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It had been a month since Jadelyn experienced her first hosting and she was sitting up in bed, yawning.

"Good morning, Mistress!" Helena called as she walked into the bedroom carrying a tray containing a cup of Scottish breakfast tea. Over the course of the month, the elves had learned their mistress's preferences and one was a cup of tea when she woke in the morning. "Did you sleep well?" Jadelyn smiled at Helena and reached across the bed to retrieve Nightshade from the other pillow.

"I did, thank you. I am going to take a bath; will you please have breakfast brought up after I am dressed and Tia does my hair?" Helena curtseyed.

"Of course. Anything particular you would like today, Milady?" Nightshade hissed in amusement.

"Surprise me as always, Helena." The elf chuckled and popped away to the kitchen. Jadelyn walked into her bathroom, disrobed and lowered herself into the bathtub. She began washing herself when the water had reached an acceptable level.

After she was clean, she brushed her teeth and, wrapping a towel around her body, she picked up Nightshade and walked to the closet.

"What should I wear today, Nightshade?" The snake looked around at the clothes that filled the walls.

"I think it should be something comfortable and bright. Ooh, perhaps that yellow shirt!" Yes, Nightshade had a weakness for bright colors, probably because she was a black cobra. Jadelyn shook her head at the snake and pulled the bright yellow, spaghetti strap top from its place; she put it over her arm and looked around for some shorts to wear. Eventually, she settled on a pair of chocolate brown Bermuda shorts and as an afterthought, she pulled a lacelike, white knit, short sleeved sweater to wear over the shirt. She dressed herself and decided to wear chocolate brown, leather Greek sandals with her outfit.

Jadelyn walked out of her closet and went to the vanity, lining her eyes with liner, putting on her mascara, and applying light brown shimmer to her eyelids; once her eyes were done, she put on light pink lip gloss. She had just sat on the vanity stool when Tia came into the room.

"What shall we do with your hair today, Mistress?"

"I want something done, but I don't want to deal with clips or hair bands or the like today. Any ideas?" Tia thought for a moment before her face lit up.

"What if I just curled it today? I won't put any hair accessories in, but it will still look nice." Jadelyn smiled and Nightshade tightened her grip on her mistress's left wrist.

"That sounds wonderful. Go ahead, Tia." The elf happily set to work. Working with hair was her element, and she loved it. After ten minutes of curling, Jadelyn's hair was bouncing around her face and accentuating her features. The girl was pleased with the results. "I love it, Tia, thank you."

"You're welcome, Milady. I shall go check on breakfast."

"All right, thank you, Tia." The elf curtseyed and popped away; when she was gone, Jadelyn chose the jewelry she would wear that day. Before, she would have worn jewelry only for special occasions, but Carolina had insisted her mistress wear jewelry everyday, in order to get used to the feeling; her argument was that as the Lady of nine houses, she would need to look her best every time she left her home.

She chose two woven brown leather wrist bands from the Le Fay inheritance, the carved onyx rose pendant on a matte black chain from the Black inheritance, the Slytherin ring, and a Phoenix cameo on a white leather choker from the Potters. The door opened once she had clasped the cameo to her choker.

"The elves have impeccable timing, don't they?" Jadelyn chuckled as she met Kreacher and Carolina at the alcove table.

"Yes, yes they do." Kreacher adoringly looked up at his mistress.

"May I ask what is amusing, Milady?"

"Nightshade was just commenting on your impeccable timing, Kreacher. What are we having for breakfast this morning?"

"We have a traditional Spanish breakfast today. Artorious is insisting that you taste food from all over the world since you have properties all over the world." Jadelyn seated herself and smiled at the elderly elf.

"Sounds like a plan." A high-pitched bark followed by repetitive tapping signaled Hedwig's arrival. Jadelyn smiled happily while Carolina opened the window to allow the Snowy Owl into the room. "Hey, girl. You always know when there's something to pick up for me, don't you?" Hedwig gave another short bark before perching on Jadelyn's shoulder and holding out one leg. Attached to the leg were five parchment envelopes, a large package that Kreacher took and sent to the study, and copies of The Daily Prophet and The Quibbler, which Jadelyn removed from the owl and placed on the table. "I'll read them after I eat. No sense in stomaching anything other than food at the moment." The elves chuckled and left to start their chores while Jadelyn started to eat with her two familiars.

