not of his concern.

"Very well, it is quite simple, Mr. Potter. Please follow me and you will take the Blood Test. This is to ensure that nothing that should be yours is hidden from you." Harry nodded and the two walked through the main hall of the bank and into yet another room made of marble and gold. This room contained only a black marble table and a silver bowl filled with a misting potion resting on the table. Griphook approached the table and pulled out a beautifully crafted Goblin knife. "The ritual is simple, Mr. Potter. Simply cut your hand and allow some of your blood to mix with the Lineage Potion in the bowl. After a few moments, your family line, history, and inheritance will appear as a scroll next to the bowl."

Harry nodded his understanding and walked up to the table. Griphook handed him the knife, which he accepted, and he gently placed the blade on the palm of his hand. Taking a deep breath, he brought the knife through his flesh and watched as the dark red blood mingled with the nearly translucent potion. The mist from the potion thickened and moved to cover the table and the surrounding marble floor.

When the mist returned to its normal state, a thick scroll of parchment rested on the table. Griphook picked it up and marveled at its weight.

"Let us go back to my office to read this in comfort, Mr. Potter. I have a feeling that things will be more complicated from this point onward." Harry sighed and shook his head ruefully as his hand healed.

"The story of my life, Griphook. The story of my life."

The pair reentered Griphook's office, and the Goblin called for refreshments. This was going to take a while, judging by how thick the scroll actually was. Minutes later, a Goblin entered the room bearing a tray of tea, pumpkin juice, and biscuits. Harry and Griphook each took a small plate of the refreshments and settled into their respective chairs.

"Well, shall we begin, Mr. Potter?" Harry nodded and opened the scroll three inches before he stopped, stunned at the sentence he saw.

"Um, Griphook, is there a way for that potion to be wrong?" Griphook, confused, answered the question.

"No, the potion never lies. Why do you ask?" Harry answered by reading the first sentence of the scroll.

"We, Lily Evans Potter and James Potter, leave all of our holdings, privileges, and money to our adopted son, Harry James Potter." Silence resounded in the office. Griphook wished he had called for something stronger than pumpkin juice.

"Continue reading, Mr. Potter. We will find out more if you do." Harry nodded, still disturbed at the sentence, and continued.

"Our total monetary assets are 14,895,729 Galleons, 15 Sickles, and 4 Knuts (A.N. – Exactly $150 million US dollars). We also leave him with 5 residential properties: the ancestral Potter Manor in Essex, a mansion in the Scottish Highlands, the apartment in Boston, Massachusetts, in the Americas, the summer cottage near Dublin, Ireland, and our current residence in Godric's Hollow.

"We leave him our businesses and investments. This includes several shops: Honeyduke's in Hogsmeade, Quality Quidditch Supplies in Diagon Alley, Madame Malkin's Quality Robes for All Occasions in Diagon Alley, and Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley. He is left two Quidditch teams; the Holyshead Harpies and the Chudley Cannons, with full rights to make any change that he sees fit.

"His godfather is Sirius Black and should anything happen to us, Sirius is more than qualified to care for him. If Sirius is unable to care for him for any reason, Harry is to go to either the Lovegood family, the Bones family, or the Longbottom family. He is to never be placed with Petunia Dursley and her family, regardless of relation. Remus Lupin is allowed visiting rights and should be treated as if he were family." Harry looked at his Goblin companion. "It goes on into more detail about the properties and investments." Griphook blinked.

"Well, Mr. Potter, obviously, your, um, adoptive parents loved you very much. I believe that we will find out who your actual parents are the farther we go back in the scroll. I assume that the Black Will is next?" Harry looked at it.

"Yes. I know that you already know the contents, but I would still like to read it aloud. I wasn't present when it was read." Griphook nodded and gave Harry the closest thing to a smile he could. "Thank you, Griphook. 'I, Sirius Orion Black, leave all of my holdings and the majority of my monetary worth to my godson Harry James Potter.

"My godson shall receive 6,951,340 Galleons, 10 Sickles, and 13 Knuts (AN: $70 million in US dollars). He is also to receive all the Black residential properties: 12 Grimmauld Place in London, the ancestral Black Manor outside Edinburgh, Scotland, and the vacation cottage on the sea just outside of Tuscany, Italy. He is to have access to the artifacts in all of the Black vaults upon his majority and he shall also receive the Black seat on the Wizengamot. All other holdings and businesses are to be given to Remus Lupin."

"Well, your godfather did sell many of the Black holdings because of bad memories he said. What will is next in line, Mr. Potter?" Harry opened the scroll more and stared at the name at the top of the will.