The Spanish breakfast consisted of: a large mug containing hot espresso mixed with warmed, frothy milk; a small plate of honey glazed churros, and three small rolls with black raspberry jam. It was small, but it was delicious; Jadelyn's favorites were the churros, which she shared with Hedwig who was preening her scalp and with Nightshade who was watching the owl with some apprehension.

"What's wrong, Nightshade?"

"Snakes are a common food for owls, Jadelyn. I am worried she will find me appetizing."

"Silly serpent (A.N.: Twenty virtual cookies for the first person who can tell me where this is from!)! She won't hurt you. Hedwig is smart and realizes that you are here to help me. Don't worry so much!" Nightshade and Jadelyn laughed under Hedwig's fond amber eyes.

Soon, Jadelyn had finished her breakfast. Hedwig flew down to the sun patio, where a perch had been set up for her and Nightshade was off to the kitchen to observe the house elves – she was fascinated with Elvin magic. With her familiars occupied, Jadelyn went to the study to read the letters and the publications Hedwig had brought before breakfast. When she entered, the large package was sitting in the middle of the desk. She decided to read the news and the letters before dealing with whatever was in the package. Glancing through the newspaper, she noticed that things were very quiet and that the new minister, Rufus Scrimegour, was taking strong stands against crime of all kinds. Maybe now, something would get done, instead of all the grandstanding Fudge had done. The Quibbler said much the same thing, but was shamelessly promoting Albus Dumbledore as the "leader of the light" and the "finest man alive." What a load of rubbish. Shaking her head, she knew that she would need to talk with Luna about her father's blatant obedience to Dumbledore; the old fool wasn't right in his methods.

Turning her attention to the letters, Jadelyn saw several different seals and only one was familiar. Deciding to open that one first, she grabbed her Hogwarts letter and broke the seal. Before she could even pull out the letter, a green and silver Prefect badge fell from the envelope. She blinked in shock; when did Snape decide that? Ignoring the badge for the moment, she pulled out the supply list and a separate letter.

"Sixth year students will require:

The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 6 by Miranda Goshawk

Advanced Potion-Making by Libatius Borage

Confronting the Faceless

A Guide to Advanced Transfiguration by Emeric Switch"

"These lists get shorter every year," Jadelyn mused to the Black coat of arms across from her desk. She shrugged in acceptance; she knew she needed more reading materials than Hogwarts assigned. Hermione would be able to help her with that. Nodding decisively, she pulled the other parchment from the Hogwarts envelope to her.

"Miss Pendran,

I decided it would be best to explain the reasons you received a Hogwarts Slytherin Prefect badge. Miss Parkinson did not want to take the responsibility again this year, so I decided, and Slytherin House agrees with me, that you would be the best candidate. I have already taken the liberty of setting up additional potions instruction for you. I am teaching both Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts (A.N.: Sorry, but I really cannot stand Slughorn. He is right up there with Umbridge and Quirrell and Lockhart on my list of useless teachers) this coming year. Draco Malfoy, whom is quite excited to meet you, will tutor you.

On a more amusing note, the castle seems to be aware of your ownership. She is rejecting Dumbledore more every day – he cannot connect to the wards any longer. The Order is in disarray now that they have no Headquarters and Moody is liable to blow a gasket at the moment. Dumbledore has lost influence in the Ministry with the sacking of Fudge.

The disturbing news is that Voldemort has become very interested in you. He is planning to approach you, using your shared lineage to convince you to join him. Be on your guard.

Slytherin House is ecstatic about you joining our ranks. I have informed them of your true heritage and the atrocities – yes, Jadelyn, Dumbledore's actions regarding your history and money, not to mention your parents, may they rest peacefully, are considered atrocities – that have been done to you. The younger students are especially excited, but the older ones are overjoyed. Apparently, they have wanted to approach you for some time, but have been unsure about if they should, especially with Draco's continued verbal attacks. Many, if not all, of the Slytherin families will approach you– including the Malfoys – and I suspect other families in different houses about marriage contracts. Be wary.

Severus Snape

Potions and Defense Professor"

Jadelyn was happy about the professor's foresight and knew that his letter would be responded to with no hesitation. She was more comfortable with him, much more than she thought she would be. Turning to the next letter she studied the seal and realized that it was the Minister of Magic's seal. Sighing, she prepared herself for a long, drawn out letter wanting her praise and naïve trust and opened the envelope.