"Apparently, the Peverell will is next. How is that even possible?"

"You must be related to them in some way. No one else has been able to claim the Peverell assets or inheritance, so the interest has been piling up for some time."

"Well, here goes. 'We, Daniela Peverell Roman and Gregory Roman, leave all the Peverell assets to our cousin Katerina's family upon our deaths. This includes a monetary worth of 14,895,729,890 Galleons, 12 Sickles, and 28 Knuts (AN: $150 Billion US dollars – and yes I am making Harry the richest person alive. Lord knows he deserves it after all that he has gone through and all that I plan to put him through) as well as our remaining residential properties: the ancestral Peverell Manor outside of London, the mansion in the north of Spain, and the apartment located in Barcelona, Spain. All heirlooms shall be available to Katerina's family by Katerina's discretion. The artifacts shall be available to Katerina's heir upon his or her majority. All Peverell house elves shall bond themselves to the heir." Griphook was stunned. Not only was Mr. Potter officially one of the richest boys in the Wizarding World and the richest boy in the Muggle World – and there were still wills to go through! – but he was also a member of one of the greatest families in the realm.

"What is next, Mr. Potter?" Harry was silently staring in shock at the name on the top of the will. "Mr. Potter?"

"This is the Slytherin Will." Griphook was silent for a moment as well before he spoke.

"Read it, Mr. Potter. It is yours. Remember, that potion does not lie." Harry nodded, took a deep breath, and read the will.

"The true heir to the House of Slytherin shall receive all of the Slytherin vaults, residences, and properties. The monetary value of the vaults totals at 29,791,459 Galleons, 13 Sickles, and 8 Knuts (AN: $300 million US dollars). The heir shall also receive access to the artifacts in the vaults upon reaching his or her majority. The Slytherin residence to be received is the ancestral castle of Slytherin on the German-Austrian border; a portkey will be provided to the castle grounds. The heir shall receive ownership of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which was passed to Salazar Slytherin upon the death of Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, and Rowena Ravenclaw-Slytherin. The heir shall also receive all heirlooms from the Slytherin family vault immediately upon the reading of this will. The artifacts that are found therein are to be given to the heir upon the reaching of his or her majority. All house elves attached to the Slytherin family shall make themselves known to the heir and bond with him or her." Griphook's eyes widened, as did Harry's.

"Well, Mr. Potter, you just get more interesting as these wills go on, wouldn't you agree?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"What is the next one?"

"It says that it is the d'Medici Will. Who were the d'Medici?"

" They were a very old and powerful Italian Wizarding family. The last recorded d'Medici was a daughter, Felicia d'Medici. She was Salazar Slytherin's mother. Read on, Mr. Potter."

"The heir to the d'Medici fortune shall receive all the moneys and residences of the d'Medici family. The money to be received is 49,652,432,969 Galleons, 3 Sickles, and 19 Knuts (AN: $500 Billion US dollars). The residences include: the ancestral d'Medici home in Florence, Italy, the summer villa in Sicily, a home in Rome, and the mansion in Tuscany, Italy. The heir shall be receive upon the reading of this will scrolls containing the history of the d'Medici family and any heirlooms in the main d'Medici vault. All artifacts shall be given to the heir upon his or her majority. Individual portkeys to the different properties will be provided. The d'Medici house elves will bond with the heir upon the reading of the will and the heir's recognition." Griphook wasn't even pretending to be patient any longer.

"What is next, Mr. Potter?"

"The Le Fay Family Will. Wait, as in Morgana Le Fay?"

"It would appear so. Read!"

"The heir to the family shall receive all money and residential property. The money shall total at 7,944,389 Galleons, 4 Sickles, and 19 Knuts (AN: $80 million dollars). The residences include: The Le Fay house in Burgundy, the mansion outside Paris, and a residence in Naples. All artifacts and heirlooms shall be given to the heir upon his or her majority. The heir shall receive the appropriate histories and diaries of the Le Fay family upon the will's reading. The Le Fay family house elves shall make themselves known when the heir visits the Le Fay estate in Burgundy and bond with him or her at that time. Portkeys will be provided for this purpose." Harry looked up at the Goblin. "Griphook, is it just me or are the wills getting progressively shorter?"

"Yes, Mr. Potter. What is the last will?" Harry looked at it and immediately started to shake his head.

"This can't be right. There has to be a mistake!"

"What is the will, Mr. Potter? And I told you, that potion does not make mistakes! Everything in these wills is yours, Mr. Potter."

"There is no way I am related to Merlin!" Griphook stopped short.