"Lady Pendran,

To start, I would like to offer my sincerest condolences. I also wish to assure you that, unlike my predecessor Cornelius Fudge, I will never send someone to Azkaban without a fair trial.

Second, I have been asked by the Wizengamot to request that you take your rightful place among their ranks. The Ministry has been informed of your actions through the Bank of Gringotts; they are obligated to inform the Ministry about any matters regarding emancipation and the details – only the bare minimum of details, I assure you – surrounding the contracts.

Please consider the Wizengamot's request and feel free to write to me with any questions you may have.

Sincerely yours,

Rufus Scrimegour

Minister of Magic"

Well, that wasn't what she had expected. Jadelyn was pleased with the letter. It seemed to be sincere and she was glad he had put himself in a position that allowed her to make his career very difficult if he weren't to follow through on his promise. She set the letter aside and picked up the smallest envelope.


Enclosed within the envelope is this month's bank statement. The statement shows all transactions that have taken place in the course of the month. Also displayed are the interest from your vaults and the profits from your many businesses. In addition to these usually displayed items, you will also see the amount that Albus Dumbledore stole from you with interest.

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Curator of the Pendran Vaults"

Jadelyn smiled at the letter and looked over the bank statement, making sure that there were no errors; she decided to see about the businesses sending her reports about the behavior of the employees and customer satisfaction. She might implement the secret shopper system that Muggle businesses used to give her a good idea about who was doing their job and who needed to go. She would also need to get in touch with the Quidditch teams she owned, to set up a meeting with the coordinators, trainers, and the captains of the teams. Seeing no errors, she set the letter aside and pulled the fourth envelope to her, opening it.

"Dear Jadelyn,

How are you? I can't wait until the booklist get here! I am so excited about going back to Hogwarts, though I will miss you being in my dorm.

I have an idea. We hold Rita Skeeter in the palms of our hands. Why not have her announce your heritage and how Dumbledore hid it from you. We don't need to reveal the most personal specifics, but it would establish your position.

I will contact her if you agree. I hope to see you soon, Jadelyn!



Jadelyn smiled at her friend's excitement and her ideas. It was something to consider for sure. She sighed resignedly; Skeeter would be the best way to spread the word, but she hated dealing with the simpering woman. Pushing the thought aside along with the letter, she opened the last envelope.


I just wanted to give you these books. They contain information about the traditions of the Wizarding World. You should find them useful and it will put you in the good graces of the purebloods. It shouldn't be that difficult, you are descended from the strongest bloodlines imaginable and you are a pureblood in your own right.

Use caution around the old families. They will do anything to have you on their trees. Avoid contracts. Never sign anything without a lawyer, preferably a trusted Goblin, present.

I love you and I will see you soon.


Jadelyn smiled at the worried tone in Remus' letter and eagerly opened the package. Inside were three heavy, thick, leather-bound books: The Privileged Life: Etiquette in Pureblood Society, Leading the Family: A Complete Guide to the Responsibilities of a Family Head, and The Role of Genealogy: How Family Dictates Status. She loved the books; they would be helpful for gaining ground in the new world she had thrust herself into. She cast Tempus to see the time. It was ten o'clock; there was plenty of time to respond to the letters. She decided to start with the Ministry letter.

Minister Scrimegour,

Thank you for your kind words and assurances. I have faith in you and I will hold you to the standards you set in that letter.

Please inform the Wizengamot I will gladly accept my seats. I will be at the Ministry on Wednesday to complete any and all paperwork involved. I also request a tour of the Ministry and of the Wizengamot chambers.

Once again, thank you for your kind words.

Lady Jadelyn Pendran

Pleased with the letter, Jadelyn sealed it and was about to answer Professor Snape's letter, when she remember Remus' warning about signing anything. Making a quick decision, she wrote to Griphook.

Curator Griphook,

I request that you travel to the Ministry with me on Wednesday. I am accepting my Wizengamot responsibilities and I am not comfortable filling out paperwork and contracts without a companion of sound legal mind.

Also, I would like to know if you would allow an interview to take place in your office on Thursday. I plan on announcing what has happened through The Daily Profit and Rita Skeeter, but I would like a secure location to do so.

Please write to me if you cannot join me on Wednesday and if you will allow the interview to take place in your office. I would like to know in advance so that I may make alternative plans if need be.

Lady Pendran

After reading over the letter, she finally decided that it was polite enough and would not offend the Goblin. She reached for another piece of parchment and wrote a response to Professor Snape's letter.


Thank you for telling me about the Slytherins. I will still be a bit wary, but at least I know they won't attack me while I sleep. Don't worry, I won't be accepting any marriage proposals until the war is over and only if I love the one suggested in the contract. Remus sent me books on pureblood etiquette and society, but I also plan on asking the Slytherins if they will tutor me in everything that I am lacking.

As for Hogwarts, I think it amusing that the castle is trying to rid herself of Dumbledore. I don't care much about the state of the Order, but if they keep up the disarray, they won't be secret anymore.

Isn't it ironic? Dumbledore is losing credibility with the Ministry just as I am gaining influence. This morning, I received a personal letter from the new Minister Rufus Scrimegour, offering condolences for the death of Sirius Black and assuring me that he would never act in the manner that Fudge did.

Thank you for the warnings about Voldemort. I will be on my guard and on the lookout for anything suspicious.

I look forward to joining Slytherin House this fall.

Jadelyn Pendran

Pleased with the letter, Jadelyn sealed it in an envelope and went to work on the letter to Hermione.

Dear Mione,

I am happy to hear from you! I received my booklist this morning, so how does meeting in the Alley on Thursday sound? We can make it a girl's day out.

I have requested to use Griphook's office for the Skeeter interview. You're right, as usual; she would be perfect for announcing everything that has happened. I want to meet her somewhere that she has to be discreet, even more so than she would be because of the blackmail we have on her.

Write back and let me know if you can make it. I noticed that the list is a lot shorter than the others. I am thinking of adding to it. Snape has already told me that I will be getting Potions tutoring to improve my scores in his class.


She quickly sealed the letter and placed it on the growing pile of ready-to-send envelopes before writing her response to Remus.


Thank you so much for the books! They will be helpful when I have to go to a formal occasion and I will ask a pureblood in Slytherin to tutor me on top of reading the books.

I am accepting my seats on the Wizengamot and the responsibilities that go with it. Don't worry, I have asked Griphook to go with me to the Ministry on Wednesday to sign paperwork.

Hermione and I got our booklists and unless she has something planned, we are going to Diagon Alley on Thursday. Before we shop, we will be meeting with Rita Skeeter to announce what has been going on. Before you freak out, we have blackmail on her and she will write whatever we tell her to. I asked Griphook to let us use his office for the interview and I think he will let us, but I have a few other meeting places lined up if he won't let us in.

I'll keep you updated on what is going on. I love you, big brother.


When Jadelyn had sealed the last envelope, there was a near silent fluttering. She looked up and watched Hedwig fly into the room carrying Nightshade. The Snowy brought the snake to Jadelyn before lighting down on the desk and holding out a leg imperiously. Jadelyn laughed.

"Well, it seems I have my marching orders. You don't need me to tell you where they go, do you?" The owl blinked her glowing amber eyes in silent reprimand. "Okay, okay. Be careful, Hedwig." The owl nipped at her fingers before flying through the window that Jadelyn opened. She stood at the window, thinking about what to do next before she got an idea. Going back to the desk, she opened the top drawer to find the portkeys she had received from the wills. "Nightshade, I am going to set all of my properties to rights. Would you like to come with me?"

"Not this time, I am still working out the Elvin magic the house elves use. It is intriguing. Why not take Artorious with you? He would know more than I anyway."

"Good idea. Artorious!" The elf popped into the study.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"I would like to set my properties to rights. The other house elves in my family, they are assigned to certain properties?"

"Yes, when you set foot on the property, being the heiress, they will appear. I know that they have been waiting for you. And my grandfather's master, Merlin, has enchanted the descendents of his familiars. They will be at his Scotland home when you arrive."

"Well then, let us get started. Would you come with me?"

"I would be honored."

"Tell the others that we will be back for dinner. I think we will eat lunch abroad today."

"Yes, Milady." A pop sounded and he was gone. Jadelyn went to her room and pulled down a small, beaded, woven leather satchel before returning to the study and collecting the portkeys.

Each portkey was a flat stone disk and they were engraved with the name of the family that she received the property from. They were all black; Carolina had told her that when she used them for the first time, they turn into a different color, one representative of the family that she received them from. She had memorized the activation words for each set and she was ready to see the rest of her holdings. Artorious met her in the foyer.