"If his will is there, Mr. Potter, then you are the last living heir in Merlin's family. Now read it." Harry took a deep breath and did so.

"To my last living heir: you shall receive all my remaining wealth – a total of 19,860,973,187 Galleons, 11 Sickles, and 19 Knuts (AN: $200 billion dollars) – and my only properties: my cottage in Wales and my home in Scotland. There will be portkeys to take you to the homes when you wish to visit. You will also receive all of my spell work and the notes that I have made over my lifetime. This includes an accurate history of my life and the state of the Wizarding world during my lifetime. You will receive a complete telling of my powers and recipes for the potions that will have been lost by the time you are born. The descendents of my familiars will find you and bond themselves to you as will my house elves." Griphook was reeling. Before him sat Merlin's heir! He was about to comment on this when he saw there was one last bit of parchment to read.

"There is still more, but I doubt it is a will. Perhaps one of your ancestors has written to you, Mr. Potter." Harry looked at it, nodded and completely unfurled the scroll.

"To my darling child:

I am your mother, Katerina Ethans Pendran, the last surviving great-granddaughter of Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw Slytherin. I am so sorry that you must find out this way, but your father Aaron Pendran and I were killed.

You had just been born, and never a more beautiful child had I ever seen. I was weak from the labor when a man with a white beard came into my hospital room. Your father stood to send him away, but the stranger killed him with his wand and a spell, the Avada Kedavra curse.

I called for security, but the man simply came up to me, introduced himself as Albus Dumbledore, took you from your cradle and sentenced me to die of childbed fever. I am dying as I add this to the end of the inheritance scroll. He said he was taking you to the Potter family, to be raised to defeat Lord Voldemort. I can only hope they treat you well, my love, and save you from this evil man.

Before he left, he cast a spell on you my darling. He changed your gender, right in front of me, as if to prove you were not to be my beautiful girl! When you read this, my daughter, know that whatever name the Potters gave to you is untrue. You are my Jadelyn. You share a name with the greatest families in the Wizarding World. You are the last d'Medici, you are the last Pendran, who are descended from great King Arthur Pendragon, you are the last true Slytherin, you are the last Peverell, you are the last Le Fay, and you are the last of Merlin's line. You are Jadelyn Catalina Merlina Le Fay Peverell Slytherin d'Medici Pendran. You are my daughter. And I love you.

"I have not enough time to tell you more, Jadelyn. But you must receive your inheritance from your father and me. I am the last Ethans, as my sisters died, one in childhood and the other of smallpox. You shall get the entire Ethans inheritance, which consists of many heirlooms and artifacts. The heirlooms and diaries you shall receive when this letter is read. The artifacts shall be given to you when you are of age, not a minute before, my daughter. Your father's family has also left artifacts and diaries. The diaries are yours, but the artifacts will be left alone until you are seventeen.

"Remember, my Jadelyn, you are related the greatest families in the land and no one can take that from you. I love you so much, my daughter, and I wish that I could hold you at least one more time." There was silence after the letter from Katerina. Harry had tears in his eyes.

Had his entire life been a lie? Did he have relatives in the world that tried to find him, but didn't know that his name and gender had been changed? Fury began to build in Harry's mind.

"Griphook, is there any way to reverse what that bastard did to me when I was a child?" Griphook was shocked.

"Well, yes, but it will be painful and would it not be better to remain in a form that you are used to?" Harry looked at Katerina's, no his mother's letter.

"That may be, but I would rather be what I was born as. I want to revert to my true heritage. Then I will take on the world, Wizarding and Muggle, as Jadelyn Catalina Merlina Le Fay Peverell Slytherin d'Medici Pendran. Only I think I will just go as Jadelyn Catalina Pendran, my full name is a bit long." Griphook saw the loyalty to his dead mother and his family and knew that he couldn't deny the request. The Goblins prized loyalty and it would be against everything that the Goblin race stood for to deny this child the right to be everything her mother had wanted. He would take her to room and give her the potion she needed. There was no other option, but to do so.

"Follow me." They went to a back room, very different from the rest of Gringotts. It was a dark room, much like the vaults, but with long shelves of different potions and potion ingredients instead of tracks and cars for travel. As Harry looked around at a potion collection that would make Severus Snape green with envy, Griphook selected one of the potions and blew the dust off the crystal vial. It was ruby in color and looked very old; Griphook muttered something in his native tongue, presumably to remove a preservation spell. "Drink this and you shall completely revert to what you would have been had your parents still been alive." Harry nodded and stared at the vial for a moment before drinking it.

As Harry Potter lost consciousness and fell to the floor, there was one thought running through his mind.

I hope you are proud of me, mother.

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