"Where shall we go first, Milady?"

"I want to get through the Potter properties first. I don't want to spend time looking around each residence. If I do, I won't ever get through them. I just want to get everything put to rights and to let the elves know that I have accepted my inheritance."

"Very good, Mistress. Which Potter house first?" Jadelyn pulled out a portkey with the name Potter engraved across the stone disk.

"This one. Phoenix Roost." There was a rush of air and the two were gone.

When Jadelyn opened her eyes she saw a river. After blinking, she realized that it wasn't a river, but a harbor, Boston Harbor to be specific. Before she could even turn away from the window, a chorus of popping surrounded her. When she turned, a sea of tennis ball shaped eyes stared at her in wonder.

"Hello, everyone! I am Jadelyn Pendran, your mistress. I assume that you are the elves assigned to take care of the apartment?"

"Yes, Mistress Jadelyn," they chorused.

"Good. Unfortunately, I cannot stay long. I am here to officially bond with all of you. Who is first?" The oldest elf stepped forward.

"I am Mistress. I am June." Jadelyn smiled.

"A lovely name. Come here then." And so it went; it took about a half hour to bond with the seven house elves in the Boston apartment. "Well, I will be visiting soon and I expect to see the entire apartment spotless and the lot of you wearing uniforms. I will send them from Madame Malkin's. All right?"

"Yes, Mistress," they chorused.

"Good. Come on, Artorious, we still have a lot to get done today." And so it went for the rest of the day. She visited the Potter houses, the Black houses, the Slytherin house and the Le Fay houses before lunch. She and Artorious ate in a Paris street-side café before going to the d'Medici houses, the rest of the Peverell houses and Merlin's Irish cottage. After the cottage, they pulled the final portkey from Jadelyn's satchel. She held it tightly and said, "Silence." They two were whisked away from the cottage and arrived at Merlin's Scotland house.

Said house was very small and only had three house elves assigned to it. Jadelyn bonded with the elves and walked outside. It was just after three o'clock and she was getting tired. It took a lot of energy to bond with over a hundred elves. She was about to call for Artorious when a long and longing-filled howl split the mid-afternoon silence. She looked to her left and emerging from the woods was an adolescent Grey Wolf. He loped up to her and sat at her feet, his golden eyes gazing at her.

"Are you here for me? The descendent of one of Merlin's familiars?" The wolf blinked and seemed to nod his head. "What is your name?"

"Touch his head, Milady." She looked over her shoulder and saw Morgan, one of the elves she had just bonded with. "Touch his head and you will know his name and everything about him, and he will know the same about you." Jadelyn nodded and placed her hand between the ears of the wolf.

"Cura? Your name is Cura?" Cura placed his front paws on her shoulders and proceeded to lick her face, disregarding the make-up she wore. She laughed, "I guess I got it right!" (A.N.: Cura - and yes it is misspelled because my computer cannot write in Gaelic – means protector.) Cura lowered himself and sat by her side, waiting for something. Jadelyn waited with him, assuming that he was waiting for another of Merlin's familiar's descendents.

She assumed correctly. Not even five minutes later, a long, rasping and terrifying screech was heard. Out of the trees flew a Barn Owl, the heart-shaped white face made even whiter by the large, oval, coal-black eyes. The owl flew to her and she, acting on instincts she had honed with Hedwig, offered her arm for the owl to perch on. The talons gently gripped her arm and the buff colored wings folded gracefully. The owl gazed directly into her eyes. She was almost at a loss for words.

"You're beautiful." She raised her had and gently touched the crown of the owl's head, receiving his name. "Gliocas. You are Gliocas and he is Cura." (A.N.: Gliocas is wisdom is Gaelic. And since it has no accents, I spelled it correctly!) Gliocas blinked and preened her scalp. She laughed. "I have a feeling that between you and Hedwig, I will have the most orderly hair ever seen! Oh, I do hope you two will get along with Hedwig and Nightshade." Artorious came up to her.

"It will be fine, Milady. Come, we should get back to the Manor. Hedwig will have received responses by now and will want to meet Gliocas and Cura."

"You're right, Artorious. Will you be able to apparate all of us back?" The elf laughed at his mistress.

"Of course, Milady Jadelyn. It is no trouble." He took her hand and placed the other hand on Cura. With a near silent pop, they were gone.

They arrived in the foyer of Peverell Manor. Gliocas ruffled his feathers. Obviously, he was not impressed with that method of travel. Jadelyn laughed at him.

"I know, Gliocas. I prefer flying too." She walked into the patio where Hedwig waited. The Snowy was surprised to see another owl with Jadelyn. "Hedwig, this is Gliocas. Grandfather Merlin gave him to me. I hope you two can get along." The large Barn Owl glided from Jadelyn's shoulder to the enlarged perch. He stared at his Snowy counter part and, after a moment, began to preen her. Hedwig gave a short bark in approval. She could live with this owl. While Gliocas preened her, Hedwig lifted her leg and showed two envelopes to Jadelyn. "Thanks, girl. I'll leave you two to get acquainted." Jadelyn smiled and left with Cura at her heels. She stopped in the kitchen and spoke to the elves, told them about Gliocas and Cura, and collected Nightshade. Once she had, she went up to her study.

Cura curled next to her chair while she read the two letters she had received. The first was from Griphook.

Lady Pendran,

I would be honored to accompany you to the Ministry on Wednesday. You are right that there will be paperwork and arriving with a Goblin will show them that you are not to be trifled with. The Ministry knows not to disturb a witch or wizard that is advised by a Goblin.

As for your second request, yes, you may have your interview here in my office on Thursday. I would be able to answer the legal and financial questions and again, no sane witch or wizard will go near you without caution if you show your main legal advisor to be a Goblin.

I will meet you in the atrium of the Ministry on Wednesday at eleven o'clock. Simply come into the Main Hall here at Gringotts when you are ready to have your interview.


Curator of the Pendran Vaults

Success! She would be able to go forward with confidence now. The Ministry wouldn't know what hit them. She was happy with the results of her letters. Speaking of, she opened the next letter, which was from Hermione.

Dear Jadelyn,

I just got my list and I was thinking about adding more books to it as well. But that's beside the point.

I would love to meet you at the Alley on Thursday. How does nine o'clock sound? That will give us enough time to deal with Rita and then shop for the rest of the day. We can meet Rita at Gringotts at ten, have the interview and then go from there.

I have to go now, my parents want me to visit my aunts and uncles before Thursday, but after that I will be free to do what I wish. Write and let me know if anything doesn't work and we can figure something else out.

I can't wait to see you!



Another plan set in stone! There was still a lot of work to be done, but for now, Jadelyn could relax. Just as she was about to lean back, Carolina popped into the room.

"Mistress, we decided that an early dinner was in order. We have prepared an Italian dinner tonight with a tomato salad topped with a fried egg and an assortment of breads and cheeses, all served with a lovely red wine." Jadelyn smiled.

"It sounds wonderful." She stood and followed Carolina to the patio. She tucked in to the fragrant food, conversing with the elves as she ate. After dinner, she wished Hedwig and Gliocas a good night. She walked to the living room and lit the fire. She needed to think. Cura curled up in front of the fire and dozed. Jadelyn crossed her arms and furrowed her brow. Nightshade had already fallen asleep, full from the salad that she had stolen from Jadelyn's plate.

What am I going to do? I can't let Dumbledore stay in control of my school. He has too much power there. He deserves to go to Azkaban for what he has done to my family and me but I might need him later on. And if Dumbledore is gone, who is going to keep Voldemort at bay? I am not strong enough yet to fight him. I need help, but I refuse to leave Dumbledore free. I know! I will put Dumbles on a short leash and install someone I know I can trust in the Deputy Headmaster spot. This way, Dumbledork has less power because I will have information on all of his doings. As for Voldie, Snape said that he was interested in what I was doing. Maybe I can keep him at bay, at least for now. Ugh, how do people make a living plotting like this? It's giving me a headache.

Jadelyn stood from her chair and cast Tempus. She had learned that as an emancipated minor, she was able to cast spells outside of school, and that all of her properties are warded against the detection of spells. It was nine o'clock and it had been two and a half hours since she had sat down in the living room! "Come on, Cura. Let's go to bed." The wolf followed her back up the stairs and into her room. As she got ready for bed with a plan in her mind, she started to relax. Maybe this war wouldn't drag on so much after all.

Arrow: Well, there it is. I hope that you liked it. And for the record, I don't know if Merlin had a wolf familiar, in fact, I am pretty sure that he didn't. However, I love wolves and decided that Merlin did too! So there.